5/14/12 WWE Raw Supershow Recap

May 14, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

* Live from Pittsburgh, PA

by Dave Kilgore

Tonight’s show opens with HHH walking in backstage, running into GM Johnny. Johnny says he had no idea Brock would attack him 2 weeks ago. Says it was painful for him to watch Brock humiliate HHH but he has his support & sympathy. HHH says what he has to say he will say in front of the world. And oh, good luck with Cena on Sunday.

Out comes The Game. Recap is shown of Brock attacking HHH 2 weeks ago. HHH says it’s not the physical pain that bothers him, but he’s offended by what Brock said about needing to bring legitimacy back to the WWE. HHH says his arrogance and stupidity offends not only him but Taker, HBK, Cena, Flair, Hogan, and others that have ever walked down that aisle to compete. Says he was also slightly embarrassed because he bought into Lesnar’s crap, the same crap he gave out in 2002. Says Lesnar took his ability and shot to the top back then, but when he got challenged for the first time, Brock quit and went to UFC. Says he shot to the top there too but when he got challenged there, too, he quit. Then he decided to come back to the WWE. Says he picked Cena thinking he could take him. Says Cena never quit and John reached down, something Brock’s never done, and found that something extra and beat Lesnar. The next night he came out making demands and when he was told no, he did what Brock always does and quit.

Out comes Paul Heyman representing Lesnar. Heyman says he gets it. It’s damage control. It’s what happens when the biggest star is lost. Heyman says this is an open and shut case, that Brock entered into a binding contract verbally with GM Laurenaitis. Says HHH breached the contract when HHH ripped it up. Heyman gives HHH paperwork, saying consider yourself served. HHH/WWE is being sued by Lesnar. Says Lesnar expected a fight from HHH but only got a sniveling corporate guy. HHH smacks the mic out of Heyman’s hand and pie faces him. HHH backs off, says you tell Lesnar he will get everything he deserves and leaves the ring.

Heyman screams at him, saying HHH screwed up again, that he now has another lawsuit for assault & battery for putting his hands on Heyman.

Recap of last week’s issues between Big Show & GM Johnny is shown.

Out comes CM Punk.


Back live, out comes Punk’s tag team partner, Santino Marella for their match against Daniel Bryan and Cody Rhodes. Match begins with Punk vs Rhodes. Lockup, both men to the corner. Kick to the gut of Punk. Armbar by Cody, elbow to Punk’s arm by Cody. Punk fires back with a right hand and a scoop slam, then glares over at Bryan. Punk tosses Cody into his corner, Cody wants to tag, but Bryan hops down. Another lockup, kick to Cody followed by an elbow to Cody’s head. Whip by Punk to the opposite corner, but Cody catches Punk coming in with boots to the face. Cody whips Punk into the ropes but Punk hangs on and stops. Cody runs at him but Punk tosses him to the floor. Bryan in, runs at Punk but is backdropped over the ropes onto Cody on the floor. Santino wants Punk to dive onto them so Punk runs and dives through the ropes onto Cody & Bryan. Santino then tries it, only to get himself caught on the middle rope.


Back live, Santino is in with Cody. Punches to Cody in the corner but Cody catches Santino with a high knee. Headlock by Cody and a punch to Santino’s head. Santino blocks a punch, countering with punches to Cody. Cody is whipped into the corner but catches Santino with a forearm as he runs in. Bryan tagged in. Santino whipped into the corner. Running dropkick by Bryan. 2 count. Repeated knees to Santino’s neck. 2 count. Cody tagged in, right hand to Santino. Clothesline to Santino followed by a front suplex. 1 count. Bryan tagged in. Stomp to Santino. Kicks by Bryan. Armbar by Bryan. Santino inches to ropes to break hold. Santino tries to fight back but is hit with another Bryan kick. Cody back in. Scoop slam by Cody. Knee to the forehead. 2 count. Bryan tagged in. Repeated kicks to Santino. Cody back in. Santino ducks a clothesline attempt, rolls and dives toward Punk but comes up short on the tag attempt. Cody is laughing, comes over and grabs Santino’s leg, but is kicked off. Santino tags in Punk. Punk with a diving clothesline onto Cody, Cody then sent off the ropes and is caught with a reverse high kick by Punk. Punk with the running high knee and bulldog to Cody. Punk talking trash to Bryan. Gets Cody up for the GTS but Cody escapes, attempts to kick Punk but gets his leg caught and then Punk hits a big kick to the side of Cody’s head. Punk goes for the cover but Bryan comes in, only to get picked up for the GTS. Bryan escapes and ducks the kick attempt by Punk and rolls to the outside. In ring, Cody spins Punk around, kick to the gut, goes for a suplex but Punk counters out, shoving Cody toward the corner where the Cobra awaits. Cody stops and turns back around into the GTS. 1-2-3. Winners: Punk & Santino. Bryan is shown smirking at the top of the ramp.


Alicia Fox is in ring for her match against Beth Phoenix. Match begins with a lockup, Beth shoving Alicia to the corner. Alicia ducks a right hand then leap frogs Beth running out of the corner. Alicia then tossed back into the corner, tries a move on Beth (unsure of what). Beth backs out and then nails Alicia with a clothesline as she comes out of the corner. The Diva’s Champ Layla is at the top of the ramp watching. Beth is nailing Alicia with punches and kicks in the corner. Alicia placed on the top buckle and Beth gets her up for a press slam, then Glam Slam on Alicia for the 1-2-3. Winner: Beth Phoenix.

After the bell, Beth goes back after Alicia but Layla runs down and drives Beth into the mat. Beth rolls out to the floor as both ladies stare one another down.


Back live, a recap is shown of Eve making Big Show apologize for making fun of GM Johnny’s voice. Then the screw job on Smackdown with Johnny calling for the bell early in Show’s match with Bryan.

In ring, GM Johnny is out with David Otunga. Out comes Show for his match against Kane. Kane out next. Match begins with a lockup and Show taking Kane down with a go behind takedown. Both men up, Kane with punches to Show’s midsection, forcing him to the corner. Shoulder blocks by Kane and then a couple of big right hands to Show. Show grabs Kane, tossing him into the corner, nailing Kane with repeated punches to the gut. Kane tossed out of the corner by Show. Headbutt by Show, then Kane whipped across the ring, catches Show with a drop toe hold as he runs in. Kane off the ropes, hits a crossbody on Show. 2 count. Kane punching Show who is down on the mat. Rear chin lock by Kane. Both men up, Kane shoved into the ropes and knocked down by a shoulder from Show then Show with a clothesline. Scoop clam by Show. Show to the 2nd rope, misses the splash attempt. Kane to the top rope, jumps off, gets caught with a hand around the neck by Show. Kane punches Show back into the ropes, tries to whip Show across the ring, but Show instead tosses Kane out to the floor. Show follows him out, tossing Kane into the barricade then a big spear to Kane. Ref is counting. Show tosses Kane in, Show back in. GM Johnny then says he wants Show’s apology right now. Kane then nails Show with a chokeslam for the win thanks to GM Johnny’s distraction. John and Otunga get in ring. John tells Show to get up and talk to him like a man. John asks if it’s smart to make fun of your boss. John demands an apology right now and it better be good or Show’s fired. Show says Johnny, I’ve been thinking about what he’s going to say. Show says this has been his life for 18 years. Part of him could walk away with head high but truth is, he loves what he does. Seeing the looks on kid’s faces, the bonds he’s made in the back. Says he’s sorry for offending Johnny. Says if John has an ounce of decency he will allow him to continue doing what he loves. John says he didn’t hear an “I’m sorry”. Show says it again. john says ok you said it, but now prove it. He wants Show to get on his knees and beg him to keep his job. Show hesitates, deciding whether to do it or not. Show says you want me to beg, fine, I’ll beg. Says please don’t make me get on my knees. Johnny says Show disgusts him. Says he will do what’s right for business and will re-consider it. Johnny walks out and says he’s re-considered. He starts to fire Show, but Show screams for him to wait and drops to his knees. Show says I apologize for making fun of your voice and will never do it again. Johnny says he’s not happy and still fires Show. Johnny and Otunga walk off laughing as Show is left crying in the ring.


Back live, out comes Brodus Clay. Next out is Kofi Kingston & R-Truth. Their opponents are Miz, Swagger and Dolph Ziggler (with Vicky). Match begins with Truth vs Swagger. Lockup, headlock by Truth, shoved into the ropes, stops, dances and then nails Swagger with a big right hand. Brodus tagged in, Swagger sent off the ropes, hops over Truth and gets nailed with a headbutt to the sternum by Clay. Dolph in and gets launched by Clay, Miz in and gets the overhead toss by Clay. Truth and Kofi then hit a double clothesline on Miz knocking him out to the floor.

Back live, Dolph has a headlock on Truth on the mat. Up in the stands, A.W. is seen sitting with Mason Ryan and Epico/Primo/Rosa. In ring, both men up, Truth escapes the hold by using punches to Dolph, but Dolph catches him with a big dropkick. 1 count. Miz tagged in, kicks to Truth. 2 count. Both men up, Truth is trying to make the tag when Miz turns and nails Clay, but when Miz turns back around he is caught by a spinning kick by Truth. Kofi tagged in and hits the top rope springboard clothesline on Miz then chops and a dropkick. Miz then caught by the SOS. Truth pulls the top rope down allowing Swagger to sail over as Dolph runs at Clay and just bounces off. Miz shoves Kofi into the ropes where Clay blind tags himself in. Trouble in Paradise by Kofi then the big splash by Clay for the pin on Miz.

More kids are brought in to dance with the winners.


Back live, AJ comes up and talks to Punk and Alex Riley. Alex walks off as AJ wishes Punk good luck on Sunday. Punk says he doesn’t need the drama and doesn’t trust Bryan. Punk walks off.

Sheamus is out to do commentary for the Jericho/Orton match. Out comes Y2J. Next out is Orton. Match begins with a lockup, headlock by Orton, Orton sent off the ropes, knocks Y2J down with a shoulder. Orton off the ropes, Y2J tries a hip toss, which Orton counters into his own hip toss. 1 count. Orton sent into the ropes by Jericho but Y2J lowers the head too soon and gets kicked by Orton then Y2J is nailed with a big dropkick. Orton clotheslines Y2J over the top rope to the floor.


Back live, Y2J has a rear chinlock on Orton down on the mat. Both men up, Orotn escapes the hold, off the ropes he comes only to get caught with a knee to the gut by Y2J. Jericho to the apron, launching himself back in over the top rope onto Orton. 2 count. Orton to the corner, followed by Y2J who delivers mutiple kicks to Orton. Jericho slaps Orton on the head, then Orton counters, kicking Jericho, uppercuts and punches to Jericho. Y2J whipped across the ring, but catches Orton with a boot to the face coming in. Jericho with a missile dropkick to Orton. Both men up, punches to Jericho. Orton off the ropes, caught with a back elbow. Jericho goes for the Lionsault but Orton gets his knees up and Jericho lands on them. Clotheslines by Orton to Jericho, ducks a clothesline by Jericho, then Orton hits the snap slam. Jericho catches Orton in the corner with an elbow but Orton hits his backbreaker on Jericho. Jericho to the apron. Orton grabs him but Y2J counters, backdropping Orton to the floor. Jericho out, gets in the face of Sheamus. Then tosses Orton into Sheamus. Orton picked up, tossed in, but Orton catches him coming in with the middle rope DDT. Sheamus then pulls Jericho out, causing a DQ. He hits Y2J with a clothesline on the floor. Orton is mad in the ring due to the DQ. Orton slides out and goes after Sheamus, both men argue at ringside. Orton wants to fight now. Refs come down to separate them.


Back live, GM Johnny is back out. He says I’m sorry. I’m sorry if Cena is your favorite because that makes you a loser. Calls John a loser. Says he lost to Rock at Wrestlemania and that he is better than Rock & Brock combined. Says there’s nothing wrong with being a loser, the world needs them. Cena’s music hits. Cena on the mic, imitates Johnny’s voice. Then says oops, I made fun of you. What are you going to do? Fire me like you did Show? Calls Johnny a scumbag. Runs down Johnny’s track record. Talks about the WM match, wanting Punk removed as champion, and him bringing in Lesnar. None of which has worked out well. Says Johnny is a loser too. Johnny says are you done? Says he has stepped on every toe in the name of People Power. But the only person that matters to Johnny IS Johnny. Cena says Johnny has no concept of reality. Cena wants to give Johnny a wake up call right here in Pittsburgh. Cena talks about the Steel Curtain. Says he will hurt Johnny at the PPV the way the Steel Curtain hurt people. Then Johnny interrupts, but Cena keeps calling him a loser every time he starts to talk. Johnny then calls the Penguins losers. Cena then pulls out a hockey puck and tells Johnny to go puck himself. Eve is out, trying to get Johnny’s attention. Cena then takes the papers from his hands that Eve gave him. Cena says it’s from the WWE Board of Directors. The Board says their match this Sunday will be 1 on 1, no special guest ref, none allowed at ringside, pinfall or submission, any superstar that interferes will be terminated. Should Johnny lose, he will be officially terminated. Cena then brings up Johnny’s big announcement. Johnny then slaps Cena and leaves.

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