Kenny Omega with high praise for John Cena

Jan 10, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

– In comments given to Sports Illustrated, Kenny Omega described John Cena as one of the great WWE talents that he respects the most. Cena put more fuel to the fire after posting two photos about Omega on his wicked Instagram account, first a photo of Omega, and another one of Kenny from Southpark. Then he followed him on Twitter. “If I were to end up there, working with someone of his caliber would certainly be a goal and jive with my mission of changing wrestling. I’m glad to be on his radar, but I haven’t made any decisions regarding my future yet,” Omega told Justin Barrasso of SI. According to many, his contract with NJPW ends at the end of January, and Omega has said that he hasn’t signed any new contracts yet, but feared that everyone took his words “too literally.” He said that he’s only interested in changing the business so he’s careful about where to go next. “I still have more to share with the wrestling world, so let’s change the business together even more in 2017,” Omega concluded.

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