Mar 8, 2015 - by Steve Gerweck

Bill Demott

In an interview conducted earlier this week on Vendetta Pro Radio with Austin Matelson, the former WWE developmental wrestler who used the name Judas Devlin, he said that Bill DeMott had a gun in the office, the same office where DeMott interrogated him following the launch of the WWE ‘investigation’ into the allegations he brought forward. Matelson claims that both Konnor of The Ascension and Rusev have seen the gun in the office while they were part of NXT and in a different interview someone claimed that even Rusev was somewhat bullied by DeMott during his time down in Florida. With most of the talent afraid of speaking up, the WWE HR department dropped the case against DeMott and when later there was a meeting with the talent and HR asked if anyone has a problem, only former WWE Divas champion Paige stood up and complained about sexual harassment from the strength and conditioning coach Matt Wichlinski. Matelson adds that the complete misdiagnosis from WWE medical team over his problems almost put him in early retirement and it was only after he got visited by a separate doctor that his health issues, a herniated disc to be exact, were identified. He said before that, he was paid to live in Los Angeles for two years and away from everything until he recovered from his two hip surgeries and couldn’t talk because he was afraid he’d lose the health benefits. DeMott, Matelson claims, put a stop to a major angle where he was pitched as a member of the Wyatt Family but the coach said he was “too gay” to be part of the Wyatts. Matelson says that DeMott used homophobic slurs against him continuously. Meanwhile, another former WWE developmental wrestler Kevin Matthews posted an image of Twitter showing that he got banned from following Bill DeMott’s account. “Why would you block me? What did I ever do to you? You helped get me fired, I helped get you fired. We’re even,” Matthews wrote, adding a smiley at the end.

(thanks to Colin Vasallo)

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