Tommy Dreamer on drinking Undertaker Tobacco Spit and where it ranked on craziest things he’s done

Dec 19, 2016 - by Steve Gerweck

Via Evan Prout:

Former WWE Superstar and ECW Legend Tommy Dreamer stopped by Under the Mat Radio to discuss his feelings on his passion for the fans, what WWE Hall of Famer snubbed him when he was young, upcoming House of Hardcore event and so much more! You can listen to the full interview below; here are some of the highlights:

Tommy on drinking Undertaker Tobacco Spit and where it ranked on craziest things he’s done:

“Yeah it was gross, it was real, I got $7,000 to do it and I got to wrestle the Undertaker 3 to 4 times. So I think anyone might do the same. Yeah that was rough and it was LIVE. The Scaffold Match back in the day was pretty crazy for 1. Sandman made it 2. I’m scared of heights 3. Brian Lee choked me with the electrical power from the entire building and after the match the guy told his that he is not sure how we were not electrocuted to death on the top of that scaffold. The scaffold swayed I don’t know I’ve done a lot of crazy things…”

Tommy on what he said about Brock Lesnar and other things that didn’t’ air on the ECW Unauthorized special on the WWE Network:

“That was an edited version first of all. That was the first time we’ve (Himself, Heyman, Dudleys, and Taz) all been together since ECW One Night Stand 2005. I’ve said it before Paul (Heyman) has screwed me over many times more than anybody ever has but we’ve had it out but Paul deserves all the credit in the world. It was the best times in people’s lives and I’ve said it myself I learned a lot about the person I am and why I am what I am. I experienced loss, a lot of people tell me what ECW meant to them (Blah Blah Blah) but ECW didn’t have to go away but it did, it was like a death to me. One day you’re on top of the world and then next you’re unemployed. The ending I can tell you was different we ended up fighting (as he laughs) because Paul started bringing up Brock Lesnar and I said who cares about Brock Lesnar I’ll fight him foreal, I’ll fight him in UFC or WWE who gives a sh*t. Then Devon said yeah Paul how you going to do that then Paul starting to keep trying to rap it up and go back to Brock when they said Uhh guys you can wrap this up whenever you’d like. …”

Tommy on James Ellsworth screwing him over:

“Myself and NOW a mystery partner will be facing The Squad (Spirit Squad) coming up at House of Hardcore 23 because WWE pulled James Ellsworth and I’m not happy about that. We’ll James Ellsworth screwed over Dean Ambrose that was storyline but he (James Ellsworth) screwed me over foreal and I’m pissed off about it …”

Tommy also discussed what it was like when he first saw Dusty Rhodes, how Raw recently was a bunch of filler besides the main event, what crazy stunt 3 fans did for him on TV, and much more in this exclusive 45-minute interview on Under the Mat Radio.

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