Paul Roma says Bret Hart admired his tag team work

Feb 20, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

Speaking to “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Paul Roma says Bret Hart admired his tag team work:

“Even the Hart Foundation said that nobody was better than us. Bret Hart told us that one day that we were the best tag team he’s ever seen and that it was a shame that we were not getting a push. We beat the Hart Foundation at the Nassau Coliseum and immediately took the belts away from us claiming that we cheated, which was obviously the angle. It was deafening in the arena. Everyone was upset that we didn’t keep the belts, and I turned to Ray [Hercules] Hernandez and said, ‘holy s**t, are you hearing this? They’re cheering us. We’re heels, and they’re cheering us over the Hart Foundation, we’re over with the crowd. After they took the titles away from us, Ray looked over at me and said that we will never see those belts again. I asked him what he was talking about and he said that we will never see those belts again and he was right. I think that I created Power & Glory and the office didn’t, and the way Vince, like he did with Luger, will pour a million in whatever he needs to do to get someone over. He couldn’t with Luger because he just didn’t have any charisma, but he didn’t create us and we were over. I asked Vince [McMahon] why don’t we get Power & Glory t-shirts? He said that heel stuff doesn’t sell, and I said, okay, what if I bankroll it and whatever Ray and I sell we keep? He said, ‘well, let me think about it.’ That was the end of that. We had a good run, not great, but it was a lot of fun.”

source: WZ

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