Bruce Prichard reveals that Hulk Hogan had pay issues when he worked for TNA

Oct 22, 2016 - by Steve Gerweck

There is tons of Impact Wrestling’s news coming out of Bruce Prichard’s “Something To Wrestle With” podcast. For those that have not listened to it then I would highly recommend for you to do so.

Co-host Conrad Thompson asked Prichard about Hulk Hogan and his daughter Brooke’s involvement with TNA. Prichard believes that Brooke Hogan’s involvement was something done to appease Hulk Hogan but he doesn’t think that Hulk was too thrilled with his daughter working there and he doesn’t believe that Hulk pushed for TNA to sign her. Prichard said that he was the person involved in the talks with Brooke and her agent and Hulk wasn’t involved until he heard that TNA lowballed her.

He also talks about the issues with talent pay and yes, even in 2013 (and before that), there were tons of issues with late checks. Prichard said, “I know Hogan had some pay issues during his time there.” He said that Carter looked at the people that worked for her as vendors. Prichard added, “there were people that didn’t give a sh** about other human beings. They sure as hell didn’t care about talent and they viewed the business as a power plant.” Prichard said that talent was looked at talent as plumbers or electricians that could be replaced.

Regarding the recent news about TNA’s financial troubles, he said that he is shocked that it didn’t happen sooner. He then talked about Mick Foley being upset and that he wanted to be released from his TNA deal. He also said that Ric Flair quit TNA via text.

He said that TNA would make agreements with Ric but then they would try to get him to do things that were not originally agreed to. Eventually, he got fed up with the company and there were other things that eventually led to him quitting.

Prichard also discussed #Sting’s run with TNA. He said that Dixie Carter saw him as a megastar and that’s why she always begged him to re-sign with them every year. He told a story about an unnamed talent being signed on for 120 guaranteed dates but TNA would only have 76 dates available and this person would still get paid for the full 120 dates.

That sounds a lot like WCW. Prichard said that there were many deals like that and in Sting’s case he had a limited amount of dates but TNA would ask him to work more.

source: THE SpOTLight

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