Daniel Bryan on How Many Concussions He’s Had, Seizures, What He Will Miss the Most, More (Videos)

Feb 9, 2016 - by Staff

– Below are videos from this week’s special edition of “Off The Top Rope” on ESPN SportsCenter with former WWE announcer Jonathan Coachman. His guest is Daniel Bryan.

Coach asked how hard it was to announce his retirement in his hometown of Seattle. Bryan said the day was a tough one, emotionally, and talked about how he looked at his family sitting ringside during the speech and had to look away so he wouldn’t cry.

Bryan said they have been able to document 10 concussions but there’s no way to document every single concussion he’s had through out his near-16 year career. Bryan said it’s also hard to define a concussion but it’s impossible to say exactly how many he’s had. Bryan talked about taking multiple tests and they all came out great but these recent tests found he had some swelling and a lesion on an area of the brain that causes seizures. Bryan admitted he has had post-concussion seizures that he’s kept hidden for a long time. He said there has been no evidence on why he was having these seizures but now they know. Bryan talked about how important it is to stay on top of potential concussions and get them checked out.

Coach asked Bryan what he will miss the most and he said the people. In regards to what the future holds for him, Bryan said he’s thought about it a lot but he’s not sure yet. He would like to do something to help people and he’s been talking to a neurologist about doing concussion work. He just wants to help people but doesn’t want to take on too many things at once. When asked how he wants fans to remember Daniel Bryan, he said he doesn’t necessarily need people to remember him but if they were at a show and had a good time with friends or family, he wants them to remember those times they had with the people they love. He wants people to remember the experiences they have at wrestling shows. Bryan also discussed the Yes Movement, his all-time favorite moment when the crowd hi-jacked RAW in Seattle, connecting with fans, Connor The Crusher and more.

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