Jake Roberts on the First Time He Watched His Documentary, How He Feels Today, Dealing with Demons

Feb 19, 2016 - by Staff

– WWE Hall of Famer Jake “The Snake” Roberts recently spoke with TheWhig.com to promote his spoken word show in Kingston, Ontario this weekend. The full interview is at this link. Below are highlights:

First time he watched his “Resurrection of Jake The Snake” film:

“They just left me to watch it. Afterwards they gave me some time (to digest what I’d seen). I was just blown away. It was very painful to watch.”

“You watch yourself on that roller coaster and then it finally sinks in that you’re OK now. You’re good now. It’s like that T-shirt that I made, ‘My history will not be my destiny.’ That means so much to me because I know what I was and I know how I am today. It angers me that I just threw away 25 years of my life. I threw away a career. I threw away family. I threw away everything … for a frigging drug. It’s just disgusting. But that’s what addiction is.”

Dealing with his demons and if they still haunt him:

“You have memories come back. Memories are funny. The first thing that comes back is, ‘Damn, what a good time I had smoking that s–t, you know.’ ‘Oh man, when I was so high, that felt so good.’ And then I remember the rest of the story. And the rest of the story was, ‘Yeah, what did you feel like that night when you ran out and you were going crazy and you were sweating and you were sick and the next day when you got up, you felt like crap and you hated life and you realized what else you’d destroyed.’ You’ve got to remember the whole story. Demons, they paint a pretty picture. They don’t like to show you the ugly stuff. That’s something you have to be careful of.”

Feeling proud these days:

“I’m not ashamed to look in the mirror anymore. I used to hate looking in the mirror. I hated myself. Hell, I took most mirrors down in my house because I just couldn’t stand the sight of myself. And now I have no problem looking at it. I like to get out, I like to visit with the fans, I’m doing these comedy shows now all over the world and I love doing that.”

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