Triple H on Finding Talents for the New WWE Cruiserweight Tournament, What WWE Looks For, More

Feb 17, 2016 - by Staff

– As noted, WWE has officially announced that “WWE Global Cruiserweight Series” will premiere on the WWE Network Wednesday, July 13th at 9pm. The 32-man tournament will be filmed at Full Sail University over 10 weeks and will feature wrestlers under 205 pounds. Triple H recently spoke with Scott Fishman of Channel Guide Magazine about the project that he’s very excited about. You can check out their full interview at this link. It’s a really good read. Below are a few highlights:

Filling the 32 tournament spots:

“A lot of times, in the past, we’ve operated on ‘you either work for WWE or you didn’t work for WWE. I think with something like this, we’re opening it up a bit more. We are going to allow these guys to come in. I’m not just trying to find the cruiserweights that are the obvious ones. I think those guys will be there, the top guys in the world. But I’m trying to find the undiscovered diamonds someplace else that will blow people’s minds; someone who maybe hasn’t gotten the opportunity yet to be seen. When we say 32, we’re looking at every corner of the world. I have [William] Regal out there in every corner of the globe trying to find not only the ones who people are aware are the best, but others who nobody is aware of quite yet. We want to put them in this and let’s see what they can do.”

Possibly working with indie promotions:

“Obviously, if someone is under contract with, say, New Japan Pro Wrestling, I don’t think they are going to have the opportunity to perform in this type of tournament. Though anybody that has the opportunity, freedom and availability to do something like this with us, we are looking at working with them. I’m open to working with other groups that are out there such as Progress, Evolve, Rev Pro and places like that. They have a lot of talent they work with, but those talents have that ability to do other things. It’s an opportunity to be on a platform to be seen by millions around the world and become much bigger stars in their own right. If we can use those promotions in a way that helps them as well, to me that’s great. I think helping that independent undercurrent is beneficial to everybody.”

What WWE looks for in talents:

“There are people who say, ‘Oh, this guy’s in-ring ability,’ or, ‘Oh, this guy’s is physically this, and that’s what they look for.’ We look for anything and everything. I will say to talent all the time that being a superstar is like a big puzzle. The more pieces you have, the more complete you are and the better performer you are. Some guys will become huge stars based on one or two pieces of that puzzle. It’s really what people get into and gravitate towards, whether positively or negatively. Reaction is reaction. That’s the one thing. People criticize John Cena for the longest time when half the place is booing him. He is the most over guy we have. He gets the biggest reaction every night, for a long period of time, and that’s what this is about. Sometimes people look at Daniel Bryan as just the little guy who is really good in the ring. However, he also has a ton of personality and an engaging character and a charisma. He had a lot of things. He wasn’t just a little guy who can go. People negate that. I think it’s not giving the talent the credit they deserve. To just say Rey Mysterio was just a little guy or Daniel was just a little guy who was really good in the ring is really taking away from them as this great performer all around they really were or are.”

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