Robert Gibson Comments On Rock ‘n’ Roll Express’ WWE Hall of Fame Induction

Feb 12, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

In an interview with The Steve Austin Show, Robert Gibson of the Rock and Roll Express spoke about going into the WWE Hall of Fame with Ricky Morton.

Here are highlights:

On going into the HOF:

“It means a lot. We worked hard all of our [lives], me and Ricky. It’s going to be a big honor. It’s always an honor to get something like this and I’m looking really, really forward to it.”

On being surprised by the announcement:

“It was shocking. It made my heart feel good. I can’t say I doubted it would ever happen because we’ve been around a long time and a lot of fans, all I get on my emails and Facebook is ‘when are you guys going in [to WWE Hall Of Fame]? You’re long overdue.’ And I’d tell them, ‘when it’s right, it’s right.’”

On who let him know:

“Was his name Connors? Yeah. I recognized the [telephone] number because it was the old WWF number that I had in my phone. And it showed up ‘WWF’. Mark Carrano was who it was and he set it up and a couple more people called me. As a matter of face, I got a text awhile ago from Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts congratulating me. [Ric] Flair called me. He said ‘you boys are way passed overdue.’ He said, ‘the beer’s on me!’ Old Ric Flair. What matches we had with them boys.”

On the team’s name:

“At first, they were going to call us The R & R Express, Ricky and Robert. But then, I’d say it’s between [Jerry] Lawler and Jimmy Hart. Now, Jimmy Hart, he tells me all the time that he came up with the name ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll’. Lawler says he did, so it’s kind of between them two. I just know it’s between them two.”

On gelling as a team:

“I don’t think it took too long because, what I did, is I just did [with] Ricky Morton what my brother taught me [to do] with him, so all the spots that me and my brother did, me and Ricky Morton did. So, basically, what me and Ricky Morton did was the same stuff that me and my brother did, just a different partner. Our chemistry was so good together that we would swap because it was there at the time to do. We could take each other’s spot and it was nothing. We could adjust either way.”

On getting along:

“I was with him more than I was with my wife. Being on the road, I was with him every day. Nine months with anybody will start to get on your nerves, so when we’d come to that point, we would just ride different. We would ride in different cars. We’d just meet up at the arena, do our thing, and then, we’d take off again in different cars. We always did business because that was the name of the game back then. We were smart enough. We knew where our bread was buttered. But if we would have our differences, we would just ride in different cars. We never came to a point where we were going to fight each other.”


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