5/3/12 Impact Wrestling Recap

May 4, 2012 - by Jason Graening

Footage of Eric Bischoff’s going away party which ended with him being locked in a port-a-potty and having it knocked over by Garett Bischoff and Jeremy Borash. Ric Flair is then seen standing in the ring to kick off Impact. Flair says Hulk Hogan always toys with him and says he doesn’t have to take it because he is Ric “G-o-d” Flair. He continues to say that Hogan chased one of the greatest minds in the industry out of the company and it has pissed him off. Flair says he wants to talk to Hogan face to face and calls him out.

Hogan’s music hits as he comes out to the ring. Flair says it’s good vs. evil and says that he is the baddest man on the planet. Flair says he is going to get control of the place as Hogan speaks up and says he is not here to fight him but he is here to step the game up. Hogan continues to say that he is taking his role seriously and since he is Flair’s boss, he wants to ask him to be a judge for TNA Gut Check. Flair says Hogan is just setting him up again but Hogan promises that he isn’t and wants Flair’s help to shape the future of the wrestling business. Hogan continues to convince Flair about the position and Flair finally agrees and says he loves hanging around the younger talent.

The announce team then discuss last week’s Gut Check with Alex Silva and wonder if he will be given a TNA contract tonight. They then hype tonight’s card that will feature RVD and Bobby Roode choosing each other’s opponents and a Knockouts tag team match with Velvet Sky & Brooke Tessmacher against Gail Kim and Madison Rayne as we head into a commercial break.

Velvet Sky is backstage and says that Gail Kim is a cheater and has cheated against her several times. Brooke Tessmacher talks about defeating Gail twice and will make it a third time tonight.

Match 1: Madison Rayne & Gail Kim vs. Brooke Tessmacher & Velvet Sky
Gail and Madison attack Velvet and Brooke to get this match started. Gail and Velvet begin to go at it in the ring with Velvet hitting Gail with a flurry of offense. Madison finally distracts Velvet, which allows Gail to take Velvet down and make the tag to Madison. Gail and Madison take Velvet down with some double team moves as they begin to utilize quick tags to wear Velvet down. Madison picks up a near fall before continuing to work her over.

Gail is tagged in and picks up another near fall after hitting a clothesline but Velvet is able to block an attempt at a top rope hurricanrana and takes Gail down with a bulldog from the top rope. Brooke is finally tagged in and hits Gail with a series of offensive moves but Gail stalls her momentum with a clothesline. Brooke then blocks an attempt at the Eat Defeat and ends up hitting Gail with her own move to pick up the pin fall.

Rob Van Dam is seen getting loose in the backstage area as the announce team tells us that we will be finding out who he will be choosing as Bobby Roode’s opponent after the commercial break.

Rob Van Dam is in the ring and puts himself over before saying that he will be the next TNA World Champion after he defeats Bobby Roode. RVD talks about never losing the TNA World Championship in the first place before being cut off by Roode’s music. Roode steps out on the stage and says RVD is sounding overconfident and reminds RVD of who he is and who he has beaten. Roode says RVD’s name will be added to that list at Sacrifice. As for tonight, he wants to know who RVD is picking as his opponent. RVD says he has chosen Mr. Anderson. Roode then says the opponent he picked is a close friend of his, and that is Jeff Hardy. Roode then wishes RVD luck before walking away.

Match 2: Robbie T. vs. Devon (TNA Television Championship)
Robbie T. and Robbie E. walk down to the ring in matching sweaters. Robbie attacks Devon as he makes his way into the ring to get this match started. Robbie then takes Devon down with a clothesline before slowly picking Devon apart. Robbie picks up a near fall after hitting a power slam but Devon is able to recover and takes Robbie down after hitting him with a series of shoulder blocks. Devon then heads to the top rope and hits a diving headbutt for a near fall.

Robbie E. gets on the apron and Devon brings him in the hard way, which allows Robbie to recover but Devon takes him down with a spear. Robbie E., though, shatters his clipboard over Devon’s head in front of the referee causing a disqualification. Robbie E. then holds the TV Title over Devon and poses with it before dropping it on his chest.

Ric Flair is backstage with Al Snow and introduces Flair to the third judge, which is Bruce Prichard. Prichard comes out and shakes hands with Flair and the three are going to take a look at Alex Silva as we head into a commercial break.

We return to see footage of Alex Silva’s match last week against Robbie E. The three judges are backstage discussing and Flair says he is a twig and won’t amount to much. Al Snow says they are looking for potential as Bruce Prichard says he has seen him in other environments where he has thrived. Flair isn’t buying it and says he wouldn’t even fit in the X Division. Snow brings up that he got a lot of good feedback on Twitter but Flair says the fans don’t make the decisions. Snow tells Flair to keep an open mind when they go out to the ring tonight and says that he only needs two of them to agree to give him a spot on the roster.

Hulk Hogan is backstage with Mr. Anderson who says he hates Bobby Roode more than anyone else in TNA. Hogan says he has been handed a gift from RVD and he has been given a chance to impress everyone and he is making the match a no disqualification match. Anderson likes the stipulation and gets hyped up for his upcoming match.

Match 3: Jeff Hardy vs. Rob Van Dam
The bell rings and the two fight back and forth to a standstill. The two lock up again and Hardy is able to kick RVD out to the floor. Hardy follows by running off the apron and taking him down with a clothesline out on the floor. Hardy rolls RVD back into the ring and goes for a cover but RVD is able to kick out. RVD is able to turn the tide of the match and sends Hardy flying across the ring with a monkey flip. Hardy, though, counters RVD’s offense and hits RVD with a Whisper in the Wind for another near fall.

RVD fights his way back into the match and takes Hardy down with a kick before going for Rolling Thunder, however, Hardy gets his knees up to block the move. Both are laid out in the ring as Bobby Roode is seen making his way down to the ring. The referee stops Roode from entering the ring, but has to duck out of the way as RVD sends Hardy into the ropes. Roode then nails Hardy with the championship belt and RVD takes Hardy down with a superkick to pick up the pin fall. Roode is seen upset outside the ring as he was trying to hit RVD instead.

Bully Ray is walking backstage as he runs into Joseph Park. Park says Ray didn’t give him any answers last week and wants to get them from him. Park says he knows he has something to do with the disappearance of Abyss as Ray begins to threaten Park and tells him to back off or he will suffer the same fate as his brother.

Footage of Eric Bischoff’s going away party is aired before we head backstage to Jeremy Borash. He says he did it for everyone in the back after having to put up with Bischoff for the past two years. Bully Ray then steps in and says he wants to hear everything he has to say about Bischoff. Ray then grabs Borash by his neck tie and drags him out to the ring so he can say what he wants to say about Bischoff in front of everybody.

Ray grabs a microphone as they get into the ring and says sick of hearing about all of the anti-bullying campaigns and wants to start up an stop being a bitch and stick up for yourself campaign. Ray gets in Borash’s face and continues to talk trash and pushes Borash around until they are interrupted by Austin Aries’ music. Aries comes out to the ring and says Ray called him out and made fun of his size. Aries makes fun of his size, which makes Ray irate.

Ray gets in Aries’ face and calls him an insignificant little man and spits in his face. Ray continues to talk trash until Aries finally snaps and hits him with a series of blows. Aries drops Ray into a corner as security runs out and pull Aries off of Ray. Ray then gets up and takes a free shot below the belt that drops Aries before leaving the ring.

Christopher Daniels and Kazarian are in the locker room with Kurt Angle as they talk about their shot at the TNA Tag Team Championships. They then begin talking about humiliating AJ Styles as Angle steps up and says he doesn’t care about their blackmail and only cares about making Styles tap out tonight. Angle tells them to stay out of his way before walking off. The announce team then hype the upcoming six-man tag team match with Angle, Daniels and Kazarian taking on Magnus, Samoa Joe and AJ Styles.

The announce team talk about James Storm’s music video debuting tomorrow night on CMT. They also inform us that Storm will speak next week on Impact for the first time since walking away.

Bobby Roode is backstage and is irate over Hulk Hogan making his match against Mr. Anderson a no disqualification match. He says Hogan should call his buddy Sting to see what happens to people when they mess with Roode. As for RVD, there is no way he will be taking the title from him at Sacrifice.

Match 4: Kurt Angle/Christopher Daniels/Kazarian vs. Magnus/Samoa Joe/AJ Styles
A brawl between all six start things off and the ring is cleared with Styles and Angle going at it. The two exchange a series of strikes before Styles takes Angle down with a dropkick. Daniels then comes in and takes Styles down as Angle pushes him down and tells him to get back in the corner. Styles tags Joe into the match who takes Angle down before tagging Magnus into the match, who hits Angle with a series of double team moves for a near fall. Kazarian, though, hangs Magnus up on the ropes, which allows Angle to make a comeback but he refuses to tag in his partners.

Magnus finally comes back and takes Angle down with a clothesline and crawls to his corner to tag Styles as Kazarian comes in without being tagged and is dropped by Styles. Styles then sets up for a Styles Clash on Angle but Daniels connects with an enziguri. Joe comes in and hits Daniels with a hard chop before sending him out to the floor. Joe then dives through the ropes and takes Daniels out before the tag team champs hold Daniels and Kazarian for another dive from Styles, but Angle trips Styles up and locks him in the ankle lock.

Angle drags Styles to his corner where Kazarian tags himself in while Daniels runs interference to try and calm Angle down. Joe then charges at Angle and shoves him into Daniels as Styles hits Kazarian with the Styles Clash to pick up the pin fall. After the match, Angle walks over to his partners and begins to yell at them for costing them the match. Angle then shoves Daniels and backs him into the corner to yell at him before leaving the ring.

Daniels then grabs a microphone and says he was going to let Styles squirm for a few weeks but he changed his mind. Daniels says in seven days Styles will come out and let everyone know about his secret or else they will let everyone know themselves. The announce team then hype tonight’s main event before telling us that the results of the TNA Gut Check will be revealed after the break.

The Gut Check judges are in the ring and Al Snow says tonight Alex Silva will find out if he achieved his dreams to become a part of the TNA roster. Snow invites Silva to come down to the ring to hear about his fate. Flair says he likes Silva’s attitude but tells Silva to come back once he grows up. Prichard says he liked what he can do and while last week wasn’t his greatest outing but they need young talent. Snow says he knows Silva has passion and desire to make it in wrestling. Flair gives Silva a no vote, while Snow gives him a yes vote.

Snow gives Silva 30 seconds to sway the vote and Silva begins talk about how he sticks up for himself and the sacrifices he has made to get to this point. Flair then changes his vote to yes and Prichard says if it wasn’t for Flair, his answer would have been no. Prichard says it was solely based on his performance last week as he has seen better from him in the past. Snow then says Silva is now on the TNA roster as the judges walk over to congratulate him and shake his hand.

Match 5: Mr. Anderson vs. Bobby Roode (No Disqualification)
Anderson meets Roode on the entrance ramp and sends him into the guard railing a couple times to get this no disqualification match started. Roode fights back and drives Anderson into the apron with a Russian leg sweep to turn the momentum. Roode tries for a piledriver on the floor but Anderson counters and sends Roode into the ring post as we head into a commercial break.

We return to the match to see Roode hit Anderson with a low blow in the ring that takes Anderson down to the mat. Anderson rolls out to the floor and Roode follows him and rakes his back before rolling him back into the ring. Roode goes for a cover but Anderson kicks out as Roode continues on the attack. Roode gets another near fall after dropping a knee onto Anderson’s head before heading out to grab a chair. Roode sets up the chair in the corner but Anderson is able to recover and sends Roode into the chair.

The two are slow to get up and battle to their feet with Anderson taking Roode down with a clothesline and a neckbreaker. Anderson then drops Roode with a spinning kick and picks up a near fall but Roode is able to kick out. Anderson goes for a Mic Check but Roode blocks it and heads to the top rope, however, Anderson cuts him off and takes him down. Roode is then able to counter Anderson’s attack and takes him down with a spinebuster for another near fall.

Roode goes for a suplex onto the chair but Jeff Hardy runs out and breaks it up and takes Roode down. Hardy goes over to check on Anderson who takes Hardy down with the Mic Check before realizing it wasn’t Roode. Roode then nails Anderson with a chair to the back and finishes Anderson off with a fisherman’s suplex to pick up the pin fall.

After the match, Roode continues the attack and hits Anderson and Hardy with the chair a couple of times before RVD runs out and chases Roode out of the ring. RVD begins to check on Hardy as Roode runs back in and nails RVD with the chair before spiking him onto the chair with a DDT. Roode then gets in RVD’s face and smiles as Impact Wrestling comes to a close.

Quick Results
– Brooke Tessmacher & Velvet Sky defeated Madison Rayne & Gail Kim by pin fall.
– Devon defeated Robbie T. by disqualification to retain the TNA Television Championship.
– Rob Van Dam defeated Jeff Hardy by pin fall.
– Magnus/Samoa Joe/AJ Styles defeated Kurt Angle/Christopher Daniels/Kazarian by pin fall.
– Bobby Roode defeated Mr. Anderson by pin fall in a no disqualification match.

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