Detailed 2/20/12 WWE Raw Supershow Recap

Feb 20, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

by Dave Kilgore

* Live from Minneapolis, MN

Show opens with a recap of the Kane/Cena feud, showing clips from last week’s RAW of Eve escaping the ambulance into Cena’s arms, followed by their kiss witnessed by Zack Ryder. Then clips of later on, where Kana rolls Ryder off the ramp in the wheelchair.

Back to Eve talking to the Bella Twins, asking about Zack. They ask about Zack’s condition. Eve bursts into laughter. Eve says they aren’t friends, and that Zack’s an idiot who doesn’t know what to do with a woman like her, that she used Zack. She says now she has the big fish hooked, John Cena. Eve wants them to record her (with her phone) walking into Cena’s locker room. They seem hesitant. Eve turns around, right into Cena. Cena looks her down then walks away, shaking his head, smiling, as if he had just heard the whole plan.

In the arena, out comes John Cena to a mixed reaction. Video stills are shown of last night’s ambulance match. Cena, in ring, interrupted by Eve who wants to explain. She says it was taken out of context. Cena says she’s been talking enough. He says he heard it all backstage. Says Eve has been sippin’ the skank juice and wants to use “her assets” to further her career. She claims they’re friends but he says he lost a Broski for a Hoeski. Eve says she was just joking. Cena says don’t waste her time with him, hold out for the Rock. She’s self centered and will use anyone. He says they are both scandalous bitches. Eve falls to her knees, crying. Eve then jumps up, trying to kiss Cena until refs interfere. As Cena leaves, he says he’s disease free and wants to stay that way. Eve still crying in ring as crowd chants Hoeski. Refs help Eve out. Crowd chants “We want Ryder”.

Commercial break.

Back live, promo airs for Super Smackdown live, tomorrow night, with main event of champion Daniel Bryan vs. champion CM Punk.

In ring, out comes Sheamus, who will face Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania. Out comes Mark Henry for their match. Match begins with lockup, Henry pushing Sheamus to corner, followed by headbutts and punches by Henry. Irish whip, clothesline to Sheamus. Sheamus ducks another, kick to Henry’s leg and a knee lift by Sheamus. Sheamus to top rope with a diving shoulder tackle on Henry. Shemus then with clubbing forearms across Henry’s chest. Henry counters with an elbow to Sheamus. Then Henry in ring with a punch to Sheamus and a whip into the corner followed by a big splash. Henry then misses a blow in the corner, Sheamus with punches and kicks to Henry. Sheamus misses the Brogue Kick and Henry levels him with a clothesline. Another big splash in the corner onto Sheamus. Henry then attempts the World’s Strongest Slam, counter by Sheamus, Henry then turns into a Brogue Kick. 1-2-3…winner Sheamus.

Backstage GM Johnny is talking to Otunga, when Teddy Long comes in. They talk about the idea floated about Johnny being the GM of both shows. Teddy says one of them should run both shows and let the WWE Universe decide that. John says he only cares what the Board of Directors thinks. John says there will be a 10 man battle royal tonight and the winner will face CM Punk at Wrestlemania. Teddy will provide 5 and John will provide 5. Teddy says Otunga looks like Pee Wee Herman’s Godmama in the bow tie.


Back live, promo of Rock on RAW next Monday.

R-Truth is out followed by Kofi Kingston. Their opponents are out, Primo and Epico with Rosa. Match begins with Truth vs Epico. Truth with a shoulder tackle. Clothesline by Truth, 1 count. Whip to ropes, kick by Truth, leg kick to Epico but Primo had tagged in. Primo knocks down Truth, kicks to Truth, then punches as Primo mounts Truth. Truth over the 2nd rope, Primo jumps onto Truth’s neck and slides to outside. Truth crawls to corner, trying to tag Kofi. Primo then knocks Kofi off apron. Backdrop to Primo, Truth then tags in Kofi. Kofi off the top rope with elbow to Primo, then runs over and knocks Epico off the apron. Another kick to Primo in ring, dropkick to Primo, Kofi then delivers Boom drop. Rosa up on apron. Epico with a neck drop over the top rope to Kofi. Kofi counters the backstabber, then hits the Trouble in Paradise to Primo for the 1-2-3. Winners R-Truth and Kofi.

Next Hall of Fame inductee is next.


Back live, the latest Hall of Fame inductee is announced……………Ron Simmons! Clips of Simmons’ career is shown, including his becoming the WCW Heavyweight Champion in 1992.

Highlights of Y2J getting a stiff shot to his head by CM Punk last night at the PPV. Backstage, Josh Mathews is talking with Jericho. Y2J says the rules say you have to be pinned or made to submit. Last night, he did neither. He still claims he’s the best wrestler in the world.


Back live, out comes David Otunga (with GM Johnny) for his match against Ezekiel Jackson with Teddy Long. Match starts with lockup, Ezekiel shoves Otunga down. Club to the back of Otunga then punches by Zeke in the corner. Ref back him up but Otunga hits a kick to Zeke then a clothesline. Punches by Otunga, followed with a rear chin lock. Elbows to Zeke. Then a clothesline to Otunga in the corner, followed by a 2nd. Irish whip, sending Otunga to the opposite corner, Zeke runs in, missing a big splash. Otunga picks up Zeke and hits a big slam to Zeke and gets the 1-2-3 over Zeke.

Recap is shown of HBK on RAW last week, confronting HHH about not wanting to face the Undertaker at Wrestlemania.


Back live for hour 2:

41 days to Wrestlemania.

Out comes the Undertaker……wearing long coat with hat. Taker gets in ring, looks up at Wrestlemania sign, says for nearly a year, he has thought about the beating HHH gave him last year. Says it’s been a living hell….not physically, but mentally. He came to ring 3 weeks ago to end the uncertainty. Never did he think he would get the answer he got from HHH. Says the choice wasn’t Hunter’s to make. This has to come to an end. They are the last of their kind. The suit and tie are layers covering up who he really is. Says HHH will come out and look into his eyes. This is far bigger than them….this is the apocalypse. HHH comes out and gets in ring. HHH says 3 weeks ago Taker issued a challenge…Taker interrupts and says SHUT UP! Taker says Hunter’s excuses are pitiful. HHH says he understands how bad Taker wants this. HHH says his fate is to carry on the business while Taker’s is to be a leader for the next generation. HHH says he will not be the one to extinguish the torch, it’s bad for business. Taker asks is it bad for business if he’s gone or if HHH is gone? HHH says it’s just plain bad for business and that he is certain of one thing. Says Taker isn’t asking for redemption, he’s asking for an end. HHH says he would have to finish Taker and deep down that’s what Taker wants. Hunter says he won’t do it. Hunter goes to leave, but Taker says no matter what spin HHH puts on it, he’s still a coward. HHH back in, pissed. Says he is sick of the coward thing. HHH gets in Taker’s face, then smiles and says he knows what Taker’s trying to do and it won’t work. The answer is still no and leaves. Taker says he just figured it out. Says HHH can’t do what HBK could. Says HBK was always better than HHH. Hunter stops at top of ramp, back to ring. Takes his coat off. Takes tie off. Unbuttons shirt….heads back to ring. Gets in ring, gets in Taker’s face again, says this has nothing to do with HBK or who is better and that he can get the job done. Says the layers are gone and that’s he’s more certain than ever. HHH asks if he wants an end? Says YOU GOT IT! One more thing, we do this all the way. No return, no uncertainty. No excuses. One condition………. HELL IN A CELL! Taker leaves as WM theme song plays.


Back from commercial, recap of PPV last night, Big Show destroying Daniel Bryan.

In arena, out comes Daniel Bryan. Says he is a role model based on his accomplishments, beating 5 men last night. Out comes Santino. Match begins with punches by Santino, until Bryan catches him with a kick to the gut. Bryan then runs him into the corner, Irish whip across the ring, Bryan runs in, Santino jumps over, ducks a clothesline by Bryan and catches Bryan with a hip toss. Santino preps for the Cobra, but Bryan with a shot to the back of Santino. Santino flips over Bryan’s back, rolls up Bryan for a 2 count. Bryan catches Santino, tries to hook in the submission, and does……Santino trying to get to ropes, but taps. Winner Daniel Bryan.


Back live, Kelly Kelly and Oksana in ring to face the Bella Twins. Match starts with Kelly taking down Nikki, tags in Oksana, double boots to the face in the corner. Nikki with a hair takedown to Oksana, then a snapnare. Oksana sweeps her legs out, then picks Nikki up and delivers a scoop slam. Badly missed elbow drop by Oksana. Nikki then crawls to ropes and pulls Oksana into them. As ref is distracted by Kelly, Brie sneaks in and delivers Twin Magic to Oksana for the 1-2-3. Winners…Bella Twins.

John Cena shown heading to the ring to discuss the Rock.


Back live, Cena back out…..says before he was interrupted by Skankopotumus, he was going to talk about the Rock. They guy that isn’t here. Says it’s hard to call him the Rock, that he has morphed into Dwayne, who is part of Team Film It. Says he doesn’t respect the Rock…..congratulates Dwayne on his movies. He has a legitimate beef with Dwayne that he’s had for 7 years. Says Dwayne will be kicked back to Hollywood. John says he has always showed and has never left. Says Dwayne for one taste of the bright lights and he was gone. Says the only reason the Rock came back was to promote Fast Five and promote his Twitter account. John says he’s fightin for everyone behind the curtain and for everyone wanting to be a professional wrestler. Monday April 9 will be a great day with Cena at RAW and the Rock in Hollywood. John says Rock will have to kill him to beat him and the headline will read John Cena beats Dwayne Johnson in his hometown of Miami. Says see ya next week movie star.


Back live, CM Punk is out to watch the upcoming 10 man battle royal to determine his Wrestlemania opponent.

Big Show out first, followed by Cody Rhodes, R-Truth, Dolph Ziggler (w/ Vicky), Wade Barrett, The Great Khali, The Miz, Kofi Kingston, Santino, and finally Chris Jericho.

Punk says Y2J reminds him of a Lite Brite. Match starts Khali and Show go at it. Miz and Truth. Barrett tries to throw Kofi out. All now try to get Show and Khali out. Khali gone. 9 left as we head to commercial.

Back live, Cody trying to get rid of Santino, Kofi and Miz on the apron. Dolph goes over the top rope, but not out. Barrett and Cody try to throw Show over, no luck. Show stands on Dolph’s back. Truth and Kofi eliminate Miz with a dropkick off the apron. Show grabs Truth and Kofi with a double chokeslam. Y2J with a Codebreaker to Show. Cody with Crossroads to Dolph. Barrett with a side slam to Cody. Santino eliminates Barrett and then R-Truth! Dropkick by Dolph. Show then throws Dolph over the top onto Kofi and Truth. Y2J with kicks to Show. Cody now joining in. Show pushes all off. Kofi tossed over by Y2J. Show/Santino/Cody/Y2J final four. Stretcher coming out for Wade Barrett (broken arm they say?). Show dominating other 3 men. Cody knocks Show down. Y2J with Lionsault to Show. Santino with headbutt to Show but hurt Santino more. Y2J tosses Santino over, but Santino hangs on and flips back into ring, setting up for Cobra. Hits Cobra on Y2J but Cody eliminates Santino. Y2j and Cody on Show. Suplex attempt blocked and double suplex by Show. Cody eliminated by Show. Cody hanging onto Show’s leg. Show grabs Y2J for chokeslam, but Y2J hangs on and Cody helps pull Show out over top rope, even though he’s already been eliminated. Show vs Cody for WM28? So it will be Jericho vs Punk at Wrestlemania. Punk gets on apron, then in ring. Both men smile, Punk extends hand to shake, Jericho walks away.

Show ends with Punk celebrating in ring as Y2J walks around outside.

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