3/26 WWE house show results from Richmond, VA

Mar 27, 2016 - by Steve Gerweck

wwe live 2016

Credit Pwinsider.com:

1st match AJ Styles beat Tyler Breeze with the phenomenal forearm in a great opener. AJ is over in Richmond Virginia as the whole place was behind him.

2nd match: Ascension vs. Hype Bros. Hype Bros win. Crowd was silent when Ryder was in but when MOJO came in to the match the crowd got behind him. Richmond seems to like MOJO.

3rd match: Miz vs. Jack Swagger. Miz played homage to ravishing Rick rude by calling the fans fat lazy sweat hogs. Wished a couple happy 10 year anniversary then told the lady I’m gonna show you what a real man looks like and took his coat off like rude did back in the 80s. Miz wins with the skull-crushing finale.

4th match: Naomi and Tamina vs. Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch. Becky and Sasha wins when Sasha made Naomi tap out in the bank statement. As Tamina tried to make the save Becky applied the disarmer on Tamina.

5th match: Triple threat match for the tag team titles. Usos vs. Dudleys vs. New Day. New day wins when one of the Usos goes to the top Xavier tags in the Usos hits a splash then Xavier throws the Uso out and pins Devon. Dudleys attack Usos after the match but Usos recover and send Dudleyz packing.

6th match: Natalya vs. Charlotte with Ric Flair. Charlotte won with a botched roll up. Tho never saw the red count to 3 and it took a minute for the bell to ring.

7th match IC title match Kevin Owen’s vs. Sami Zayn. It was supposed to be Ambrose vs. Owen’s in a street fighter but I’m OK with this change. Richmond is behind Sami and chanting ole. Match of the night so far. Zayn wins by DQ when Zayn was in the tree of woe and Owen’s wouldn’t stop attacking Zayn and ignored the refs 5 count. Owen’s trash talked Richmond. Went to give Sami a pop up powerbomb but Zayn hit a drop kick instead.

8th match: King Barrett and Sheamus vs. Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns. Place exploded when dean came out. 50/50 reaction for Reigns. Roman and Dean win when Roman Spears Barrett for the pin.

Overall a really great show. Crowd was alive during the whole show.

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