1/20/12 WWE Smackdown Recap

Jan 20, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

by Micheal Thompson

-A video aired showing Daniel Bryan VS Big Show and AJs injury from last week.

-The announcers reminded everyone that it is “Sin City” Smackdown tonight where the superstars spin a wheel to determine their match types.
Daniel Bryan came out and cut a promo on Big Show insulting him for injuring AJ. Bryan said he dedicated his match on RAW to AJ and would do the same tonight.

Backstage promo with Aksana and Teddy Long doing their usual goofiness until Cody Rhodes came in and spun the wheel to determine his match type, he got “Players Choice” and selected Hornswoggle as his opponent.

Cody Rhodes VS Hornswoggle

-Both guys were in the ring and Cody was about to destroy Hornswoggle until Justin Gabriel ran out for the save and the match turned into Gabriel VS Rhodes

Cody Rhodes VS Hornswoggle

-Cody Rhodes defeated Justin Gabriel in a short but decent match, they did let Gabriel get in some offense before Rhodes hit the Crossroads for the win.
-Backstage segment where Mark Henry spun the wheel to find out he was in a lumberjack match. Henry also cut a great promo as usual while backstage with Teddy Long

-A clip of Epico & Primo winning the titles aired leading to the two guys coming out for a Tornado match that was determined when Rosa Mendez spun the Wheel earlier in the day.

The Usos VS Epico & Primo

-The announcers hyped that if the Usos won they would be in the title picture which is obvious since there are only like 3 teams in the division. The match was alright, nothing special but nothing horrible either, it really didn’t feel like they took advantage of the ‘Tornado’ stipulation. Rosa Mendez was looking great as usual and the announcers made sure to let us know it. Primo hit a back cracker on one of the twins to get the pin.

-Another Teddy/Aksana backstage segment aired, I am not sure what Aksana said but thank god Sheamus showed up to cut this short. Aksana spun the wheel which landed on a tables match. Wade Barrett VS Sheamus in a tables match is booked.

-Brodus Clay came out for a Dance Off with Vickie Guerrero. Vickie cut a promo before the match and got heat from the crowd as usual. They had Vickie lose and get mocked until William Regal came out to console her but as they were leaving Brodus insulted Regal by calling him a chicken which resulted in Regal saying “Hit My Music” and dancing before Brodus hit his crossbody move on him and laid him out.

Wade Barrett VS Sheamus (Tables Match)

-Barrett needs to go back to the black trunks. The 2 men brawled inside and outside the ring using the table for a few spots. These two seem to enjoy working together and it shows as they always have entertaining matches that make both guys look good. Jinder Mahal interfered which allowed Barrett to toss Sheamus through a table for the win.

-After the match Jinder tried to put Sheamus through another table but Sheamus reversed and put Mahal through one instead.

Ted DiBiase VS Hunico (Flag Match)

-Hunico worked over the leg which Ted DiBiase sold throughout the end of the match. DiBiase eventually grabbed the American flag for the win.
-Backstage Segment where Teddy Long FINALLY fired Drew McIntyre but Santino interrupted and told convinced Teddy to give Drew one more chance to avoid being fired. Teddy spun the wheel and it landed on Blindfold match.

Drew McIntyre VS Santino Marella (Blindfold Match)

-Pretty much a comedy match with Santino trying to get the crowd to tell him where McIntyre was while McIntyre flailed around like a fool. Santino eventually got the win with the Cobra and McIntyre threw a tantrum all the way to the back.

Daniel Bryan VS Mark Henry (Lumber Jack Match)

-Bryan played a cowardly role but when Henry got a hold of him Henry threw him around like a rag doll. Bryan get some offense in but mostly just ran from Henry for the majority of the match while Henry dominated, though Bryan did manage to get a near fall on Henry at one point. Eventually Henry started knocking out lumberjacks and they all ganged up on him before turning on each other as well causing the match to be thrown out while Daniel Bryan sneaks out of the ring amidst the craziness.

-Daniel Bryan argued with Teddy Long about the matches hes been put through in recent weeks which led to Teddy Long booking Daniel Bryan VS Big Show VS Mark Henry in a Cage match at the Royal Rumble.

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