8/20/12 WWE Monday Night Raw Live Report

Aug 20, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

Live from Fresno, CA:

Raw opens with Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar making their way to the ring. Jerry Lawler brought up that Triple H may have wrestled his final match. Heyman recalled Triple H tearing his quad, and yet finishing a match. Heyman said a torn quad couldn’t stop Triple H, but Brock Lesnar could. Heyman said Triple H to quit on his company, family, friends, and on all of you. Heyman said Lesnar forced Hunter to suffer, and he doesn’t feel sorry for him. Heyman said this was a fight Triple H picked that he couldn’t win. Heyman said Hunter wanted to rules bent, and told the referee to let them fight. Heyman calls out referee Scott Armstrong. Armstrong slowly made his way to the ring. Heyman brought up that Hunter had told him to let Triple H and his client fight. Heyman says Lesnar has two words for Armstrong, “good job!” Heyman anoints Lesnar the new king of kings. Heyman says Lesnar is the master of the WWE Universe.

* Coming up tonight, live interview with HBK as the speculation continues about Triple H’s future

From Tout, CM Punk said he wants to pick his own opponent. Cole said AJ is taking that under consideration.

(1) WWE Tag Team Champions Kofi Kingston, R-Truth, and Sin Cara vs. Cody Rhodes and the Prime Time Players (Titus O’Neil and Darren Young)

Sin Cara climbs to the top rope, but Rhodes bails on the outside. We take a commercial break. Hot tags to Sin Cara and Cody Rhodes. Crossbody on Rhodes, but Young made the save. Rhodes tried to remove Sin Cara’s mask off, but Sin Cara rolled up Rhodes for the victory at 10:13.

* Kane and Zack Ryder vs. The Miz and Daniel Bryan has been announced by AJ Lee.

Backstage, Matt Striker interviews AJ, but David Otunga interrupts. He offers AJ his services. AJ said he’ll have a match tonight, and opponent to be announced. AJ said CM Punk can pick his opponent, pending her approval.

Khloe Kardashian Odam is the social media ambassador tonight. They show a tweet from her ripping on Heyman.

(2) Ryback vs. two jobbers in a handicap match.

During the match, Jinder Mahal interferes and ends the match via DQ. Mahal puts on the camel clutch, but Ryback breaks out. Ryback still puts both men on his shoulders and drops them.

Backstage, Chris Jericho is playing with his cell phone. Dolph Ziggler comes in, and wants a rematch. Jericho wonders if Ziggler is capable of winning the big one. AJ makes the stip – if Jericho wins, he gets Ziggler’s MITB brief case, but if Ziggler wins, Y2J’s contract is terminated.

– Richardo Rodriguez introduces Alberto Del Rio. ADR said last night, he got robbed by the referee and Sheamus. They showed what happened last night at Summerslam with a still photograph. Del Rio wants another title shot, right now. Here comes AJ Lee. AJ said the World title situation is in Booker T’s court, but she can book him in a match tonight. She introduces Del Rio’s opponent, Randy Orton.

(3) Randy Orton vs. Alberto Del Rio.

As the bell is about to ring to start the match, Sheamus make his way down to the ring. Sheamus joins the announce table. Cole brings up that last night’s referee admitted that Del Rio’s leg was on the ropes. Sheamus simply said that sometimes they make mistakes. Del Rio mocked Orton by punching the mat. Swinging neckbreaker by Orton, but only a two count. Orton DDTs Del Rio from the corner. The Viper pounds the mat. Richardo attempted to interfer, but Sheamus stopped him. Backstabber, but Orton had his foot was on the rope, so Sheamus informed the referee. RKO and Orton wins at 8:33.

They showed a WWE.com exclusive interview with Punk after his match last night. Punk said he signed up for a three way, and he had to beat three people – Big Show, Cena, and AJ. Punk said there was no controversy.

We see Antonio Cesaro from last night’s Summerslam pre-show, beating Santino for the United States title.

We relive the Summerslam activities

(4) Brodus Clay vs. Damien Sandow

Sandow wins at 2:41. After the match, Clay drops on the mat and splashes him, and dances.

We see various tweets from WWE divas and superstars commenting on Triple H’s future.

We see HBK via satellite. Interview upcoming.

Cole interviews HBK. Michaels says he thinks he knows what Triple H is thinking. HBK talks about not being prepared for when the end is near, and its very humbling. HBK said it might be the end of an amazing career. Triple H is a man of honor, something Lesnar and Heyman wouldn’t know anything about. HBK said it might have been different if he had been in Triple H’s corner. HBK said he should have told Hunter that he didn’t think he could beat Lesnar. HBK tells Hunter he has nothing to ashamed of, and he’ll always be proud of him. HBK thanks Hunter for a job well done.

(5) David Otunga vs. The Big Show.

AJ selected The Big show to be Otunga’s opponent. Big Show was one angry giant after failing to win the WWE title last night. Big Show wins via the big right hand at 2:07.

WWE.com exclusive interview from last night: Big Show said the Summerslam match was not a three way, but was a handicap match. He wants a one on one match.

(6) Kane and Zack Ryder vs. Daniel Bryan and IC champion The Miz.

Bryan went to tag The Miz, but he drops off the apron. Bryan leaves the crowd. Kane chokeslams Ryder. Kane goes nuts, kicks the ring steps. Manhandles the timekeeper at ringside. Kane gets back into the ring and gives Ryder a tombstone piledriver.

WWE.com exclusive interview from last night: John Cena said its just one of those nights, he isn’t blaming the referee.

Matt Striker interviews CM Punk. Punk thanks AJ for allowing to select his next opponent – John Cena, on one condition. Punk demands respect from Cena. Punk will call him out later.

(7) #1 Contender’s Divas battle royal.

The winner will receive a title shot against Layla, who is at the announce table.

It came down to Kaitlyn and Eve. Kaitlyn finally clotheslined Eve over the top rope on the second attempt at 4:07. For some reason, Beth Phoenix was not in the battle royal.

They finally acknowledged that Lesnar is quitting WWE via Tout.

We see a vignette for Wade Barrett

Backstage, Vickie Guerrero tells Ziggler that he needs to win it tonight for her. Ziggler said this is the biggest match of his career. He tells Vickie they will win.

Vickie introduces Ziggler…

(8) Contract vs. Contract match: Chris Jericho vs. Dolph Ziggler (with Vickie Guerrero).

At the 2:40 mark, we take a commercial break with Ziggler outside the ring after being dropped kicked off the apron. Someone has a “McGillicutty” banner in the crowd. Lots of near falls, and lots of Vickie screaming. Walls of Jericho attempt, but Ziggler countered out. Small package by Ziggler, but only a two count. Running bulldog by Jericho, but misses the lionsault thanks Ziggler’s knees. Zig Zag, and Ziggler wins at 10:26. Bye Bye Jericho.

After the match, Jericho nails Ziggler with the brief case, and delivers a code breaker.

CM Punk makes his way to the ring to call out John Cena, on his 275th day of his title reign. Punk goes over to Lawler and remembers The King said he had turned his back on the Universe. Punk wants an apology from The King, but then we hear John Cena’s music. Punk asks Cena that he couldn’t wait as he was conducting business with Lawler. Punk said he has been taking a backseat to Cena and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Punk said at airports, people ask why he isn’t in the main event. Punk said out of respect, he lets Cena go on last. Punk said he has to beat Cena again. If Cena wants a title shot at Night of Champions, Cena must admit that Punk is best in the world. Cena said Punk made valid points, but he won’t call him the best in the world. Cena said he must believe he is the best. He congratulated Punk on nine months as champion, but said he held the title for 380 days and never demanded respect. Cena said he is confident that he’ll get another shot at the WWE championship. Cena said NOC is in his hometown, and if he can beat him there, then Punk will earn his respect. Cena said he doesn’t pick him, he doesn’t have respect for the WWE title. Punk still wanted his apology from Jerry Lawler. He calls Lawler into the ring. The King said its a misunderstanding, but that is what he wants, he apologizes. Punk wants Lawler say he is best in the world. Lawler said he couldn’t say that. Punk kicks Lawler in the back of he head and lays him out.

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