Who is the Greatest female wrestler?

Feb 27, 2015 - by Steve Gerweck

Greatest Female Wrestler tournament

On Sunday, the sixth annual March Madness tournament – The Greatest Female Wrestler – will kick off. You still have time to enter our give away content. I reached out to the wrestling community, wrestlers, journalists, etc. for their thoughts and opinions on whom is the greatest female wrestler of all time. Voting starts on Sunday…

Xandra Bale:
Xandra Bale 052913
Hard to argue with Trish

Kacee Carlisle:
Kacee Carlisle 031714
My brain keeps going back to Moolah. She wasn’t he most technical wrestler or fanciest of course, but I feel like as far as overall presence and accomplishments and impact, she’s right up there with anybody.

Big Vito Lograsso:
Moolah, Luna, Sherri, Trish Stratus.

“Hollywood” Heather Webber:
hollywood heather
If I had to choose, it’s most definitely Beth Phoenix. She’s not a current wrestler but she was a genuine athlete while still maintaining everything that it took to be a diva, beauty, brawn and an amazing presence in the ring. Definitely the best of the best.

Kaitlin Diamond:
Kaitlin Diemond 061014
WWE: Trish Stratus

TNA or other: Cheerleader Melissa


photo credit: Rob Myers

photo credit: Rob Myers

I’d have to go with Mae Young. Such a great talent

Thunder Rosa:
Thunder Rosa 010915
The Fabulous Moolah

Dominique Fabiano The Dark Angel:
Dominique Fabiano The Dark Angel 121214
My favorite/greatest would be Lita.

Jessie Kaye:
Jessie Kaye 011015
honestly, I’d probably have to say Mickie because she had the whole package, she had the sex appeal, (and has it still) but also incredible in ring athleticism and could talk all day and was that way through her whole career from the beginning

Deonna Purrazzo:
Deonna Purrazzo 121314
Trish Stratus!

Roni Nicole:
Roni Nicole 021115
My personal opinion of the greatest female professional wrestler would have to be a tie between Awesome Kong and Lita

Gabby Gilbert:
Gabby Gilbert wears the shirt

Sensational sherry

Sherry could wrestle, manage, talk, she did it all!

Kristal Marshall:
Kristal Marshall 060212
Trish tied with Melina

Paige RaeAnn Collett:

She was the only female wrestler to hold WWF Intercontinental Championship title… That’s pretty badass.

Ken Resnick:
Considering ability, talent, strength, looks and desire I would put Madusa first, followed closely by Sheri Martel, and then Wendi Richter (especially considering her impact on bringing the music industry into the sport). Although she never got real national exposure other than the LPWA, Sue Sexton could hold her own with most anyone. Speaking of LPWA, Terri Power, while she lacked at least early on great ring ability, she really established the body building type female in the business as Tina Moretti did to establish a place for the smaller but really attractive girl.

Marti Belle:
marti belle 062113
Mickie James overall

Chelsea Diamond:
Chelsea Diamond
Wendi Richter is my vote, I also like Molly Holly and Lelani Kai

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