3/6 WWE house show results from Moline, IL

Mar 7, 2016 - by Steve Gerweck

wwe live 2016

* AJ Styles defeated The Miz in the opener. Miz cut a heel promo before the match and at one point tore up a fan sign for Styles that a kid was holding up. AJ won with the springboard forearm.

* Jack Swagger and Darren Young defeated Adam Rose and Curtis Axel. Axel played a strong heel and the Social Outcasts did a pre-match promo. Decent match with Swagger making Axel tap out for the win.

* WWE United States Champion Kalisto defeated King Barrett to retain. Barrett controlled most of the match but Kalisto ducked the Bullhammer and hit Salida del Sol for the win.

* WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day defeated The Usos and The Dudley Boyz in a Triple Threat to retain. Great heel promo by The New Day before the match but they still got cheers. Pretty entertaining match overall. The Dudleyz tried to attack The Usos after the match but got superkicked from the ring.


* WWE Divas Champion Charlotte defeated Becky Lynch to retain. No Ric Flair unfortunately. Not match of the night but this match had some of the best mat work all night. Charlotte countered Becky’s finisher and rolled her up for the win.

* Sheamus defeated Neville with a Brogue Kick. Fun back and forth match, Sheamus played to the crowd well.

* WWE Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens retained over Dean Ambrose, Ambrose wins by DQ. Match of the night here, good chemistry between the two. Pop of the night goes to Ambrose too. Another “hard-hitting” match between Ambrose and Owens. Owens put Ambrose in a Tree of Woe and pounded on him until he was disqualified. Owens cut a promo about how he is the best but Ambrose got up and dropped him with Dirty Deeds. Ambrose then celebrated with fans around the ring.

Credit: Wrestling Inc

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