Waltman Gets Emotional As Chyna Apologizes To Him Through Medium

Mar 1, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck


Former WWE Wrestler, Sean “X-Pac” Waltman Gets Emotional As Chyna Apologizes To Him Through Psychic Medium, Thomas John

On SiriusXM Stars’ Conversations with Maria Psychic Medium, Thomas John came on and gave fellow show guest, Sean “X-Pac” Waltman a reading. During the reading, fellow former WWE Wrestler, Chyna came through loud and clear and wanted talk to Sean. John described her as “a woman having an energy of drugs and alcohol”. He knew it was her. John said she wanted X-Pac to know she wasn’t mad at him and showed him a “W”. She said she wants to take some responsibility for their tumultuous relationship. She saw that he spoke at her funeral and she knows he had pure intentions. She wanted to apologize because she would talk badly of him and say things that weren’t true to their mutual friends. John said he saw a tornado around her, “she could be your best friend or your worst enemy”. Chyna also told X-Pac To Work Things Out With His Family because Life Is Too Short. John brought up Rhinestones at the funeral and X-Pac Acknowledged that her urn was bedazzled. She said she visits X-Pac a lot. Near the end of the reading, she

acknowledged that their relationship got very Confusing at the end. The medium, Thomas John, said If you took both of them and put them on an island, they could figure it out by themselves, but there were a lot of people causing drama. John’s final commend was on what a force Chyna was she came through. Maria agrees! ConversationsWith Maria is live weekdays from 1-2pm EST on SiriusXM Stars.

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