Detailed 2/6/12 WWE Raw Supershow Recap

Feb 6, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

* Live from Oklahoma City, OK

by Dave Kilgore

Show opens with recap of HHH confronting GM Johnny from last week and the return of the Undertaker. Undertaker rose and made his intentions clear. What is HHH thinking?

First out this week is……………….WWE C.O.O. Triple H. HHH says was out last week to fire John, contrary to what he has said this past week. HHH sees John as a backstabbing, ass kissing weasel and those are his good qualities. Says John flew up to Stanford this morning to make a plea to keep his job and they have asked HHH to not make a decision yet. HHH says the board may have a decision as early as tomorrow morning. Now to the return of the Deadman. HHH says Taker hasn’t been seen he was carried from the ring at the last Wrestlemania. HHH says after 20 years, Taker still gives him butterflies and he stands before Taker humbled to be in the ring with him. HHH talks about Taker wanting a rematch this year. HHH says there was no rush looking at the Deadman last week. That he looked Taker in the eyes and he felt sorry, felt bad for Taker, because of what he did to Taker last year. Says he chooses to remember Taker in a different manner (Cut to video package of Taker’s career). HHH says he doesn’t want to remember this (Cut to Taker being beat down and carried from ring after last year’s Wrestlemania match). HHH says Taker’s legacy will never be matched. 19-0 at Wrestlemania. Hunter says out of respect, he says no to Taker’s rematch request. HHH says he knows if there’s a next time, he knows what he would have to do to finish it. Says maybe that’s what Taker wants. Says he saw Taker’s limits last year and will not be the guy to push him past those limits. This is over says Hunter. He goes to leave but his music is cut off. Lights out. Video on big screen of Taker watching video clips……says this is not over. Says he will give HHH one more chance at immortality. This is not over. Back in arena, camera on Hunter…silent….as we go to commercial.

Back live, out comes Big Show for his match against World Champion Daniel Bryan. They recap the incident of Big Show accidentally running over AJ at ringside. Out comes Daniel Bryan, followed by AJ wearing a neck brace. Bryan goes up to meet her and walks her to the ring. Cole and Lawler are taking the side of Big Show. Show forces Bryan to corner with punches followed by a huge hand to Bryan’s chest. Bryan tries to counter with kicks but is stopped by headbutts by Show and then a big slam. Whip to corner by Show, squash in corner by Show but as show bounces off ropes, Bryan with a dropkick to Show’s knee, taking him down as we head to commercial.

Back to Big Show vs Daniel Bryan…..Bryan with a half Boston crab on Show. Show powers out, then a clothesline by Show and a spear on Bryan. 2 count. Show up, signals for chokeslam, picks Brayn up but Bryan counters with a submission lock. Show powers out, Bryan catches Show’s leg and drops it over his shoulder. Show down, 2 count and Show kicks out with authority. Bryan to top rope, show up….Bryan climbs down and Show kicks him off the apron, down by AJ. Bryan is favoring his knee. Show slides out, AJ begs Big Show off. Show turns to leave and is attacked by Bryan. Show pushes him to the floor, but Bryan gets up and Show runs at him, Bryan moves, revealing AJ between post and Big Show. Fortunately Show was able to stop in time. Show looks down at her, shaking his head as Bryan pulls her away and Show gets back in ring, as Bryan is counted out. Bryan gets on mic and berates Show, saying that it was on purpose what he did to AJ. Says if he could stop from hitting her now means he could’ve stopped before. Bryan says AJ is more important than winning a match. UGH…..

Promo for Y2J later on as well as all 6 men in the Elimination Chamber match to face each other tonight, with the winner getting to be the last entrant into the Elimination match.


Back from commercial, 55 days to Wrestlemania…..

Recap of what happened at RAW last week, where NASCAR star Carl Edwards comes into arena in his #99 Ford. Carl says he is here to invite Cena to be the honorary starter of the Daytona 500 Feb. 26th. Cena says yes.

Promo for Elimination Chamber is shown…..rules are gone over, clips of past Chambers are shown.


Back live, David Otunga is in ring. Otunga says he has never had a boss as insightful or intelligent before and the WWE Board keeps John L. as the RAW GM. He asks the crowd to pray with him. Otunga then Tebows. Ring announcer says Otunga will compete right now per HHH. His opponent………Sheamus. Shemus into ring, Otunga begs off……Otunga tries to kick Sheamus, Sheamus catches the leg, goes for the Celtic Cross, but Otunga escapes. Both men run around ringside, sliding back in the ring, Sheamus ducks a clothesline, nails Otunga, then hits the forearms onto Otunga’s chest over the ropes. Attempted slam by Sheamus but Otunga holds onto top rope and escapes. He kicks Sheamus in the thigh then hits a DDT. Kicks in the corner by Otunga. More kicks over the bottom rope. Otunga takes his eye off Sheamus and when he turns around….BROGUE KICK. 1-2-3 by Sheamus.

Backstage, Y2J is shown walking to the ring.


Back live, lights out…music hits, Y2J out. Recap of Codebreaker to CM Punk last week. Jericho says the end of the world as we know it has arrived. Says he has made every other performer on RAW obsolete and says they are all Y2J wanna-bes. Says crowd is full of wanna-bes too. Says the Miz is a wanna-be, so is Kofi, so is Truth, so is Dolph, and so is CM Punk, the worst of them all. Says Punk knows deep inside that Y2J is the best at everything. He is back to reclaim what is his. Out comes CM Punk. Punk goes to speak and stops, dropping the mic and holding up the world title. Turns to leave, Jericho acts like he wants to hit him from behind but doesn’t. Punk leaves, much to the dismay of Y2J.

Up next, Orton/Khali vs Barrett/Cody Rhodes.


Back to the ring, Wade Barrett out followed by Cody Rhodes. Then Khali out followed by Randy Orton. Promo for this Friday’s Smackdown and match between Orton and Daniel Bryan.

In ring first will be Orton vs. Cody. Punches by Cody. Irish whip by Cody, reversed by Orton who hits an elbow on Cody, followed by a step to the face. Tag to Khali. Barrett in, Khali punches him down, forces him to corner and BIG hand to Barrett’s chest. Huge tag back in to Orton. Back kick by Barrett, Slam to Orton. 1 count. Orton forced to corner, Cody tagged in. Kicks to a fallen Orton. Punches in the corner by Cody, them punches by Orton but stopped by a dropkick by Cody. Orton back up. Punches to Cody, both men to corner, Irish whip by Cody, Orton bounces out of corner, Cody tries to hit a bulldog off ropes, but is caught by Orton and given a belly to back suplex. Orton ducks a clothesline by Barrett and gives him a snap powerslam. Clotheslines to Cody, then the 2nd rope DDT to Cody. Khali tags himself in. Kicks by Cody to Khali, goes for the 2nd rope kick to Khali but Khali catches him with chop to Cody for the win.

Orton and Khali stare down in ring. Khali grabs Orton around the throat, then into ropes, and Orton hits Khali with an RKO!

Vignette on John Cena is shown of appearances on TV shows, movies, and Make A Wish charity.


Back from commercial, out comes Eve/Tamina/Kelly Kelly/Alicia Fox for their match. Clips shown of Kane & Eve from last week and Cena’s beat down of Kane. In ring, out comes Beth phoenix/Natalya/Bella Twins. Clip shown of Beth saying she has no competition. In ring, it’s Beth vs Eve. Beth drops her head and Eve flips over her back and then catches Beth with a kick to the gut. Beth then catches Eve’s kick attempt and gives her a clothesline. Punches to Eve, kickout of pin attempt. Slam by Beth, tag hard to Brie Bella. Neckbreaker to Eve, then Brie turns to mouth off at Beth when Tamina gets tagged in and gives Brie a Samoan slam. Tamina to the top but is distracted by the others in Beth’s corner. Kelly and Alicia run over to help, Tamina to top and hits Superfly splash for the win.

Clip of Rock on The Tonight Show.

Backstage, HHH is on phone when John L walks in. Tries to kiss up to HHH, says he met with Board earlier today and they are really nice and fair. Says Shawn Micheals will be at RAW next week. Says at PPV, Cena vs Kane in an ambulance match. HHH then kicks him out of his office.


Back from commercial, Cole says announcement will be announced at 10am tomorrow morning on the fate of GM position.

GM John L is interviewed by Josh Mathews, says the Board doesn’t want someone who is cowardly running RAW, referring to HHH not wanting to face Taker.

Six pack challenge is up next. R-Truth out first as we go to commercial.

Back live, promo for HBK at RAW next week.

Next out is Dolph (w/ Vicky), Kofi, Jericho, Miz, and WWE Champion CM Punk.

Match starts with all against Jericho, beating him down in the corner, until Punk tries a roll up on Miz, getting a 2 count. Kofi/Dolph and Truth/Miz go at it. Then Punk/Miz. Neckbreaker on Miz, 2 count. Jericho is out on the floor. Chops to Miz by Punk. Kicks to Miz by Punk. Jericho tries to get in, kicked back out by Truth. Punk tries running knee, misses and goes to outside. Then Truth thrown out. Kofi and Dolph left inside, catapult attempt by Dolph, up onto top rope goes Kofi, diving down to others on floor. Ziggler acts like he will dive out onto them but stops and showboats. Punk then rolls in and knocks down Dolph. Commercial.

Back live, they show a spot during the break where Truth suffered a head injury and can’t continue. In ring, Punk works on Dolph and Miz. Anaconda Vice on Miz, broken up by Dolph. Vice on Ziggler, broken up by Kofi. Punk then throws Kofi out, leaving Punk and Jericho in ring. Punk wants to go, Y2J didn’t. Miz and Dolph in, jumping both men. Double clothesline by Miz/Y2J. Dolph up top, caught by Punk, superplex by Punk. Four men down, Kofi outside. Jericho covers Dolph, Miz covers Punk, double 2 counts. Miz and Y2J go at it. Elbow by Miz, skull crushing finale attempt by Miz, Jericho ducks and Kofi hits Trouble in paradise on Miz. Miz rolls out. In ring, Kofi and Y2J…missile dropkick to Kofi, 2 count. Crossbody by Kofi, 2 count. Kicks to Y2J, roll up attempt, 2 count by Kofi. Elbow by Jericho. Lionsault missed. Trouble in Paradise countered into Walls of Jericho, broken up by Punk. Dolph rolls up Punk, 2 count. GTS to Dolph, count broken up by Jericho. Punk tossed over announcer’s table. Jericho covers Dolph for the 3 count with a foot on the ropes. Jericho now gets to be the last entrant in the Elimination Chamber. In ring, Y2J sits with the WWE Title, mocking Punk.

Backstage, Kane has cornered Eve. Says hate is pouring out. Says if Cena doesn’t get to the right place soon, he fears for Eve and Cena and anyone that crosses his path and for the first time, he’s afraid of himself.

End of show.

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