Paige OK with the term diva but not the Divas title design

Feb 21, 2016 - by Colin Vassallo

WWE Diva Paige had a Q&A panel at the Portland Comic Con this weekend and was asked about the current Divas title design and if WWE should drop the term Diva altogether in favor of bringing the Women’s title back. The former champion said that when she initially came to WWE, she wanted them to remove the word Diva but ever since she started working there, the term Diva immediately reflects to the WWE women so she’s fine with it now. The word now “means a lot” to her so she’s okay with the company keeping that term to refer to their female talent. However the Brit didn’t mince any words when discussing the WWE Divas title. “Just redesign the Divas belt, because that butterfly sucks,” she said. The Divas title, along with the Tag Team titles, are considered to be the worst the company has at the moment in terms of looks so it was no surprise that Paige isn’t a fan of it either. Paige returns to Comic Con next month in Las Vegas, holding photo and autograph sessions as well as a Q&A panel.

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