3/26 WWE NXT house show results from Orlando, FL

Mar 27, 2016 - by Steve Gerweck


Credit JJ Williams and f4wonline.com:

– Asuka and Aliyah beat Billie and Daria: Heels worked over Aliyah until Asuka took the hot tag, ran wild with kicks on Daria all over, and transitioned from her the armbar to her Asuka Lock for the win.

– ZZ beat Chris Girard: This was a basic match with a lot of ZZ headlocks between harsh uppercuts by Girard. ZZ rolled Chris up to steal a win in his debut.

– In ring promo with Bayley who said this is their final NXT event before Dallas and she wants to give someone an opportunity tonight which leads to…

– NXT Women’s Champion Bayley beat Mandy Rose: This was a showcase match for Bayley as Mandy used headlocks and stalling tactics to get her heat between the usual Bayley signature spots. She hit the Belly To Bayley for the win.

– Manny Andrade beat Tye Dillinger: Great match. Dillinger was heelish tonight, laying in the chops and taunting the crowd and ref. In the corner, he declared “I have ’til TEN” which, in fact, is not the rule. Manny did a fake out dive and the Tranquilo pose in the ropes while putting up the ten to a “Diez” chant. Big moonsault by Andrade for a near fall and the finish saw the running knees from Andrade for the win.

– American Alpha beat Blake and Murphy: Well-wrestled match as expected between these two teams; a showcase for Alpha heading in to Dallas. Impressive wrestling by Chad Gable and explosive power moves by Jason Jordan to get everyone involved before the heels took control and cut off Gable. This led to the Jordan hot tag where he ran wild, hit the big suplex, a dropkick, a spear, tag in and the Assisted German for the win.

– Apollo Crews beat Elias Samson: Pre-match, we get the Drifter song about how much he hates Orlando. Everything he said was booed down including one note in to his song getting “Your Song Sucks” chants, funny stuff. Crews won fast with his spinning slam.

– NXT Tag Team Champions The Revival did an in the ring promo mocking Bayley’s open challenge from earlier. Blake & Murphy’s music hits. The Revival laughs them off saying Alexa Bliss has a better chance of winning. This leads to American Alpha’s music, and the heels make a bunch of excuses as to why they won’t face Alpha tonight until officials lead them away. The Revival then said that as the humanitarian champions, they found a team worthy of facing them tonight who rival The Road Warriors.

– NXT Tag Team Champions The Revival beat Patrick Clark and Kenneth Crawford: The Revival was being silly early, begging off, acting scared of the two upstarts. After some comedy wrestling, The Revival took it serious and won with the Shatter Machine on Crawford for the win. They beat down Patrick before American Alpha made the save and cleared house.

– NXT Champion Finn Balor beat Riddick Moss: Moss cut a heel promo before the match, Finn out to a big reaction. Good match, Finn took a beating after a pre-bell cheap shot. Moss ran Finn pillar to post, and was able to keep up with the champ. A lot of holds by Moss before the Finn comeback, slingblade, running dropkick, and the 1916 formerly known as the Bloody Sunday DDT for the win.

Post-match, Samoa Joe made a sneak attack and tried to choke Finn out, but was fought off. Balor declared there would be no cheap shots in Dallas.

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