Spoilers: WWE NXT TV Tapings Airing In January

Jan 5, 2017 - by Staff

Thanks to Will Henderson (@willh94) for texting us the following WWE NXT TV spoilers from tonight’s tapings at Full Sail University:

January 11th Episode:

* We see video from earlier today with Billie Kay and Peyton Royce attacking NXT Women’s Champion Asuka as she arrived to Full Sail

* Billie Kay and Peyton Royce defeated Sarah Bridges (Crazy Mary Dobson) & Macey Estrella. Sarah gets a big pop during a babyface comeback but Peyton distracts the ref after breaking up a pin, resulting in Billie raking the eyes and driving Sarah into Peyton’s knee for the win. After the match, Billie and Peyton call out Asuka. Asuka runs out but gets double teamed. Nikki Cross runs out for the save to a big pop and clears the ring. Asuka charges at the Aussies but Nikki nails her with a dropkick off the top rope and stands over her. Asuka flips out and fights of the refs after Nikki leaves

* Elias Samson defeated Johnathan Cruz. Cruz gets a series of quick roll ups for 1 counts but then The Drifter just kills him. Quick squash

* Andrade “Cien” Almas defeated Oney Lorcan in a good match. Oney got a lot of offense in. Oney hit his neck breaker finisher off the ring steps early in the match. Andrade feigns an injury and while the ref is holding Oney back, blindsides him and hits his finisher for the win. After the match, Dasha Fuentes asks Andrade what 2017 holds for him and he cuts an angry promo in Spanish

* NXT Tag Team Champions Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa retain over The Revival. Fantastic match, went about 15 minutes. DIY gets the win by hitting the knee/kick combo on both Dash and Dawson for the pin. After the match, The Authors of Pain attack from behind and lay out DIY

January 18th Episode:

* Nikki Cross defeated enhancement talent Kennadi Brink in a quick squash. Sanity was at ringside

* Roderick Strong defeated Steve Cutler. Strong debuted a new theme song and won with the Sick Kick. After the match, Dasha Fuentes asks Roddy about Andrade “Cien” Almas saying he’s coming for him last week. Roddy cuts her off and says he doesn’t care about what Andrade said, he’s here for one thing – the NXT Title

* Tye Dillinger comes out for a promo. Dillinger says he isn’t sure if he still belongs here. Sanity interrupts. Eric Young says Tye needs the right friends and offers him Sawyer Fulton’s jacket. Tye refuses but EY tries to speak reason to him. EY tells Tye he’s not asking. Tye drops the jacket and throws the “10 hands” in his face and starts a brawl. Tye fends off Sanity until Big Damo comes out of the crowd and lays out Tye. Eric offers Damo the jacket and he accepts. Sanity poses over Tye before leaving

* Ember Moon defeated Liv Morgan. Fun match, they slapped hands in respect to start. Ember throws Liv outside the ring and hits a big kick before rolling her back in to hit the Eclipse for the win. They shake hands after the match

January 25th Episode:

* NXT General Manager William Regal is out for contract signing. He introduces Bobby Roode and NXT Champion Shinsuke Nakamura. Roode says he’s followed Nakamura’s career in Japan, and that he’s been offered the chance to “fly to the orient and and face you” over the years, but he never felt Nakamura was worth his time. Roode discusses Dallas and says he remembers the most from that night is that Nakamura has a catchy theme song and he catches himself humming it at home. Roode says Shinsuke calls himself the King of Strong Style, but says he has no style and insults his appearance & moves.

Nakamura says he knew his and Bobby-san’s paths would cross and says Roode looks like a Shiba Inu. Roode insults Japan and says Nakamura is in the ring with the biggest star on god’s green earth. He runs down the cost of his outfit and calls Nakamura a joke. Roode says he is going to silence the fans and take the NXT Title. Roode signs the contract, and says that when he wins it will be glo – Nakamura puts his hand in his face and says he looks great and is one of the best, but he’s not taking his title. Nakamura signs and says in San Antonio, he’s going to kick his head off, and it will be glorious. Nakamura mocks Roode’s pose as they face off to end the segment

* Aliyah defeated Mandy Rose. This was a sloppy match, won by Aliyah with a unique submission move

* No Way Jose defeated Kona Reeves. Fun little match that saw Jose win with the pop-up punch. After the match, Dasha Fuentes tries to interview Jose but Elias Samson interrupts with a song. Jose cuts him off and says he sucks and has a new song for him, “Just Drift Away” to the beat of Jose’s theme. The Drifter charges the ring but Jose decks him and sends him running

* Eric Young defeated Chris Atkins. Young won with the wheelbarrow spike. After the match, EY starts screaming “choices,” and says that at “Takeover: San Antonio,” Dillinger made his choice, and it’s the wrong one. Big Damo then kills Atkins with a running senton

* TM-61 defeated The Revival. Quick match, Nick Miller gets the roll up for the pin. As soon as the bell rings, The Revival just kills TM61, hitting Nick with the Shatter Machine & Thorne with the knee attack that “injured” Big Cass a while back. Referees run off The Revival while they talk about being the best tag team ever, as doctors check on Thorne. Thorne is carried out by the doctors, and his knee was wrapped, so this may be a way to cover an injury in storyline

* NXT General Manager William Regal is out with Dasha Fuentes in the ring. He announces Asuka vs. Peyton Royce vs. Billie Kay vs. Nikki Cross is the Women’s Title match for Takeover, and against his better judgment, he wants to hear from all four ladies, who have assured him this won’t break down. Sasha introduces Peyton and Billie. Peyton tells Dasha they’ve got it from here. They run down Nikki and Asuka and say one of them will leave as champion. Dasha introduces Nikki. Nikki gets in the ring and acts all crazy. Dasha introduces Asuka, who charges the ring with no music. Asuka passes Nikki and runs The Aussies out of the ring. Nikki and Asuka go nose to nose but Regal tries to separate them. The Aussies attack from behind but get taken out. Before Asuka and Nikki can square off, security charges the ring. Nikki and Asuka take them all out with kicks and punches, then Asuka lays Nikki out with a spin kick. Security pulls Asuka from the ring but Nikki dives off the top rope and takes them out. Regal looks on upset as the Aussies are horrified

* NXT Champion Shinsuke Nakamura and Tajiri defeated Bobby Roode and Samoa Joe. Really fun match, Nakamura hit the Kinshasa on Joe for the win. After the match, Nakamura celebrates until Kassius Ohno’s music hits. Ohno makes his return and comes out in a suit. He starts to take his jacket of, but instead makes an elbow and elbows the NXT Title on Nakamura’s shoulder, then leaves.

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