Detailed 3/19/12 WWE Raw Supershow Recap

Mar 19, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

* Live from Philadelphia, PA

by Dave Kilgore

Tonight’s show opens in Philly with WWE champion CM Punk out first. Recap of last week’s RAW is shown where Y2J talks about Punk’s dad being an alcoholic. In ring live, Punk says Y2J isn’t here tonight, which shows exactly what kind of man Y2J is. But it’s a gift since he pissed Punk off last week. Says it’s not what he said but that he said it in front of the entire world. At WM28 he will let the monster out on Y2J that’s bottled up inside him. Says he has overcome his addictions and he is proud of his father. Also proud he is straight edge, it’s what he believes. Says Y2J is an obstacle and he will go straight through him at WM28.

Punk heads out but Y2J is on big screen. Says he didn’t want to face Punk in person. Says he was out of line last week. This is Chris talking not Y2J, had no business bringing the subject up and never will again. However, Punk’s sister is another game……..talks about his sister’s substance abuse issues. Says Punk will go back to drinking. When he beats Punk at WM28, he will never overcome that. Punk yells at him, but it’s censored out. Punk kicks the mic and leaves the ring.

Backstage, Kane and Big Show are shown walking…their match is next.


Back live, Kane is out first, then Big Show. Then Cody Rhodes comes out. Recap of Big Show career lowlights is shown. Match starts with Show forcing Kane into corner. Show rushes in, getting caught with a boot from Kane. Kane then grabs Show by throat, then Show grabs Kane by the throat. Outside Rhodes has on boxing gloves. Show goes for chokeslam but Kane escapes and hits Show with an uppercut. Then Kane off the ropes, but is caught with a huge spear by Show. Show climbs the ropes, only to be distracted by Rhodes. Show shoves him down, but Kane is up and grabs Show by the throat. Huge chokeslam off the top rope by Kane and he gets the 1-2-3. Kane leaves, Rhodes in, Show getting up. Rhodes catches him with a big kick to the head. Then Rhodes handcuffs Show to the ropes. Cody in with the boxing gloves. Kick to Show, Rhodes then unloads on Show with multiple shots to the head. Show is getting pissed. He yells at Cody to run as the refs cut the handcuffs off. Refs help Show out.


Back live, recap is shown what happened moments ago with Rhodes laying out Big Show with punches. Next out is David Otunga with John Laurenaitis. Cole goes over the Team Teddy vs Team Johnny match at WM28. Next out is Santino Marella with Teddy Long. Match begins with both men posing with Santino showing his painted on abs LOL. Santino apparently hurt his leg posing and Otunga capitalized, nailing Santino with punches to the back of Santino’s head. Otunga picks him up and rams his head into the top turnbuckle. Then Otunga picks him up for a scoop slam but Santino escapes and nails Otunga with multiple punches. Santino then ducks a clothesline and hits the hip lock slam to Otunga then the diving headbutt off the ropes. Santino takes out the cobra, but Johnny up to ringside, only to be confronted by Teddy. Otunga back up as Santino grabs Johnny’s cell phone and stomps on it. Otunga hits the powerbomb-like slam for the 1-2-3.

Johnny in the ring to celebrate with Otunga, mocking Santino. Johnny gets in Teddy’s face and Teddy slaps him. Teddy escapes out of the ring and dances at the top of the ramp.

They show a recap of HHH/Undertaker’s lead up thus far toward their WM 28 match.

Rock is up next after commercial.

Back live, they show Rock on the big screen, standing by Rocky’s statue in Philly. FINALLY THE ROCK HAS COME BACK TO PHILADELPHIA. Says above all else, Philly is the city of ass kickers. Rocky’s statue represents the fighting spirit of Philly. Shows an old pic of him at 12 years old in front of Rocky’s statue. Says he was dreaming then of becoming the greatest in the world then. Says he has watched Hulk Hogan (does a Hogan impersonation), watched Ultimate Warrior at WM 6 (does a Warrior impersonation). Says no one could understand what he was sayin’. Years later, the Rock headlined WM in Philly against Stone Cold Steve Austin. Recap of Austin winning. Says he would never again fight a man in jeans shorts LOL. Says he went on to beat Austin and Hogan and one man remains…John Cena. Rock wants to talk about tonight. Will drive to the arena and send Cena a message tonight. Says if he doesn’t get the message he will drive to Pat’s for a cheesesteak with extra onions and cheese, roll it up, and stick it up Cena’s ass. Then he does a Foley “Bang Bang”, a Flair “WOOOOOO”, and from above one will look down and say “OOOOOO YEAH, DIG IT”……says in the spirit of Rocky he will Layeth the Smacketh down. IF YA SMELL WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKIN!

In ring, out comes Daniel Bryan with AJ, as we head to commercial.

Back live, a recap is shown of Bryan interfering in the Sheamus/J2J match from Smackdown last week. In ring, Zack Ryder is out. Clip is shown from earlier of Ryder pitching his case to the people to get on team Johnny at WM. Match begins with Bryan and AJ kissing. Then, a lockup, reversed by Ryder who then is shoved into the ropes and takes Bryan down with a shoulder tackle. Ryder off the ropes again only to be caught by a knee by Bryan. A kick to Ryder’s back then a knee across his throat. Kicks to Ryder then a boot to his face over the bottom rope. 2 count by Bryan. Rear chin lock by Bryan…..both men up, elbows by Ryder to break the hold. Ryder whips Bryan into the corner then hits a big boot to Bryan’s face, knocking him down in the corner. WOO WOO WOO then the running kick to Bryan’s face. Bryan then tries for his finisher, but is countered into the submission by Bryan. Ryder taps. Winner Daniel Bryan.

Cole mentions the car accident earlier today involving Cena.


Back live, out comes Cena for his match with Mark Henry. Then out comes Henry. Match starts with a lockup and Cena getting shoved down. Headlock by Cena, only to be shoved off and onto the floor. Cena tries a shoulder tackle to no avail. Another attempt and Cena is down. Splash in the corner by Henry and then a headbutt. Big punch by Henry. Henry then tosses Cena outside and follows him out. Big clubbing forearm across Cena’s chest. Then he tosses Cena into the railing around ringside.


Back ive, Henry with a big gut punch to Cena in the corner, then an Irish Whip across the ring followed by a huge splash. Cena down. Henry then runs in but misses a splash and Cena picks him up for a belly to back suplex. Five knuckle shuffle. Cena goes for the AA but couldn’t get Henry up. Henry then catches Cena with an attempted World’s Strongest Slam attempt but Cena escapes. Cena then gets Henry up for the AA…1-2-3. Winner John Cena.

Out comes the Rock! To the ring! Rock Bottom to Mark Henry and leaves! Message to Cena delivered.

In ring, Cena points to the WM sign and gets boo’d.

Recap of HBK talking to HHH about the upcoming match with Taker.


Back live, recap of Extra is shown with Maria interviewing Kelly Kelly. Beth and Eve show up to confront Maria and Kelly. Then the challenge is issued for WM for Beth/Eve vs Maria/Kelly.

In ring, the Miz is on the mic. Says King Kong Bundy was in the main event at WM2 then was in a match with Hillbilly Jim and 2 midgets at WM3. That was the biggest WM dropoff till now. He has gone from main event last year to nothing this year. Out comes Sheamus for a match with Miz. Match starts with Miz hammering Sheamus. Sheamus then counters with punches of his own, whips Miz into the ropes, but drops his head to soon and is caught with a boot by Miz. Miz off the ropes, caught by an axehandle by Sheamus. Miz then off the ropes, kick to Sheamus’ knee, then Miz attempts the swinging DDT but Sheamus catches him, up into a rolling slam for a 2 count. Johnny and Otunga are shown backstage watching. Miz with a neckbreaker to Sheamus. Kicks by Miz. Off the ropes, big boot to Sheamus’ face. Rear chin lock by Miz. Both men up, Sheamus pounds Miz in the corner. 2 count by Sheamus. Sheamus goes for the Brogue Kick, Miz ducks, into the ropes and as Miz bounces off, BOOM…Brogue Kick….1-2-3. Winner Sheamus.

Wednesday night, Y2J will be on the Jimmy Fallon show. Then a recap is shown of the Y2J/Punk segment from earlier tonight.


Back from commercial, recap of last week’s confrontation between HBK and Taker.

Josh Mathews then brings out the Viper, Randy Orton for an interview. Asks Orton about his WM match with Kane. Orton asks how does the monster plan on beating him? Talks about Orton beating Kane last summer and becoming human. Says he knows who he is. Says he is Randy Orton. He doesn’t have an identity crisis like Kane does.

Anti bullying campaign clip is shown with Big Show, Otunga, and Stephanie McMahon at a local school.

Out comes Vicky Guerrero, introducing the 2 newest members of Team Johnny….Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler. When we come back it will be these two vs. Kofi and R-Truth.


Back live, Truth and Kofi are in ring with Aksana. Match starts with Kofi and Swagger. Kicks by Kofi, driving Swagger into the corner. Irish whip attempt by Kofi, reversed by Swagger. Kofi into the corner, floats over the ropes as Swagger runs in and hits Swagger with a kick to the head. Then he catches Dolph with a clothesline on the apron followed by a kick to the chest of Swagger over the 2nd rope. Kofi with a springboard crossbody and a 2 count. Kofi blocks a clothesline but is shoved into the corner only to catch Swagger with an elbow but Dolph hits Kofi with a clothesline. Swaggerbomb…2 count. Punches by Swagger……cheap shot by Dolph. Swagger then stands on Kofi’s chest in the corner. Tag to Dolph. Kick to Kofi’s head. Neckbreaker countered by Kofi. Dropkick by Dolph. 2 count. Showboating by Dolph. Swagger tagged in. Punches to Kofi then pushups by Swagger. Both men up, punches by Kofi, Kofi drops Swagger with a DDT. Both men crawling to corners. Truth and Dolph tagged in. Truth hits 2 running clotheslines and a big right hand followed by the spinning cross body off the ropes. Kick to Dolph followed by a front suplex. 2 count but Swagger slides in to break up the count but Truth moves and Swagger hits Dolph. Clothesline by Truth on Swagger knocking him over the top rope followed by a dive onto Swagger by Kofi. In ring, Truth misses the scissors kick only to be nailed by Dolph and his finisher who pins Truth with a foot on the rope. After the match, Aksana shoves down Vicky. She then tells the ref about Dolph’s foot on the ropes. Vicky gets in ring and the ladies go chest to chest. Aksana takes Vicky down. Dolph and Truth try to pry them apart.

Footage is shown from last night at Madison Square Garden, where HHH did the Undertaker’s Tombstone and signature cover.


Back live, out comes HBK! HBK says the Hell in a Cell match is big but everyone is talking about the special guest ref, HBK. Says that’s nothing new, people talking about him and Wrestlemania. Says it’s cool that he holds the end of an era in his hands. Says people want to know if he can be an impartial ref. Talks about the end of an era being code for ending the streak. As he speaks, GONG! Out comes Taker. HBK starts to speak, cut off by Taker. Says it’s in his best interest to shut up and listen. Says this match has to remain pure. So before he and HHH start making plans…..TIME TO PLAY THE GAME! HHH out. No suit this week. HHH says Taker needs to stop worrying about HBK. As much as HBK’s ego wants it to be about him, it’s not. It’s about HHH & Taker. 2 parallel careers, connected by Hell in a Cell. There has been 24 Hell In A Cell’s and HHH or Taker have been in 19 of them. He says it’s where he learned what it takes to end another man’s career. They have all been for one moment. April 1st…WM28. The whole world will see the end of an era…..yours (Taker’s). Taker says are you sure? Your mind, body and soul and career…all this…are you willing to put it all on the line? HHH says if it means giving Taker the end he deserves, then yes. And he will do it. Both men nose to nose. Taker backs up……goes to leave then stops. Turns around and says “you remember when I said HBK is better than you? He is.” HBK laughs as Taker leaves. HBK and HHH stare down.

End of show.

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