NWA Tag Team Legend Says He Would Do Better With WWE Raw If He Had ‘Vince’s Billions’

Jan 13, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck


Former NWA U.S. Tag Team Champion Bobby Fulton of the legendary Fantastics was the latest guest on the Pancakes and Powerslams Show. Fulton had much to say about the disconnect in the current WWE product, and how he would do better with Vince’s “billions” than WWE is right now.

Here are the highlights.

On the lost element of Heroes versus Villains:

“You can watch just about every Monday Night Raw and not see people [stomping, cheering, and booing]. It’s just like any major sport. [WWE] forgot the backbone. And the backbone is the fans for us in professional wrestling. It all looks plastic to me. It all looks manufactured, and the passion is not in it. I tell everybody that when you don’t have passion, then you’re just going through the motions. The people’s emotions are everything.”

Disconnect in pro wrestling today:

There’s a disconnect, and there’s no connection… I know Vince and them are big time, over-the-top, and this-and-that, but I guarantee you one thing right now, if I had his billions, I’d be a lot further down the road than where he’s at, and a lot more people would be watching my TV program on Monday Nights.

The importance of wardrobe in wrestling:

“What is part of the allure is the outfit. Could you image us going to a Buckeyes game, and they’re wearing jeans out there? Could you image what that’d be like? And motorcycle helmets? When you’re a professional football player, you wear a football uniform. When you’re a professional baseball player, you wear a baseball uniform. When you’re a hockey player, you have a uniform. When you’re a professional wrestler, you should have a certain style.”

Full interview here

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