Wrestlemania 28

Apr 1, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

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WrestleMania XXVIII
Miami, Florida
April 1st 2012
Commentators: Jerry Lawler & Michael Cole
Reported by: David Stephens of WrestleView.com

The WWE intro leads us into the big dance, the grandest stage of them all – WrestleMania 28!

The National Guard is on the stage acting as the color guard as Lillian Garcia performs a rendition of America the Beautiful to kick off the show. We get a jet fly over as the massive crowd begins a chant of “USA”.

A hype video airs highlighting tonight’s matchups.

Michael Cole is the first to welcome us to WrestleMania. Justin Roberts introduces our first match – The World Heavyweight Championship

Daniel Bryan v. Sheamus

AJ jumps up on the apron to give Bryan his obligatory pre-match kiss. The bell rings for the match to start. Sheamus sneaks in a Brogue Kick and goes for the cover. This match is over!

Winner & NEW World Heavyweight Champion: Sheamus

Jerry “The King” Lawler announces that the match’s official time was a new world record for the World Heavyweight Championship, 18 seconds.

Backstage, Team Johnny is holding a pow-wow. Team captain David Otunga walks up and introduces John Laurinaitis. John tells his team that tonight they are going to create a WrestleMania moment that will go down in the annals of wrestling history.

Kane v. Randy Orton

At the start of the match Orton pushes Kane into the corner and connects with a punch. Kane reverses and splashes Orton into the corner. Kane pulls him into the middle of the ring and lands another punch. Orton is sent into the ropes and flies back towards Kane with a fist. It connects, and Kane is knocked to the mat after another couple of punches. Orton stomps on the gut of Kane, and then sends Kane onto the apron. Orton looks for the suspended DDT, but Kane counters and lifts Orton into the air, dropping him over the top rope. Kane runs at the suspended Orton and clobbers him with a big boot. Cover, but Orton kicks out.

Orton starts to sit up, so Kane floors him with a dropkick to the face. Kane gets behind Orton to apply the first rear headlock of the night. Orton slowly gets to his feet and tries to punch his way free. The attempt is successful, and the two men begin to exchange blows. Kane hits a strong uppercut and goes for the cover. Orton kicks out.

Kane lifts Orton to his feet and whips him into the corner. As Orton wobbles back towards the middle of the ring, Kane catches him and plants him with a sidewalk slam. Kane gets behind for another rear headlock. Orton is able to get to his feet and connects with a jawbreaker. Both men make their way back to their feet. Orton tries to throw Kane into the corner, but Kane counters and throws Orton instead. Kane elevates Orton for a vertical suplex. Cover, but Orton kicks out.

Both men are back to their feet and start to exchange blows. Kane is whipped into the ropes and gets caught with a snap suplex. Orton throws Kane towards the corner and he lands shoulder first against the steel post. Kane is on the apron, in perfect position for Orton’s suspended DDT. Orton goes for the attempt, and it connects! Orton drops down to the mat and begins to pound. Orton attempts an RKO, but Kane counters with a boot to the face. Cover, but Orton kicks out.

Kane climbs to the top rope and steadies himself. Kane leaps – but Orton hits him with a dropkick in mid-air. Orton sees Kane on all fours, and charges for a punt. Kane moves out of the way, and hits a quick chokeslam! Cover, but Orton kicks out! Kane sits up in disbelief.

Orton is in the corner as Kane walks towards him. Kane connects with a couple of punches. Orton tries for an RKO, but Kane blocks. Orton quickly responds by pushing him toward the corner. Kane is lifted up to a seated position on the turnbuckle. Orton follows up after looking for his ten punch maneuver. Kane catches him by the throat and hits a chokeslam from the turnbuckle! Cover – and this match is over!

Winner via Chokeslam: Kane

Santino, Mick Foley & Captian Keith (Deadliest Catch) are backstage. They each have plates full of Alaskan crab legs. Santino talks about wanting to be on the season opener of Deadliest Catch, but he hasn’t been discovered yet. They begin to viciously mock attack their crab legs. Ron Simmons walks into the shot and stares at the three men. He takes his time, and then shouts – “Damn”.

Video Package highlights the Cody Rhodes v. The Big Show feud, their match is up next.

Intercontinental Championship
Cody Rhodes v. The Big Show

Rhodes runs out of the ring and tries to elude The Big Show. Show follows after and catches up with his foe. Show lifts Rhodes over his head and throws him back into the ring! Once inside, Show tosses Rhodes around the ring. Rhodes is set up in the corner. Show first punches him in the gut, and then Show hits his patented big chop. Rhodes falls down to a seated position. Show takes a seat right on Rhodes’ face!

Rhodes recovers and connects with a flurry of punches and kicks which knocks Show to the mat. Cover, but Rhodes is tossed across the ring on the kick out. Rhodes wrenches back on the leg of Show. Cody is pushed away, but doesn’t allow Show to reach his feet. Rhodes returns to the leg stretch. Show escapes and gets to his feet. Rhodes leaps from the second rope for the disaster kick. Rhodes goes for a second disaster kick, but Show spears him to the mat! Cody gets back to his feet, only to get caught with a Knockout Punch. Cover, and this match is over!

Winner & NEW Intercontinental Champion: The Big Show

Josh Mathews is backstage with Shawn Michaels, he asks him about tonight’s HHH v. Undertaker match. Shawn says that
Justin Roberts announces that the WWE has set the Sun Life Stadium attendance record: 78,363 fans.

Divas champion Beth Phoenix and Eve Torres vs. Maria Menounos and Kelly Kelly.

Eve gets Maria on the mat, and tries to squeeze on her injured ribs. Side bear hug by Beth to put more pressure on Maria’s ribs. Maria finally makes the hot tag to Kelly, but goes after both Eve and Beth. Kelly Kelly counters the glam slam with a bulldog on Phoenix. Kelly tagged Maria back into the match. Maria rolled up Phoenix to win the match at 6:47.

Jim Ross is introduced and will be commentating the next match: HHH v. The Undertaker

End of an Era
Special Guest Referee: Shawn Michaels
HHH v. The Undertaker

Michaels and HHH make their entrances first. The Undertaker is wearing new ring gear for his entrance. Fire erupts in giant balls and pillars as he makes his way down to the ring. As Taker reaches the ring and raises his arms, pyro explodes around the top deck of the stadium. Taker pulls back his hood, and reveals a very short buzz cut Mohawk! His entrance took over 4 minutes. The Hell in the Cell lowers over the ring.

HHH exits the ring and grabs a steel chair. Once back in the ring, HHH throws the steel steps to the outside. HHH takes the steel chair and begins to repeatedly slam it across the back of Taker. Michaels steps in and tells HHH to just go for the pin and tosses the chair out of the ring. HHH grabs another chair and beats it repeatedly over the back of Taker. Michaels asks Taker if he wants him to stop the match. Taker demands that he does not stop it. HHH responds by hitting him repeatedly with the chair once again and then finally goes for the cover. Taker kicks out. HHH hits him once more with the chair, and then Michaels yells at him to stop and throws the chair out. HHH grabs another chair and slides it into the ring, and then continues to look under the ring. HHH reveals his sledgehammer!

Michaels starts to argue with HHH not to hit him. HHH tells him to end the match or else he is going to finish him off. Taker demands that he not ring the bell. HHH clocks Taker right in the face. Cover, but Taker kicks out! HHH takes the sledgehammer and looks to slam in across the head of Taker, smashing in his skull. Michaels grabs the hammer to stop the attack. HHH and Michaels begin to argue. Michaels then considers ringing the bell, but Taker grabs him and applies the Hells Gate. HHH breaks it up by hitting Taker with the sledgehammer. HHH then goes for another attack, but Taker catches him in the Hells Gate! HHH tries to grab the sledgehammer, but it falls from his hand as Taker chokes him out. Michaels is out, so there is no one to stop the match.

Charles Robinson runs down to the ring and unlocks the cage so he can enter and officiate. Taker gets to his feet, and hits a chokeslam! Cover, but HHH kicks out! Taker is furious and turns his attention towards Robinson. He lifts him into the air and hits a chokeslam!

Michaels is back on his feet, and hits a Superkick on Undertaker! HHH hits the pedigree and Michaels begins to count. 1..2.. Taker kicks out! Michaels falls to the mat in disbelief.

HHH throws Michaels out of the ring. HHH turns his attention towards Taker, but Taker springs to his feet. Taker leaps across the ring and floors HHH. He lifts him into the air, and connects with the Tombstone. Michaels slides back into the ring for the count, but HHH kicks out.

HHH and Taker get to their knees and start to exchange blows. They slowly work their way to their feet. Shawn Michaels is crying in the corner. They exchange continues, until HHH hits a pedigree. Cover, but Taker kicks out!

HHH crawls towards his sledgehammer as The Undertaker crawls towards a steel chair. Taker is the first one towards his feet. He stands over HHH and smiles while shaking his head. He slams is down hard across the back of HHH. Taker continues the onslaught with the steel chair. Michaels checks on HHH, but Taker is not amused. Taker waits for him to get to his feet, and then drops him right back to the mat with the steel chair. Michaels tells Taker to go for the cover. Taker tosses the chair out and goes for the cover. HHH kicks out.

Taker takes a moment to catch his breath and HHH tries to grab his hammer. Taker walks towards him and watches as HHH writhes in pain. The Deadman shouts for him to stay down. HHH gets to his feet, but Taker shakes his head and grabs the hammer. Taker stares at him for a moment. HHH chops his crotch. Taker hits him with the hammer and then throws it out of the ring. Taker pulls down the straps of his ring gear and then lifts HHH into the air for a tombstone! Taker crosses the arms of his victim and sticks out his tongue. This match is over!

Winner & 20-0 at WrestleMania: The Undertaker

After the match, Michaels and The Undertaker hug it out. Michaels lifts his arm into the air for victory. Taker lifts his arms into the air and pyro erupts around the arena. The stage flashes his new record at WrestleMania: 20-0.

Shawn and The Undertaker help HHH to his feet. They walk to the back as a trio, arm in arm.

Video Package Highlights the 2012 WWE Hall of Fame

Howard Finkel is in the ring and introduces the Hall of Fame class:

Mike Tyson
Ron Simmons
Mil Mascaras
The Four Horsemen

Josh Mathews is backstage with Heath Slater. Flo Rida enters and Slater greets him. Slater says that they should perform a duet tonight. Flo tells him no, and shoots down some other suggestions. Slater tells him that all he can do is hold his mic, and then pushes him into the wall! Flo’s security comes out to make sure everything okay and they head back into his dressing room. Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins laugh at Slater.

Brie Bella introduces Teams Johnny. Her sister, Nikki, then introduces Team Teddy.

Team Teddy (Santino Marella (captain), R-Truth, Kofi Kingston, Zack Ryder, The Great Khali, and Booker T) (with Hornswoggle and Aksana) vs. Team Johnny (David Otunga (captain), Mark Henry, Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger, The Miz, and Drew McIntyre) (with Vickie Guerrero)

Dolph and Kofi start the match. Dolph drops him to the mat and then whips him into the corner. Kofi dodges a splash and leaps for a huge crossbody. Cover, but Dolph kicks out. Truth gets the tag and hits a double team slam with Kofi. Truth goes for the cover, but Dolph kicks out. Dolph gets to his feet and hits a huge dropkick. McIntyre gets the tag, as does Khali. Drew is backed into the corner and crushed with a chop. Booker gets the tag and starts to chop Drew. Booker hits a big boot and then lifts Drew up for a side slam. Cover but Drew kicks out. Booker looks for the scissors kick but Otunga hits him from the apron. Booker attacks the members of Team Johnny, only to get raked across the top rope. This allows Swagger to get in off the tag.

Swagger kicks him into the corner and then stomps across his gut. Swagger goes for a cover, but Booker kicks out. Mark Henry tags himself into the match. He stomps on the gut of Booker. Henry connects with a strong scoop slam and yells at Booker. The Miz is tagged into the match. He knees him in the gut and sets up a suplex. Booker reverses and hits the suplex himself. Miz tags in Dolph. Booker is stopped while trying to make a tag. Dolph leaps up high for an elbow drop. Miz is tagged back in. He mounts Booker from behind and clubs him in the back. Booker kicks him, but Henry runs into the ring and clobbers him. Khali walks in and chops the hell out of Henry.

All hell starts to break loose as both teams charge into the ring and take each other out. ‘Swoggle is thrown by his teammates to the outside for an attack, but Henry catches him and throws him down to the ground. Ryder, Kofi & Truth flip out of the ring at their opponents! Even the Divas begin to brawl on the outside. Santino is the lone man left on the apron. Booker tags him into the match and he reaches for the cobra. Miz connects and knocks out The Miz! Cover, but Dolph flies into the ring to make the save. Ryder comes charging in as well and hits a HUGE monkey flip on Dolph. Ryder charges at Miz for the Rough Ryder, but is catapulted into Dolph. Ryder goes for the Broskie Kick, but Eve is in the ring and distracts him. Miz capitalizes with the Skull Crushing Finale, and this match is over.

Winners: Team Johnny

After the match, the members of Team Johnny celebrate their victory. Eve Torres is back in the ring and tries to console Ryder. The rest of his team looks on in astonishment. Eve then proceeds to kick him in the groin!

Alex Rodriguez & Torrie Wilson are shown sitting at ringside.

Highlights are shown from WrestleMania Axxess

John Laurinaitis is backstage with CM Punk. He tells him that if he loses his temper and gets disqualified, he will lose his Title to Chris Jericho!

WWE Championship
Chris Jericho v. CM Punk

They square off and start to exchange blows. Punk backs him into the corner and starts to stomp on his opponent. The referee backs him up before he can get disqualified. Jericho slaps him in the face to infuriate him. Jericho heads down to the corner encouraging Punk to attack him. Again Punk has to stop before the 5 count. Jericho does the same thing again, with the same result. After Punk backs off this time, Jericho shouts to ask him how his father is doing. This causes fury from the Straight Edge Champion, but he is able to control himself. Punk heads to the top rope. Jericho slides out of the ring. Punk flies to the outside and connects with a clothesline! Jericho asks him how his sister is. Punk grabs a steel chair and follows Jericho into the ring. Jericho puts his hands behind his back and shouts that Punk’s sister is a drug addict ad pleads for Punk to hit him. Punk resists and drops the chair – then connects with a heel kick.

Jericho gains the upper hand and heads out to the apron. Punk grabs him and they begin to struggle. Jericho suplexes Punk to the outside of the ring!!

Jericho rolls him back into the ring and connects with a couple of standing elbows and then hits a double underhook backbreaker. Cover, but Punk kicks out. Jericho hits a dropkick and tries for another cover, Punk kicks out. Punk is in the corner and climbs to the second rope. Jericho follows after and throws him down to the mat. Punk’s head crashes to the mat and the whiplash is readily evident.

Jericho grabs Punk, but Punk hits an inverted dropkick. Jericho then attempts a running bulldog, but Punk counters. Punk dodges a clothesline and begins to chop. Jericho bounces of the ropes and is caught with a heel kick and clothesline. Punk hits a neckbreaker and goes for the cover. Jericho kicks out. Jericho retreats to the corner. Punk charges and hits the patented high knee. Jericho counters the bulldog and goes for a Lionsault. Punk gets his knees up, but Jericho goes for the Walls! Punk is able to reverse and goes for a roll up. Jericho kicks out.

Punk scoop slams Jericho and heads up to the top rope. He leaps and connects with a huge elbow drop – but Jericho gets his knees up. Punk slides out of the ring. Jericho follows after and rolls him right back into the ring. Punk hits the GTS, but is slow to get the cover. Jericho is able to get his leg up over the bottom rope.

Both men make their way back to their feet. Jericho drops Punk stomach first across the top rope and quickly follows with a Lionsault. Cover, but Punk kicks out. Jericho climbs all the way to the second rope, but Punk is able to get to his feet. Punk leaps for a hurricarana. Jericho grabs his legs and drops down to the mat. Jericho applies the Walls of Jericho! Punk slow crawls towards the ropes to break the hold. Jericho is tossed to the outside. Punk flies out with a suicide dive!

Jericho is rolled back into the ring and Punk climbs up to the apron. Punk springboards in for a clothesline, but Jericho catches him with a Codebreaker! Punk kicks out of the cover! Both men get to their feet and begin to brawl. Punk goes for a GTS, but Jericho counters into the Walls of Jericho in the middle of the ring! Jericho’s knee is applied right to the back of Punk’s head. Jericho then sits down to fully apply pressure. Punk rolls through and turns it into a pin. Jericho does the same. Punk kicks out. Punk applies the Anaconda Vice! Jericho uses his knees to counter. Punk quickly reapplies the hold. Strength is leaving Jericho as he struggles to kick Punk. The first ever Undisputed Champion has no choice but to tap. This match is over!

Winner & STILL WWE Champion: CM Punk

Sean “Diddy” Combs is introduced. He pumps up the crowd, and asks if they are ready. He introduces MGK & Skylar Gray. They perform “Invincible”. MGK takes a moment to put over John Cena as an underdog and says that he is going to beat The Rock and his ego. Cena’s music hits and he runs his way down to the ring.

Flo Rida is introduced and he sings “Good Feelin” followed by “Wild Ones”. The Rock’s music hits and he comes out to a huge ovation. Rock makes his way down to the ring and soaks up the crowd.

Once in a Lifetime
John Cena v. The Rock

The crowd is going insane as they circle each other. A monstrous, “Let’s Go Cena, Cena Sucks” chant breaks out. They lock up and Cena is pushed into the corner – the crowd erupts. Rock grabs Cena and applies a side headlock. He spins around and applies an arm lock. Rock hiptosses him and goes for a cover. Cena kicks out. Cena is able to hit a hip toss of his own and drops to the mat with a side headlock. The crowd begins to boo.

They get to their feet and Cena is pushed into the ropes. Cena responds with a kick to the gut, but Rock hits him with a punch. Cena feels his lip to see if it is bleeding and then charges at Rock. Cena is thrown out of the ring for his troubles. Back in the ring, Cena pushes Rock into the corner. He charges and connects with a shoulder thrust, followed by a hard clothesline.

Cena drops to the mat and applies a bear hug. Rock tries to get to his feet, so Cena tosses him to the outside. Cena follows after and throws Rock rib first into the barricade. He then throws Rock rib first into the announce table. Cena rolls back into the ring. The referee exits to make sure that Rock can continue. Cena exits the ring and immediately attacks the ribs of Rocky. Cena rolls him back into the ring.

Cena stomps him in the gut, and then stomps on his hand. Rock gets to his feet and connects with a couple of punches. Cena grabs him off the ropes and applies a bear hug which applies pressure to the injured ribs of The Rock. Cena cinches on harder. Rock tries to punch free, but Cena holds strong. The crowd begins to chant. Rock finally escapes and hits a couple of punches followed by a snap DDT! Cover, but Cena kicks out.

Cena gets to his feet and backs Rock into the corner with punches. Rock bounces out strong and hits a shoulder block followed by a Spinebuster! Rock soaks up the roar from the crowd and looks for the Peoples Elbow. Cena grabs his leg and tries for an STF. Rock escapes, but Cena plants him with a sideslam! Cena then goes for the 5 Knuckle Shuffle and connects! Rock slowly gets to his feet and Cena lifts him up for the AA. Rock counters and sends him into the ropes. Both men hit clotheslines at the same time and crash to the mat.

They slowly exchange blows one by one. The fans cheer when Rock connects, and boo when Cena hits. Rock takes the advantage and says You Can’t See Me! Cena grabs him and hits the AA! Cover! Rock kicks out!

Cena gets to his feet and the crowd is absolutely going insane. Rock gets up to meet him and hits a Rock Bottom. Cover, but Cena kicks out!

Rock meets Cena in the corner and punches him. Cena pushes him back and hits a side slam. Cover, but Rock kicks out. Cena heads up to the top rope. He takes a moment to stalk his prey. Cena leaps and connects with a BIG Leg Drop. Cover, but Rock kicks out.

Rock is able to get to his feet and counters a clothesline from Cena into the Sharpshooter! Cena is grasping for air as he crawls towards the ropes. Cena reaches the ropes and the crowd boos. Rock jumps on Cena and punches him in the face repeatedly. Rock then reapplies the Sharpshooter! Once again, Cena is just able to reach the ropes. Cena slides his body onto the apron. Rock slides out of the ring and pulls Cena to the outside. He throws Cena into the steel steps. Rock then lifts him to his feet and crashes his head into the steps!

Rock slides Cena back into the ring and follows after. Out of nowhere, Cena applies the STF! Rock makes it almost to the ropes so Cena releases, pulls him into the middle of the ring, and reapplies the hold. Rock is slowly fading as he tries to reach the ropes. Rock’s eyelids are getting heavy and the referee begins to check his arm. The first two fall to the mat, but Rock reaches to the sky on the third check! Rock claws and scratches and reaches for the rope break!

Cena rolls away holding his back. Rock gets to his feet and hits a Samoan drop. Both men are on the mat as the referee begins a ten count. They slowly stagger to their feet. Cena and Rock begin to exchange blows. Rock looks for the Rock Bottom, but Cena counters into an AA attempt. Rock scurries off and hits a Spinebuster. Rock throws off his elbow pad and tosses it into the crowd. Rock connects with the Peoples Elbow. Cover, but Cena kicks out!

Rock uses the ropes to get off the mat. He lifts up Cena, but is caught with a small package. Rock kicks out. The crowd is absolutely roaring. Cena seesaws Rock crashing into the turnbuckle. Cover, but Rock kicks out. Cena lifts him to his feet and pushes him into the corner. Cena lifts Rock up onto the turnbuckle. Cena pushes Cena down to the mat and is seated on the turnbuckle. Rock climbs to the top rope and the crowd is on their feet. Rock leaps for a HUGE crossbody. Cena rolls it through and lifts Rock onto his shoulders for the AA. The move connects! Cover, but Rock kicks out!

Cena look for the You Can’t See Me, but cockily decides instead to go for the People’s Elbow. The Rock catches him bouncing off the ropes and hits the Rock Bottom. He goes for the cover – 1..2..3! Rock wins! Rock wins! This match is over!

Winner via Rock Bottom: The Rock

The Rock climbs onto the second rope to celebrate, lifting his arm victoriously into the air. The PPV fades to black.

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