Foley composes kayfabe letter to Daniel Bryan

Sep 15, 2016 - by Steve Gerweck


Dear Daniel,

I am a James Ellsworth guy. But James Ellsworth is a #Raw guy – and now YOU have messed with the wrong guy! By raiding Monday Night Raw for Superstars like James Ellsworth, you are setting a dangerous precedent, my friend. More seriously, you risk confusing the #WWEUniverse, especially the little Ellsters out there, who have been waiting for me to sign #EllmoreVsStrohman2 for an upcoming #Raw PPV. Shame on you, Daniel…shame on you!

There is, however a way out of this situation. How about if you and Mauro Ranallo come to Raw on Monday to call our #Cruiserweight matches on Raw? We’ll call it even and hope the Little Ellsters out there understand.”


Mick Foley

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