Maria Kanellis comments on her top 10 career moments

Mar 11, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

Via Twitter:

Since lots of Miatweets are asking…. Top 10 moments in my Career in no particular order:1: Giving 25,000 to the Make a Wish Foundation on Celebrity Apprentice2: Winning the Slammy for Diva of the year3: Wrestlemania 24 Bunnymania4: My outfit winning on Project Runway (mostly because Hedi Klum complimented my abs)5: Tribute to the Troops6: Ric Flair bumping after he kissed me! (Ric Flair Wooo)7: Running the Ladies Division of Crossfire Wrestling in Nashville8: Doing Playboy9: Becoming the First Lady of ROH10: Winning the FWE Woman’s ChampionshipHonorable Mentions:1: The courtroom scene2: Tag match with John Cena against Edge and Lita3: 10 anniversary of ROH4: Working with DX5: Hosting Macho Man’s DVD

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