Triple H says his daughters view Vince McMahon as someone who is larger than life

Jan 21, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

Triple H recently spoke to Crave Online to promote the new animated film “Surf’s Up 2: Wavemania” and he talked a little bit about Vince McMahon as a Grandfather.

While speaking with the online company The Game isn’t just an important figure backstage in WWE, he’s also a father of three, and it sounds like his kids have had an interesting life growing up with Vince McMahon as their grandfather.

When asked about Vince’s relationship with his grandkids, Triple H noted that his daughters view Vince McMahon as someone who is larger than life.

“It’s funny, when they see him on Raw or SmackDown, he’s a different character. He’s the evil maniacal boss. When he does these things, he has crazy dialogue and he’s the owner but it’s a different light. He’s the ‘legendary Mr. McMahon’ and he kind of is how they see him in a way. Their pop is this larger than life guy that they see as part grandpa and part James Bond or something. He’s got his own airplane and he always has a souped-up car. I have to tell him all the time, if the girls say ‘I’d really like to have an elephant,’ I tell him ‘Do not buy them an elephant.’ That’s how he is with them. Their vision of their pop is a little bit more like what you see in the cartoons.”

source: THE SpOTLight

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