3/26.12 WWE Raw Supershow Recap

Mar 26, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

* Live from Atlanta, GA

by Dave Kilgore

6 days from Wrestlemania 28, tonight’s RAW opens with Randy Orton out first. Booker T is joining Cole and Lawler on commentary. Sheamus is out next. Next out is Daniel Bryan (w/ AJ), followed by Kane. Match starts with Daniel Bryan vs. Orton. Shoulder takedown by Orton….Bryan back up with kicks to Orton, followed by a backdrop to Bryan. Kicks to Bryan by Orton but Orton misses a kee drop. Bryan whips Orton to corner, both men out of corner and Orton hits a big clothesline. Tag to Sheamus. Bryan tags in Kane. Kane with a big knee to Sheamus. Kane then picks him up for a slam but Sheamus escapes and hits Kane in the knee. Punches to Kane, then Sheamus off the ropes only to be hit by a back elbow from Kane. Kane with a dropkick to Sheamus. Then Sheamus in the corner, Kane runs in and gets caught by a big boot from Sheamus. Sheamus to the top rope, then comes off with a flying shoulder tackle to Kane. Sheamus looked like he was going for the Celtic Cross but then let go and went after Bryan, who jumped off the apron. Sheamus turns around and gets nailed with a big uppercut from Kane….knocking him out to the floor. Then Bryan runs off the apron and hits Sheamus with a high knee.


Back live, Bryan has Sheamus in the corner, kicks to Sheamus. Sheamus shoves him off but then Bryan misses a running kick. Both men down…..Sheamus tags in Orton……Orton with multiple clotheslines to Bryan. Orton with a snap slam followed by the 2nd rope DDT by Orton….Orton to his happy place. Kane pulls out Bryan….Orton to the outside attacks Kane. Kane down, Orton tries to get back in but is caught with a baseball slide by Bryan. Orton down outside. Bryan throws Orton in, Kane kicks Orton then picks him up and whips him into corner and follows him in with a big clothesline. 2 count by Kane. Rear chin lock by Kane. Orton tossed into corner and catches Kane coming in with a boot to the face. Kane catches Orton with a side slam then goes to top rope. Catches Orton with a flying clothesline. Kane goes for chokeslam, but Orton hits a dropkick. Both men tag out. Sheamus with punches to Bryan. Then the backbreaker. Both Sheamus and Orton work over Kane and knock him to the outside. Orton goes for the RKO on the floor but Kane shoves him into the ring post. In ring, AJ gets in front of Bryan, distracting Sheamus. Sheamus then misses the Brogue Kick, Kane catches him with a chokeslam and Bryan pins Sheamus.


Back live, Cole is in ring with a Laurenaitis shirt on, announcing he is the official commentator for team Johnny. Johnny then out followed by Vicky and team captain David Otunga. They all head to the ring. Booker T grabs a mic and introduces the man who will send Johnny back to his cubicle….Teddy Long. Teddy then introduces his team captain Santino Marella (w/ Hornswaggle). Match starts with headlock by Santino. Santino off the ropes, shoulder take down by Otunga. Santino off the ropes again, slides under and takes Otunga’s leg out. Punches to Otunga, then Otunga catches him in the back with a big forearm. Otunga then gets team Johnny’s flag and waves it in the middle of the ring but Hornswaggle comes in with team Teddy flag and Otunga takes it and goes to hit him but Horny rolls out of ring and Otunga gets hit in the face by the flag after it bounces off the ropes. Santino with the Cobra and the pin.

Johnny gets in ring, upset, gets in Teddy’s face. Teddy shoves him down, over Santino who was on his knees behind him. Johnny then back up, in Teddy’s face….Santino behind Johnny with Cobra ready to strike…but Miz runs in and hits the Skull Crushing Finale on Santino. Johnny then puts Miz on Team Johnny.


Back live, they show a segment of HHH vs Undertaker and history of both men’s careers.

Announcement of WWE WM press conference this Wednesday on WWE. com

Next out is Eve (w/ Beth) for her match against Kelly Kelly.


Back live, match begins with Kelly leading a Hoski chant. Kelly with a quick rollup on Eve. Eve then takes Kelly down, rubbing her head into the mat. Eve picks her up and throws her into the corner, while Beth yells at Kelly. Eve with a rear choke on Kelly while sitting on the top rope. Eve with a rear chinlock on Kelly on the mat. Both ladies up, knee to Kelly. Kelly whipped into ropes, ducks an Eve clothesline, then catches Eve with a flying head scissors. Kelly with punches to Eve in the corner but then she shoves Kelly off. Eve then misses the moonsault on Kelly who rolls up Eve for the win.

CM Punk is shown walking backstage, headed to ring after commercial.

Back live, Christian is out! Next out is CM Punk. Y2J is on the big screen. Says at WM he will become the new WWE champion and expose Punk as a personal and professional fraud. Mentions his alcoholic father, addicted sister, and now Punk’s mom……says his mom is kind and decent with no vices…someone not an embarrassment. But his parents got married after Punk was born and Punk is technically a bastard. Christian then jumps Punk from behind. Punches to Punk…..then throws Punk outside. Kick to Christian outside, then repeatedly rams Christian into the announce table. Elbows to Christian outside……Punk then sets up the steps, picks up Christian and drops Christian head first on the steps. Then Punk locks on the Anaconda Vice on the floor. Punk screaming “This is you Jericho”. Punk gets up, walks around and then goes back and puts Vice back on. Refs finally break the hold.


Back live, the announcers say that Christian may have re-injured his neck.

Next out is the Funkasaurus Brodus Clay. His opponent is Curt Hawkins. Hawkins runs at Clay, but gets knocked down. Hawkins back up, ducks a clothesline and takes out Clay’s knee. Punches and kicks to Clay then a running bulldog to Clay. Clay powers out of the pin attempt. Clay then catches Hawkins with a head butt to the chest. Then catches Hawkins with a running knee lift after a punch to the gut. Overhead suplex by Clay then the big splash for the win.


Back live, out comes Big Show. Clip is shown of Cody Rhodes beating down Show last week. Out comes his opponent, Primo (w/ Rosa and Epico). Match starts with Show grabbing Primo and delivers a huge toss to him then hits a big punch to Primo in the corner. Cole then announces that Christian has been ruled out for Team Johnny. In ring, Show whips Primo to the corner but gets caught with a boot to the face coming in. Primo up to the 2nd rope, jumps off and gets caught with a big hand to the chest by Show. Chokeslam by Show for the win. Rosa then up on the apron, Epico attacks Show from behind but he gets chokeslammed too. Cody out. Makes fun of Show….says Show will choke again this Sunday at WM28.


Back from commercial, promo is shown for Tensai….

Backstage, the Bella Twins are debating Team Johnny/Team Teddy. Then Zack comes in….they make fun of him, he insults them and they walk off. In walks Eve….says she wants him to stay at her hotel for WM.

Josh Mathews is interviewing CM Punk. Punk says go ask Christian how he feels. Says his family is off limits. Says what Jericho said about his sister and mom is a lie.

Backstage, Mark Henry is headed out for his match against Khali.


Back live, Mark Henry (w/ Johnny) is out….followed by Khali (w/Teddy)…..Khali punches Henry in the corner….big open hand slap to Henry’s chest….then a big chop. Then Henry, out of nowhere, hits the World’s Strongest Slam for the win. Johnny then comes up behind Teddy and tosses him into the ring…to Henry. Johnny motions for the rest of team Johnny to come out. Then team Teddy comes out and both teams brawl. Kofi goes after Henry but gets slammed. Henry then picks up Teddy to slam him but in comes Booker T! Punches & kicks to Henry…then the scissors kick! Teddy asks Booker to join team Teddy. Booker accepts! Can you dig that sucka???? SPIN-A-ROONI!!!!!


Back live, out comes the Rock! FINALLY…THE ROCK HAS COME BACK TO ATLANTA!…..2004….WM20..people thought that would be his last WM….people asked when you comin’ back Rock? Says he didn’t know till last year….when Rock went down to Georgia and the Georgia Dome. Says he knew the wait was over……says the people are the reason for this year’s match. Says there is only 1 man the people wanted to see him fight and that’s Cena. Says Rock’s last WM was Cena’s first. Says Rock will walk down the aisle…..*Cena’s music hits* Cena out………to the ring he comes…..Cena says the crowd reaction is what will happen at WM. Says for a year he has listened to a year of great trash talk from the Rock…..says there was a 10 year gap and during that time, whenever someone wanted to make a name for themselves, they tried to at his expense. Cena says there is an audience divided…..says he’s rises above and he wins…..says some people hate that, but they know he will win at WM. Says he’s been an active WWE member longer than Rock. Says he has to win at WM….after WM life goes on for the Rock…he will be in GI Joe this summer. After WM, the WWE is still Cena’s life. Rock says this house Rock helped build. Says the people know Cena has never had an opponent he couldn’t overcome till the Rock. He has come back to beat Cena. That drives him. He needs to beat Cena to become the best WWE superstar of all time and on a personal level, he just doesn’t like Cena. Says he will give Cena the ass kicking of a lifetime. Cena says it doesn’t matter what you think! Cena says he will the one with his hand raised in victory. Both men go nose to nose as show ends.

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