Lex Luger on Elizabeth’s death: “To witness that first hand. I’ll never forget.”

Feb 9, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

On Eric Bischoff’s latest podcast, former WCW and WWF star Lex Luger discussed the night Miss Elizabeth died:

“I’ll never forget the early morning hours when Liz passed away. We were just watching movies together, sipping on some vodka and popping pills. Literally before the 9-1-1 call I realized that she had stopped breathing, Eric. Five minutes before that she was standing at the microwave and I was heating up some food and she literally got up and stood right next to me and wanted to help. I told her to sit down and that I had it. She sat down and I went back to fixing what was mine. I look back now at the fragility, the recklessness and the carelessness… we didn’t know that we were playing Russian Roulette. Some of the guys Eric, most of the guys, had a wife and kids. They wanted to wake up the next morning. Just the danger. Playing with the drugs like that. One minute she was there and the next minute I was wondering why she wasn’t eating and trying to wake her up. I realized she wasn’t breathing, panicking and calling 9-1-1. The tragedy of that. To witness that first hand. I’ll never forget.”

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