Del Rio and Paige planning to tie the knot this Summer

Feb 6, 2017 - by Colin Vassallo

Former WWE champion Alberto Del Rio revealed on The MMA Hour today that he and WWE Superstar Paige are planning to get married sometime in May if his schedule allows it. Host Ariel Helwani joked about Paige’s schedule and Del Rio said that she’s currently injured and recently underwent neck surgery. Del Rio said that her target return date is between April and June. Asked about their relationship and if they have any WWE discussions at home, Del Rio said no, they don’t discuss wrestling although she does sometimes ask for advice. He said that he doesn’t care that Paige works there, and that she’s young and still has a lot to give to the business. Del Rio described Paige as someone who will be the best female wrestler in the business. Despite an ugly departure from WWE, Del Rio said that he’ll always be grateful to WWE and for the opportunity they gave him but towards the end of his run, things weren’t the same and decided it was better to leave. The former champ joked that he’s trying to get Paige into MMA and signing her to his Combates America promotion in Mexico and promised to give her a good contract. He then laughed and said someone in Stamford is probably upset he said that.

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