WWE NXT Results – 3/5/15: Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte

Mar 5, 2015 - by Atlee Greene

– WWE NXT Results – 3/5/15: Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte


The show kicked off with Alex Riley confronting William Regal and demands a match with Kevin Owens due to being assaulted by him last week. Regal says he will only make the match if Riley gives up his commentator duties. Riley says that’s not fair because he has seen Regal wear both hats simultaneously.

Regal reminds Riley that when he did commentary and wrestled at the same time, Cesaro made him pay for it when they locked horns. Riley says he is still in the prime of his career, but Regal tells him the immense amount of preparation for both jobs is too much and that Riley will have to decided which one he wants more.


– Adam Rose vs. Tyler Breeze

It’s the selfie stick vs. the rosebuds as we get ready for our opening contest. Some shenanigans early on as Rose chases after Breeze and makes him uncomfortable. A little bit of comedy here as both men trade chops and maneuvers. Rose gains the upper hand with a body slam and thunderous clothesline in the corner. Rose comes off the ropes and Breeze catches him with the Beauty Shot out of nowhere for the pinfall.

Winner: Tyler Breeze


Backstage: Big Cass, Enzo Amore and Carmella responded to Blake and Murphy comments last week. Amore says he hears bowel movements every time they speak and that they need to wipe the crap off their lips. Cass says no one talks to Carmella without talking to them first while Carmella says Blake and Murphy made her throw up in her own mouth.

Carmella goes on to call them pathetic pigs and that Cass and Amore need to beat them. Cass says after he and Amore become the number one contenders tag team championship, they will beat the bacon off their backs. Amore closes it with “Daddy’s bringing home the bacon.”

Backstage: Alexa Bliss comments on her absence from NXT and mentions her nose injury after a series of matches with Sasha Banks. Bliss is in a good place mentally and picked the perfect time to return because no matter what happens in tonight’s main event, she is gunning or Banks because it’s time to show the boss who’s really in charge.


– Wesley Blake & Buddy Murphy vs. Angelo Dawkins & Sawyer Fulton

Fulton uses his amateur wrestling credentials to keep Murphy grounded until he falls victim to a blind tag and gets leveled with double elbows from the champions. Dawkins gets the tag and comes in like a house of fire with a barrage of clotheslines and punches. Murphy catches Dawkins with a leg lariat, tags Blake, and delivers a brain buster suplex while Blake hits a frog splash for the pin.

Winners: Wesley Blake & Buddy Murphy


Backstage: Bayley wishes Charlotte luck on her rematch against Sasha Banks and Charlotte replies “Sasha is going to need all the luck, tonight and leaves. Emma comes in and Bayley asks her if she wants to play with the bubble machine like old times.

Emma says no and Bayley asks if she wants to watch the main event with her. Emma says “Oh, you mean the match you were supposed to be in but lost because you wanted to hug everyone?” Emma goes on to say that she was nice and friendly on Raw and now she has been sent back to NXT and says it’s something Bayley should think about.


Video Package: Rhyno is highlighted with a voice-over from the man best stating that he has heard a lot about NXT during his travels and is here to make a statement.


– Baron Corbin vs. Tony Briggs

Kevin Owens is out and standing behind Alex Riley. The rest of the commentators and telling him to ignore Owens. Briggs shows no fear of Baron Corbin, but it doesn’t matter. Corbin drops Biggs with a big right hand and hits the End of Days for the win.

Winner: Baron Corbin


Owens pours a bottle of water over Riley’s head. Riley gets mad, tries to charge at him, but Jason Albert holds him back while reminding him about what Regal said. A “Riley” chant breaks out as Owens gives a little smirk and leaves.

We check in with Sami Zayn as he is back home in Montreal where it all began for him. Zayn states that March 1 marks his 13th year in the wrestling business and that for the first time, he isn’t mentally prepared which is why is isn’t back in NXT.

Zayn is walking the streets of Montreal at 2:00 am to gain some perspective and can’t believe how the whole landscape of NXT has changed in such a short time. Zayn says he hasn’t watched his match with Owens, but when he does, he will be able to put into words what he will do to Kevin Owens when he returns.


Backstage CJ Parker is chatting with William Regal until Alex Riley comes in screaming and demands a match with Kevin Owens. Regal says he’ll have to sign a talent contract and won’t give him the match until he thinks Riley is ready. Parker laughs at Riley’s moxie stating he gave Owens the scar on his nose. Riley tells Parker that he is starting with him next week, and he’s going to kick his ass.


– Solomon Crowe vs. Bull Dempsey

Crowe goes right after Bull with clubbing blows until he gets cut off with a head butt to the mouth. Bull mauls Crowe with forearms across the face. Crowe goes for the body slam, but the big Bull is too much to hold and crashes down the newcomer. Crowe manages to slam Bull on the second try but dropped immediately for his troubles. Bull misses a flying head butt off the top and Crowe hits a running knee and follows up with a head butt while using the ropes for momentum to score the win.

Winner: Solomon Crowe


Kevin Owens’ NXT title defense against Finn Balor is announced for March 25th


– NXT Women’s Championship: Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte

Dueling chants of “let’s go Charlotte” and “let’s go Sasha” engulf Full Sail as the bel rings and Sasha looks a little apprehensive o lock up. Charlotte gets in a few chops and Banks bails, and attempts to leave with the belt. Charlotte grabs her and rams her into the ring apron and follows up with a slingshot school girl through the ropes for a two count Charlotte is on a mission tonight as she drills Banks with repeated knees to the face and applies the figure four leg lock. Banks gets to the rope for the break and takes a breather outside.

Back from the commercial break and Banks is in control and applies the same cross face submission that helped her win the title at Takeover. Charlotte powers out and hits a jawbreaker. Charlotte lands on her feet from a moonsault, goes for a somersault senton but Banks gets her knees up. Banks works over the back while yelling “I’m the champ, now” at Charlotte. Banks locks up Charlotte’s arms while crossing them and applies a submission with her knees digging into the back of Charlotte.

Charlotte fights up to her feet, but gets caught in a backstabber and rolls right into a Bank Statement. Charlotte gets to the ropes, Banks charges in and gets sent flying outside to the floor. Charlotte delivers a neck breaker and follows up with a tremendous spear which prompts the crowd to chant “Better than Reigns.” Banks spins out of a vertical suplex attempt and rolls up Charlotte for a two count. Charlotte clips Banks behind the left knee and applies the figure four leg lock using the ring post. Charlotte climbs to the top for Natural Selection, Banks sends her crashing to the canvas. Banks goes for the roll up with her feet on the ropes and gets the 1-2-3 to retain the title.

Winner: Sasha Banks  

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