A look at the construction of the Elimination Chamber

Feb 20, 2017 - by Colin Vassallo

WWE.COM has an interesting video on the construction of the brand new Elimination Chamber structure. The design and built of this new structure was left in the hands of Atomic Designs. “We do a lot of stuff that we talk about being bullet proof, and anytime WWE calls, it’s not a metaphor anymore…it really needs to be bullet proof,” said Zek Keller, the project leader for Atomic. The company has never built anything like this before, noting that WWE wanted a bigger, stronger, completely resistant structure with better visibility for the aerial cameras. The structure – 26 feet high, 10 tons of steel, and almost 2 miles of chain link – required between 4,000 and 5,000 men hours to construct with material being ordered in bulk “in record time” to meet the deadline. “I’m not worried about the Chamber, I’m worried about them,” added Keller in the interview.

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