Detailed 2/17/12 WWE Smackdown Recap

Feb 17, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

By Cody A. Springer

We open with a recap of Monday Night RAW where Randy Orton suffered his concussion. This transitions in to Randy Orton in Teddy Long’s office. Orton looks like he’s in that place that only he can go. Teddy says that it’s out of his hands and out of Randy’s hands as well. He says Randy’s dressed to compete, but Teddy just can’t let him do that because of the concussion. There is security waiting outside the door for Randy to escort him out of the building to make sure he doesn’t try anything.

We open with the usual fanfare and Josh asking who will replace Randy Orton in the Elimination Chamber Sunday. Big Show comes out, followed by Great Khali, Cody Rhodes & Wade Barrett.

Match #1: Big Show & Great Khali vs. Wade Barrett & Cody Rhodes
Wade and Khali start it off. Wade starts off with a quick kick and a back off. He goes for a second one but gets caught and shoved down. Khali pins Wade in the corner and gives him some elbows and a huge slap to the chest. Wade tags in Cody without permission. Cody ducks a lock up and goes for some strikes, but to no avail. Cody gets shoved off the ropes and hit with a huge forearm to the head. Cody gets shoved in the corner and gets a slap for his troubles as well. Barrett tags in. Cody dropkicks Khali in the knee and then Wade boots him in the head. Wade off the ropes with a huge elbow that knocks Khali to the ground. Wade covers but gets thrown off at two. Wade quickly up with stomps and a tag to Cody. Cody chokes Khali with his foot and balances on the ropes. Stomps from Cody. Cody gets Khali in the best camel clutch he can. The crowd sort of wills him back, but Cody lets it go and kicks him in the face. Cody goes to the top rope for an axehandle, but gets choked by Khali. Cody and Khali tag in their partners. Big Show like a house of fire. Big Show splashes Wade in the corner and spears him. He chokeslams Cody out of the ring, and then gets the chokeslam on Wade for the three.
Winners: Big Show & Great Khali

Big Show celebrates. Khali climbs in the ring and gets a WMD from Big Show for his efforts. We go backstage with Teddy on a cell phone. He says he doesn’t know what he’s going to do about the situation with Randy Orton. In walks Mark Henry, who says that he should be Randy’s replacement, because he’s the only one qualified to take his place. He warns Teddy not to let his pride get in the way. He says he needs Mark in the elimination chamber, and he needs Mark as World Champion. In walks Big Show who says he did Teddy a favor in the tag match, so Teddy needs to do him a favor and give him Daniel Bryan. Henry tells Big Show to slow his roll and wait his turn. Show takes offense and gives Mark a WMD for his troubles. Show goes on a tirade as Teddy won’t give him an answer. Big Show tears up Teddy’s office as we go to commercial.

We return with a recap of what went down before the commercial. Cut to Teddy talking to security and tells them to wait for Show to calm down, and then ask him to leave. One guy says ah hell to the naw and Teddy then tells them to call for backup.

Match #2: Ted DiBiase vs. Hunico w/ Camacho
Hunico comes down the ramp saying that Ted stole a victory from him, and he’s going to take it back tonight. The bell rings, and Hunico with a kick and some punches. Ted DiBiase throws some punches too. Ted ducks a Hunico punch and goes for the belly to back, and Hunico lands on his feet. Hunico hits a flying headscissors. Ted hits a boot for two. Hunico hits an armbreaker to the injured arm, followed by an arm bar. Hunico goes for another headscissors, but Ted tosses him off. Hunico up top, and DiBiase hits a dropkick counter. Ted selling as if he landed badly on his arm, and goes to the ropes. Camacho up on the apron and pulls Ted’s arm, allowing Hunico to roll Ted up for the win.
Winner: Ted DiBiase

Later tonight, Daniel Bryan will be in the arena. Commercial.

We return and see a recap of what happen on Monday when Shawn Michaels returned to RAW. The Usos and Primo/Epico make their entrances and we go to commercial.

Match #3 – Non-Title: The Usos vs. WWE Tag Team Champions Primo & Epico
We start things off with an arm wringer from Jey. Jey does a dance move and a headbutt. Jey tags in Jimmy, who comes in with an elbow. Jimmy tags in Jey and they do a double elbow for two. Jimmy mounts punches on Primo in the corner. Epico distracts Jimmy, and Primo slips out, and crotches Jimmy on the top. Primo with a legsweep and he tags Epico. Primo suplexes Epico on to Jimmy for two. Both men go back and forth until Epico slams Jimmy in his corner and goes for some kicks. Tag to Primo who comes in and hits a dropkick by Primo. They show Rosa dancing. Primo gets a headlock on Jimmy. Jimmy battles out, but gets whipped in the corner by Primo. Primo goes for a dropkick in the corner, but Jimmy gets out of the way, and Primo gets caught up in a Tree of Woe. Both men make tags and Jey in like a house of fire. Jey misses the running butt to the corner, but connects with the Samoan drop. Cover and two. Epico tags in Primo. Jey throws out Epico, and grabs the ropes as Primo goes for the backstabber. Jey hits a superkick and tags in Jimmy. Jimmy misses the splash, Primo hits the backstabber for the three.
Winners: Primo and Epico

Daniel Bryan is getting ready to make his way to the arena as we go to commercial.

We return from commercial and Daniel Bryan makes his way out to the ring. He says he got two for the price of one Monday, and it’s high time everybody see what he’s really about. We go to a clip from Monday of DB taking out Big Show and Orton. He tells everybody that Randy Orton and Big Show have both been escorted out of the building. He says that Orton and Show aren’t men and don’t have guts because they aren’t out in the ring facing him right now, but they aren’t because they’re afraid. He says he can smell it everywhere he goes, and that everybody is afraid of him. He says everybody is afraid of him because he just keeps on winning. He says that nobody thought he had what it took to be the World Champion, but he proved them all wrong, and this Sunday, he’s going to prove everybody wrong yet again. He knows he’s facing overwhelming odds, but he’s been beating the odds his entire life. He knows that just as he would have beaten Randy Orton in the advertised Main Event tonight, just like he’s going to beat everybody in the Elimination Chamber this Sunday. He demands that Lillian announce him the winner of his match with Orton by forfeit. She does so hesitantly. Daniel Bryan starts his usual YES!-ing. Teddy Long comes out and says that Daniel Bryan is celebrating too early, because he hasn’t even competed yet. He says that he’s found somebody who will do that happily. Out comes Sheamus. We go to commercial. Arrive. “YES! YES! YES!” Leave in a Prius. (Thanks to Heinekenrana for that one)

Match #4 – Non-Title: Sheamus vs. World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan
This could possibly be our WrestleMania Main Event. We start off with a lock up. Sheamus with a hip toss and wrenches the headlock. Daniel Bryan back to his feet, whips Sheamus off, but gets shoulder blocked. Bryan goes for some flip over move, but gets clotheslined by Sheamus. Sheamus with another clothesline to a charging Bryan for two. Sheamus with an array of armbreakers before taking him down. Bryan battles out of it with kicks, but gets a hard punch to the gut for his trouble. Bryan ducks a Sheamus clothesline and eats more kicks. Sheamus vaults Bryan over the rope on to the apron and hits the Reastra (sic?). Bryan falls to the outside and demands his belt before beginning to walk out. He gets cut off at the pass by Sheamus who shoulder tackles him to the mat. Sheamus rolls him back in the ring, and gets dropkicked as he tries to get back in the ring. Sheamus hits a huge knee on Sheamus from the apron and rolls back in. The ref counts but Sheamus makes it back in. Before he can really do anything, Sheamus gets lots of kicks from Bryan, followed by a huge dropkick that sends Sheamus laying on the bottom rope. Bryan covers for one. Sheamus battles back with right hands, but gets taken down by Sheamus who goes for the ankle. Sheamus battles out but shows pain in his ankle. Bryan with another huge dropkick to a seated Sheamus in the corner. Bryan helps Sheamus to his knees, and starts kicking. Sheamus battles back with ring hands, and hits some axehandles. Sheamus with a huge powerslam for two. Sheamus thinks for a second but goes for the Irish Curse, but Bryan reverses it into the armbar to set up the LeBell Lock. Sheamus Battles out and lifts Bryan up for the Celtic Cross. Bryan slides out and goes for a kick, but Sheamus shoves him in the corner. Bryan slaps Sheamus in the face who relentlessly kicks him in the corner. Bryan spits on Sheamus who gets even madder and beats Bryan in the corner. Bryan taunts Sheamus once more and Sheamus shoves the ref aside to beat on Bryan in the corner. The ref calls for the DQ as Bryan gets out of dodge.
Winner: Daniel Bryan

Back in the GM’s office, Teddy looks disgusted. Wade walks in and asks who’s going to be Randy Orton’s replacement in the Elimination Chamber. Cody walks in and asks the same thing. Teddy says everybody in the building who can put on a pair of wrestling boots, be they from RAW, Smackdown, Superstars or NXT, will get a shot at the empty spot in a Battle Royal later tonight. We go to commercial.

We return with Jinder Mahal and Ezekiel Jackson making their way out to the ring.

Match #5: Jinder Mahal vs. Ezekiel Jackson
Kick and forearms by Jinder to start. Jinder with a lot of knees. Zeke shoves him off. Zeke chokes Jinder and gives him a huge shoulder block. He whips Jinder in to the corner and hits two huge clotheslines. Zeke whips him in the other corner with another clothesline. He calls for the Torture Rack but Jinder gets out of it and hits a huge DDT. Jinder locks in the camel clutch. Zeke tries to fight out of it, and Jinder transitions it in to a headlock. Zeke backs him in to the corner. Jinder hits an STO and locks in the Camel Clutch again. Zeke has no choice but to tap out.
Winner: Jinder Mahal

We see a clip of Jimmy Snuka and her daughter Tamina doing the Superfly Splash. Next we will have Tamina Snuka and Alicia Fox vs. Beth Phoenix & Natalya. We go to commercial.

Match #6: Tamina Snuka & Alicia Fox vs. Beth Phoenix & Natalya
We start things off with Beth and Alicia. Beth gets Alicia in a full nelson byt Alicia slips out of it and hits a dropkick. Natalya tags in Beth. Natalya goes for a German but gets shoved off. Nip up by Natalya, who gloats. Alica backbends to dodge a clothesline. Natalya slides out of the ring, and the slides back in, and hits a facebuster on Alicia who has followed her. Natalya balances Alicia on the ropes and Beth kicks her. Natalya with an innovative submission, and Alicia battles out. Alicia botches a leapfrog, and it costs her as Natalya locks in the sharpshooter. The ref doesn’t see the tap as he is apparently distracted by a smell. Alicia gets the tag, and Tamina hits the Samoan Drop followed by the Superfly Splash for the win.
Winners: Tamina Snuka & Alicia Fox

Beth comes in and gets laid out by Tamina. Tamina goes up for the Superfly Splash, but Beth rolls out and grabs the Divas Title. Backstage, Teddy is on the phone before getting interrupted by John Laurinaitis and David Otunga. He asks why Teddy is letting people with no name value enter the battle royal. Ol’ Snickelfritz says that he will be entering David Otunga in to the battle royal because apparently he has name value. Teddy tells Otunga that he has a lot of stank on him because he’s a lawyer, and wishes him the best of luck. We go to commercial.

We recap the events that went down with John Cena, Kane, Eve and Zack Ryder on Monday. Broskis before Hoeskis, man. We go over the card for this Sunday’s Elimination Chamber PPV. Superstars make their way out for the Battle Royal.

Main Event: Battle Royal to determine the 6th participant in the Elimination Chamber
Carnage ensues. David Otunga eliminated Derrick Bateman first. Booker T is a fan of Tyler Reks. Otunga eliminates Percy Watson. Titus and Jimmy Uso eliminated next. Drew McIntyre eliminates Tyson Kidd by body pressing him out. Slater eliminate by Jinder. Ted DiBiase and Darren Young have a battle while hanging on the ropes. Ted eliminates Young. Tatsu gets eliminated by Hunico. DiBiase eliminates Camacho. McGillicutty gets eliminated by Gabriel. We go to commercial.

We return. Hawkins eliminated by Gabriel. Riley is eliminated by Primo and Epico. Johnny Curtis and Tyler Reks are eliminated by Primo and Epico. The other Uso gets eliminated by Primo and Epico. Epico gets eliminated by Primo. Hunico eliminates Ted DiBiase. Hunico goes to kick DiBiase, but gets eliminated by DiBiase in the process. Primo is eliminated by Gabriel. Gabriel is eliminated by Ezekiel. Ezekiel eliminated Jinder by dumping him out from the torture rack. We’re down to four, Santino, Drew, McIntyre and Zeke. Drew and Otunga gang up on Santino. Zeke dominates Drew, but Drew boots him, and then boots Otunga. He yells at the crowd and gets eliminated by Santino quickly. Zeke lifts up Santino, but Santino slides out. Santino holds the ropes and eliminates Zeke. Otunga takes down Santino, and starts to slap him. Otunga slams Santino in the corner, but Santino hulks up. Santino does a splits duck, but misses the falling headbutt. Otunga shouts at Santino. Otunga with a sloppy neckbreaker. Otunga poses. Otunga goes to throw out Santino, but Santino reverses it and eliminates Otunga.
Winner: Santino Marella

Santino celebrates in disbelief as Smackdown goes off the air.

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