4/19/12 Impact Wrestling Recap

Apr 20, 2012 - by Jason Graening

Impact Wrestling opens with footage from the main event of Lockdown where Bobby Roode defeated James Storm after being driven though the cage door with the Last Call superkick. Afterwards, Storm said it was a tough match to lose and he is going to go home to be with his family.

Roode’s music hits as he comes out to the ring sporting a new hair cut. Roode grabs a microphone and says although his appearance changed, the champion is still the same. Roode says he made a promise several weeks ago and he delivered on that promise by beating James Storm in his own backyard and in front of his family and friends. Roode gives Storm some credit for being able to give him a Last Call superkick, but adds him to the list of people that he has defeated. Roode goes on to say that there is nobody left for him to beat as he is interrupted by Mr. Anderson’s music.

Anderson makes his way to the ring and says he is going to beat Roode’s ass and take his shiny title away from him. Roode fires back and says he has been the most dominate World Champion in the company while he has been sitting at home in Green Bay. Roode tells Anderson to grab a ticket and head to the back of the line as they are cut off by Jeff Hardy’s music, who makes his way out to the ring.

Hardy says the only reason Roode is still the champion is because of Kurt Angle, and now Angle is out of his way. Anderson steps in and says he was there first but Hardy says it’s his turn. Hardy and Anderson begin to argue back and forth as a couple of referees come in to get between them. Hulk Hogan appears on the big screen and says he wants all of the champions in the ring later on tonight. As for Hardy and Anderson, the two will be in the main event tonight to see who will earn a shot at the TNA World Championship at Sacrifice.

The announce team runs down tonight’s card and talk about Hulk Hogan’s announcement later on tonight, plus Kurt Angle will take on AJ Styles and Bully Ray & Crimson will team up to take on Austin Aries & Matt Morgan as we head into a commercial break.

Match 1: Crimson & Bully Ray vs. Matt Morgan & Austin Aries
Morgan and Aries run into the ring as Morgan goes after Crimson and Aries goes out on the floor after Ray. Morgan powers Crimson around and takes him down with a shoulder block and a slam, but he misses with a boot and gets hung up on the rope. Ray pulls Morgan’s leg down over the rope as Crimson begins to focus on it before hitting a suplex. Ray is tagged into the match and continues to work over Morgan’s leg before tagging Crimson back into the match.

Crimson and Ray begin to make quick tags in and out of the ring while concentrating on Morgan’s right leg. Morgan manages to take Crimson down with a desperation clothesline and finally makes the hot tag to Aries. Ray is also tagged in as Aries takes out both Ray and Crimson with a flurry of offense. Crimson then charges at Aries but he ducks out of the way and Crimson connect with a spear on Ray. Morgan then dumps Crimson out to the floor as Aries performs a dive through the ropes to take Crimson out. Aries then sets up for a brainbuster on Ray but Ray counters and picks up the pin fall while pulling on the trunks.

Garett Bischoff is seen walking backstage with a huge smile on his face as we head into a commercial break.

Jeff Hardy is backstage and says it’s his turn and it’s also Mr. Anderson’s turn. Hardy says Hogan made a fair decision and if anything it woke his ass up.

Garett Bischoff comes down to the ring along with Mr. Anderson, AJ Styles and RVD as we are treated to photos of the Lethal Lockdown match. Garett says with the help of his teammates they came out on top and got rid of Eric Bischoff once and for all. Garett thanks his team for the help as AJ Styles grabs the microphone and says Garett took a beating and showed some heart by smashing a guitar of his dad’s head. The group is then interrupted by Ric Flair’s music.

Flair comes out and says all of the talent is in the ring because of Eric Bischoff as the last name is beeped out. Flair calls all of them punks and says he will be hosting a tribute party to Eric Bischoff next week and says that the four of them are not invited. Flair finally says that he is pissed off as he walks back in the tunnel.

Kazarian and Christopher Daniels are in the locker room and Daniels says the secret he has been holding over AJ Styles may be revealed tonight as he is looking down at an envelope. The announce team wonder if Daniels will come clean tonight and hype the Styles/Angle match as we head into a commercial break.

Devon walks up to Magnus and Samoa Joe as they wonder why Hogan wants them all in the ring later on tonight. We then head into the second match of the night.

Match 2: Kurt Angle vs. AJ Styles
The bell sounds as the two lock up and go back and forth in the opening moments until Spike loses the feed and we head into a commercial break. We return to the match to see Styles nail Angle with a kick and a flying forearm as we see Christopher Daniels and Kazarian around the ring. Styles sets up for the Styles Clash but he is distracted by Daniels. Angle counters and tries for an Angle Slam but Styles counters the move and takes Angle down with an arm drag. Styles then takes Angle down with a clothesline before taking the envelope from Daniels’ hands. Angle then rolls up Styles and picks up the pin fall. Daniels is heard telling Styles to keep it as they have copies of it.

Joseph Park is walking around the backstage area and runs into Gunner, who says he doesn’t know anything about Abyss. Park tells Gunner about the term false judgment and tells him that he isn’t going anywhere until he finds his brother. Gunner tells him to go ask Bully Ray and walks away.

Samoa Joe, Magnus, Gail Kim and Devon make their way to the ring for Hulk Hogan’s announcement as Spike loses the feed once again and head into a commercial break. We return to see Bobby Roode coming out to the ring as Austin Aries has joined the rest of the champions in the ring. Hulk Hogan is seen walking backstage and runs into RVD. Hogan says he has something hot going on tonight with the main event and wants to make it a three way match. RVD talks about never being pinned to lose the title as Hogan adds him to the main event.

Hulk Hogan’s music hits as he makes his way to the ring to make his major announcement. Hogan says change is in the air and starting next week there will be the start of the monthly Open Fight Night. Hogan says someone outside of TNA will get a chance to tell their story and have a match. They will be judge by three judges on whether or not they deserve an Impact Wrestling contract.

Also on Open Fight Night, if any TNA wrestler is called out, they have to come out and fight, no questions asked. Roode interrupts and says nobody tells him what to do and when to do it. Hogan comes back and says the champions need to be ready to defend the title as Hogan will book one title match for Open Fight Night. Hogan then says he wants to hear what the fans have to say and tells them to send him a Twitter message on who should defend the championship.

Devon steps in and says he is a fighting champion and will defend the TV Title against whoever he gets put in the ring against. Hogan says the TV Title should be defended each and every week and starting from now on it will be just like that. Hogan continues to say he promised change and change is coming next week. Roode continues to complain about the news as the announce team breaks down what just went down.

Match 3: Gail Kim/Rosita/Sarita/Madison Rayne vs. Tara/Brooke Tessmacher/Mickie James/Velvet Sky
The match starts as Sarita and Rosita work over Velvet Sky before Gail is tagged in and goes for a quick pin fall. Velvet begins to fight back but Gail is able to make it to her corner and tag in Madison. Velvet takes her down and tags in Mickie, who continues to work over Madison. Mickie then heads to the top rope but Sarita knocks her down and Madison picks up a near fall before turning the match over to Rosita. Rosita hits Mickie with a few kicks and goes for a pin attempt but Mickie is able to kick out.

Mickie the takes Rosita down with a neckbreaker and makes the tag to Tara as Sarita is tagged in. Tara takes Sarita down with a shoulder block and a slam before hitting a standing moonsault. Tara then tags Brooke into the match and she continues to work over Sarita but her pin attempt is broken up. Gail is tagged back into the match as it begins to break down with all eight Knockouts going at it. The action spills out to the floor as Brooke rolls up a distracted Gail Kim to pick up the pin fall.

Mr. Anderson is backstage and talks about how he loves the Open Fight Night idea. As for tonight’s main event, he will do whatever it takes to make sure Bobby Roode doesn’t forget about hitting him with a beer bottle as we head into a commercial break.

Footage of Eric Young and ODB’s honeymoon as we see the two laying out in the sun and EY has a bag of ice below the belt. A random guy walks up and EY tells him to leave as he strips down to his underwear. ODB then puts the ice back on EY as the segment ends.

We then see James Storm walking around backstage as we are told that he has something to say later on tonight. The announce team then talk about how the TV Title will be defended every week and the title is on the line in the next match.

Match 4: Gunner vs. Devon (Television Championship)
Gunner jumps Devon as he comes into the ring to get this match started. Devon fights his way back into the match but Gunner is able to pick up the first pin attempt after taking Devon down with a clothesline. Gunner continues to work over Devon and picks up another near fall but Devon is able to kick out. The fans begin to rally behind Devon as he takes Gunner down with a spear. Devon follows with a series of offensive moves and takes Gunner down with a Lou Thesz press. Devon then slams Gunner down to the mat with a spinebuster and picks up the pin fall to retain the Television Championship.

James Storm’s music hits as he makes his way down to the ring and shakes hands with Devon on the ramp as we head into a commercial break.

We return to see Storm in the ring and says he wants to say something to his family, friends and fans. He apologizes for letting everyone down by not winning the TNA World Championship. Storm says he was trying to hurt Bobby Roode and found it satisfying to see Roode being tended to by paramedics. However, after it was over he was taken over by questions and doubts on whether or not he was good enough.

Storm talks about his daughter asking where the championship belt was at and he doesn’t want his daughter to think he is a failure. The next morning he woke up and looked in the mirror and saw a man that was beaten. Storm says even though Roode won the match, Storm beat himself at Lockdown. He then says maybe his luck has finally run out after 15 years in the wrestling business before putting down the microphone and leaving the ring as we head into a commercial break.

A video package for next week’s Open Fight Night is aired that will also feature Eric Bischoff Appreciation Night hosted by Ric Flair.

Match 5: Rob Van Dam vs. Mr. Anderson vs. Jeff Hardy (#1 Contenders Match)
The winner of this match will move on to Sacrifice for a shot at the TNA World Championship. The bell rings as the three meet in the middle of the ring and Anderson takes them both down with clotheslines. RVD gets up and takes both Hardy and Anderson down with clotheslines and a couple of kicks before tossing Hardy across the ring with a monkey flip. RVD then takes Anderson down with a kick as Hardy gets up and takes RVD out at the knees. Hardy then continues to wear down RVD with a series of moves before picking up a near fall after hitting a front suplex.

Anderson gets back into the match and sends Hardy shoulder first into the ring post before turning his attention to RVD. Anderson takes RVD down with a DDT and goes for another pin fall but it is broken up by Hardy. Hardy then takes Anderson down with a corkscrew from the top rope as all three of them are out in the ring. Anderson and Hardy get to their feet and Anderson takes Hardy down with a neckbreaker and RVD follows by taking Anderson down with a kick.

RVD then hits Hardy with Rolling Thunder and is quickly taken down by Anderson with the Green Bay Plunge. Hardy gets up and hits Anderson with a Twist of Fate before heading to the top rope and hits Anderson with a Swanton Bomb. RVD then gets up and takes Hardy down with a kick before heading to the top rope and hits Anderson with a Five Star Frog Splash. Hardy gets up and tries for a Twist of Fate but RVD counters with a backslide and picks up the pin fall to become the #1 contender to the TNA World Championship.

After the match, RVD celebrates his victory and shakes hands with Jeff Hardy. RVD then plays to the crowd as Impact Wrestling comes to a close.

Quick Results
– Crimson & Bully Ray defeated Matt Morgan & Austin Aries by pin fall.
– Kurt Angle defeated AJ Styles by pin fall.
– Tara/Brooke Tessmacher/Mickie James/Velvet Sky defeated Gail Kim/Rosita/Sarita/Madison Rayne by pin fall.
– Devon defeated Gunner by pin fall to retain the Television Championship.
– Rob Van Dam defeated Jeff Hardy and Mr. Anderson by pin fall to become the #1 contender to the TNA World Championship.

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