Taz reveals discussions with WWE to carry the Taz show on WWE Network

Jun 2, 2016 - by Colin Vassallo


– In an interview with Sports Illustrated, former ECW champion and now popular radio show host Taz revealed that WWE had talks with him and CBS about putting The Taz Show live on the WWE Network. Taz said that these talks didn’t go very far as the folks at CBS Radio were not interested in having the content to be changed or edited to please the WWE brass. “The show is not the show with me having a filter. The show is the show because it’s unfiltered. I’m speaking from the heart and giving my true opinion,” Taz said. While acknowledging that his opinion doesn’t mean it’s right he doesn’t think that WWE is ready to have someone on their Network sometimes criticizing their product. “It would be awesome to bring ‘The Taz Show’ there, but I don’t fall in line. I’ve never fell in line, and Vince knows that. I wouldn’t bash their content if I was on their network, but I would critique it. I don’t think they want that, but that’s exactly what their network needs,” he added. Ever since moving from a podcast to a live radio/video show, Taz has received praise by many for his work and the popularity of his show was evident when CBS Radio put him on the air for 3 hours immediately following WrestleMania on all CBS local stations to discuss the event.

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