Detailed 3/9/12 WWE Smackdown Recap

Mar 9, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

Smackdown Recap
By Cody A. Springer

We start off Smackdown with John Laurinaitis and David Otunga in the ring. Funkhauser says that he is going to start off the show the way it should, with a cage match for the United States Championship. Cole has a Johnny Face glued to a popsicle stick and he’s waving it around.

Match #1 – Cage Match for the United States Championship: Santino Marella © vs. Jack Swagger w/ Vickie Guerrero & Dolph Ziggler
Jack gets the upper hand early on by giving Santino some hard shots in the corner. He whips Santino in the corner and gives him a powerslam for two. Swagger quickly goes to some elbows to the gut of Santino. Swagger the rams Santino in to the cage. He picks Santino up and gives him a short-arm lariat for another two. Swagger goes for another short arm lariat but misses. Santino ducks a couple more clotheslines and hops on the cage. Santino goes for a crossbody off of the cage but gets caught by Swagger who battering rams him in to the side of the cage. Santino is barely up on Spaghetti legs. Swagger toys with Santino until Santino battles back with punches, a hip toss and a running diving headbutt and a cover for two. Santino sets up for the cobra, but looks and sees Dolph climbing the cage. Santino cobras both of Dolph’s hands and knocks him off. Swagger grabs Santino for a back suplex, but gets cobra’d himself. Both men go down, and Dolph gets thrown out by the referee. We go to commercial

We return with Swagger whipping Santino and charging him with a knee to the gut. Swagger takes the Cobra and throws it off. Santino quickly rolls Jack up for two. Swagger lifts Santino up and he reverses in to another roll up for another two. Swagger drop toe holds Santino into the turnbuckle and hits the Swagger Bomb for two. Swagger goes to climb out of the cage while Santino is down, but Santino runs in to the ropes and knocks Swagger off. Santino goes for a cover and another two. Santino this time tries to go the top. Swagger hops up and grabs Santino, striking him a few times and leaving him on the turnbuckle. Santino hits a tornado DDT and goes for the door. He gets part of the way out the door, but Swagger grabs him. Santino kicks Swagger off and goes for the door again. Swagger gets the ankle lock this time, and wrenches in pain. Vickie goes and wrestles the door out of the ref’s hands. Santino reverses out of the ankle lock, and Vickie accidentally slams the door on Jack, which give Santino enough opportunity to get out the door.
Winner and STILL US Champion: Santino Marella (Escape from the Cage)

Teddy Long comes out and holds up Santino’s hand. Later tonight Michael Cole will interview Daniel Bryan and Sheamus. Also later, we will have a huge six man tag team match where Sheamus, Big Show and Randy Orton will face The Miz, Cody Rhodes, and Daniel Bryan.

We return backstage with Johnny and David. Teddy Long walks in, saying that Johnny wanted to see him. He says that last week he promised a match between Kane and Aksana. Teddy begs John not to make the match. John milks it by asking for a please and an apology for getting shoved on his butt. John doesn’t like any of it and says that they’re going to have a one on one match later tonight, and if Teddy wins, Aksana will indeed face Kane later tonight.

We go to a recap from Monday where we figured out that Shawn Michaels would be the special guest referee for the Hell in a Cell match at Wrestlemania between Triple H and The Undertaker.

We return from commercial, and Drew McIntyre, who got fired last week, is making his way out to the ring in his ring gear. He grabs a microphone, and says that he’s here because Big Johnny is giving him another chance, and he will regain his job if he defeats a mystery opponent tonight. Cue The Great Khali’s music. He makes his way out, but before the match can start, David Otunga makes his way out and tells Khali to have a seat at ringside, because he’s not in the match. He brings out Drew’s real opponent, Hornswoggle.

Match #2: Drew McIntyre vs. Hornswoggle
Hornswoggle slips through Drew’s legs, but Drew grabs him by the collar and shoves him down. Drew gives him a powerslam, and covers, but lifts Hornswoggle up at two. Drew hits another powerslam, and then another cover, but Drew breaks the pin again. Drew hits a backbreaker, and the ref stops the match.
Winner: Drew McIntyre (Ref Stoppage)

Drew celebrates with pride, before turning around into a brain chop from The Great Khali. Khali checks on Hornswoggle. We go backstage where we see Teddy getting ready of the match. A distraught Aksana walks in and Teddy calms her down, assuring her he’s got everything under control.

We return with Big Johnny warming up in his office. David Otunga walks in and informs Big Johnny that Kane is here, and he’s angry.

Match #3 – Ezekiel Jackson vs. Mark Henry
Both men start off with a battle of fists. Ezekiel ducks a splash in the corner and hits a huge clothesline. Zeke goes for the torture rack, but Henry battles out of it. Henry punishes Zeke with fists. Henry hits a powerslam on Zeke. Henry goes for an elbow, but Zeke rolls out of the way. Zeke hits a few clotheslines in the corner, and goes for a third but gets laid out. Henry hits the World’s Strongest Slam for the win.
Winner: Mark Henry (Pinfall; World’s Strongest Slam)

Match #4 – Teddy Long vs. John Laurinaitis
The match starts and John grabs a mic. He informs Teddy that Kane is waiting to come out, and tells Teddy to lie down. Teddy refuses, and Kane makes his way out. Aksana climbs in the ring and hides behind Teddy. From out of nowhere, Randy Orton hits an RKO on Kane, laying him out. Teddy Long rolls up Big Johnny and gets the pin.
Winner: Teddy Long (Pinfall; Roll up)

Match #4 – Kofi Kingston & R-Truth vs. WWE Tag Team Champions Primo & Epico w/ Rosa Mendes
We start off with Kofi and Epico. Epico starts off with some shots on Kofi. Kofi ducks a clothesline and hits a monkey flip. Tag to Truth. The both whip Epico off the ropes and hit a double arm drag. Kofi whips off the ropes and hits a kick to the face. R-Truth does the splits and hits a legdrop for two. He wrenches the arm of Epico and tags Kofi. The whip Epico off the ropes and Truth hits a spinning leg lariat for two. Kofi ducks a clothesline from Epico, but Primo opens up the ropes, which leads Kofi to fall out. Tag to Primo who rolls Kofi in and stomps on him. Primo aggressively lands punches to Kofi. Tag to Epico, who taunts Kofi and hits a right hand. Kofi starts to battle back, but Epico hits a butterfly suplex for two. Epico locks in an abdominal stretch. Kofi battles out, and goes for the tag, but Epico blocks him. Kofi makes the tag, but the ref doesn’t see it. Epico leads Kofi back to his corner and Primo gets in some shots as the ref is distracted by Truth. Primo hits a drop kick that Epico whipped Kofi in to, and then goes for a cover and two. Primo quickly goes to the chinlock, and Kofi starts to battle back, but Primo slams him down on the mat again with the headlock. Kofi battles out again, this time with success, and he goes for the tag yet again, but Primo hits a drop to hold on Kofi. Kofi battles out and gets the hot tag to Truth who comes in like a house of fire with clotheslines and strikes to Epico and Primo. Truth hits the corkscrew elbow, and only gets two as Epico breaks it up. Kofi gets rid of Epico ,and Rosa distracts the ref. Primo gets hit with the ropes kick from Kofi and R-Truth hits the Lie Detector for the win.
Winners: R-Truth and Kofi Kingston (Pinfall; Lie Detector)

We are shown a recap from Monday where The Rock gave history lessons, and then went face to face with John Cena.

After the recap, we go to Michael Cole in the ring to interview Daniel Bryan and Sheamus. Sheamus makes his way out. We go to commercial, and when we return Daniel Bryan makes his way out. Cole asks Bryan how much of his career he can attribute to luck. Bryan says none, because when you’re good, you don’t need luck. He attributes his career to clean scientific wrestling, his clean vegan lifestyle, his charisma, and his undeniable sex appeal. Cole says to Sheamus that there is some luck to win the Royal Rumble. He says he’s very lucky that he’s in the US, and in the WWE, but he’s a firm believer that you make your own luck, and at least he doesn’t hide behind a tiny woman. AJ tries to defend herself, but Bryan tells her to shut up. Bryan says that AJ has had nothing to do with his success. Sheamus says that Bryan should be wearing a skirt, not AJ. He says Bryan is a self-delusional wimp, and he’s going to beat Bryan for the World Championship at Wrestlemania. Cue Cody Rhodes’s music. We see some embarrassing Big Show Wrestlemania moments.

Main Event: Sheamus, Big Show and Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan, Cody Rhodes and The Miz
We start things off with Cody and Sheamus. Cody goes for a waistlock, but Sheamus battles out and hits a shoulder block. Sheamus tags in Randy, who stomps Cody in the gut and drives his head in to the turnbuckle. Randy climbs on the turnbuckle and hits some right hands to Cody. Cody whips Randy into the turnbuckle, but Randy comes out and hits a clothesline and a stomp for a one. Cody hits a dropkick, and tag Daniel Bryan. Daniel in hits some right hands to Randy and a cover for two. Bryan with punches in the corner and whips him into the other corner and charges with a dropkick and covers for two. Randy hits a dropkick and tags Big Show. Big Show hits a headbutt, and a shot in the corner. Show whips Bryan in to the corner hard, and then hits a powerslam. Bryan tags Miz and slides out quickly. The Miz slowly comes in the ring. Show lunges for the WMD, and Miz falls on his butt. Miz goes for a kick but it gets caught, Show throws him in the turnbuckle and slaps him in the chest. Miz tags Cody. Cody slowly goes in, and tags Miz back in quickly. Show throws Miz in the ring as we go to commercial.

We return with Sheamus with stiff strikes to Sheamus. The ref pulls Sheamus off of Miz and Sheamus hits a clothesline for two. Miz battles back and the ref pulls back Miz. Sheamus out of the corner hits two axehandles and a steamroller for two. Sheamus whips Miz and Miz kicks Sheamus in the face. Cody with a shot to Sheamus from behind, but Sheamus knocks him back. Sheamus hits Miz and the hits the Reastra on Cody and an elbow to Bryan. Miz with a dropkick on Sheamus that sends him on the outside, and Sheamus hits the knee off of the apron to Sheamus. Miz tags in Bryan, and Bryan hits a running dropkick to Sheamus. Bryan nails stomps to Sheamus. Sheamus starts to battle back, until Bryan drops Sheamus on the ring ropes. Bryan hits lots of knees to Sheamus and tags in Miz. Miz whips off the ropes and hits a boot to the seated Sheamus for two. Miz tags Cody who stomps Sheamus and then tags Bryan. Cody holds Sheamus and Bryan hits kicks to Sheamus while yelling YES! Miz gets a headlock on Sheamus. Sheamus battles out of it, but Miz hits the kneeling DDT. He covers and gets two. Tag to Cody who gets Sheamus in a full nelson. Sheamus battles out of it, and whips off the ropes but gets a knee from Cody. Cody covers and gets two. Sheamus comes back and goes for the High Cross, but Cody counters in to a Russian Legsweep for two. Cody quickly goes to an arm lock, but Sheamus again battles out. Cody hits the drop down fist, and charges Sheamus, but Sheamus hits the Irish Curse. Sheamus tags in Randy, who comes in like a house of fire with powerslams to Miz and Cody. Show takes Cody out of the ring, and Randy hits the middle rope DDT. Cody and Show battle to the back. Randy goes to that place that only he can go, and Bryan comes in. Randy goes for the middle rope DDT on Bryan, but Bryan battles out of it. Sheamus goes out and battles with Bryan on the outside. Miz goes for the Skull Crushing Finale, but Randy counters in to the RKO for the win.
Winners: Sheamus, Big Show and Randy Orton (Pinfall; RKO)

After the match, Kane comes out, and they both battle on the outside of the ring. They brawl in to the crowd. They continue to brawl as Smackdown goes off the air.

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