1/12 Impact Wrestling Recap

Jan 12, 2012 - by Jason Graening

Footage from Genesis kicks off where Jeff Hardy defeated Bobby Roode by disqualification. Hardy says Roode got disqualified on purpose and says he has something to say this week. Roode, on the other hand, says he will do whatever it takes to stay the TNA World Champion and that is all that matters to him.

Bobby Roode’s music hits as he makes his way down to the ring in a suit with the TNA World Championship over his shoulder. Roode says he has become the most dominate World Champion as he has taken out James Storm, AJ Styles, and most recently, Jeff Hardy. Roode then gives Hardy credit for turning his life around but he failed at winning the TNA World Championship. The fans start chanting Hardy’s name as Roode calls him out to accept his defeat and shake the hand of the World Champion.

Sting’s music then hits as he makes his way down to the ring. Sting again tells Roode about the consequences to his actions and calls him stupid for kicking the referee at Genesis and getting himself disqualified. Sting then says he will be defending the title tonight against Jeff Hardy once again before leaving the ring as Roode flips out over the announcement.

Footage from earlier in the day is aired as Matt Morgan runs into Crimson outside of Direct Auto Insurance. Crimson says he took Morgan’s advice and got insurance through them before they talk about their tag team match against Robbie E. and Robbie T. and how they are going to take them out quickly so they can go out clubbing afterwards.

Match 1: Robbie E. & Robbie T. vs. Matt Morgan & Crimson
Robbie T. is able to take Crimson down a couple of times as Robbie E. begs to come in but Crimson easily takes him down. Morgan and Crimson then make quick work of Robbie E. and pick up the pin fall after hitting a double chokeslam. After the match, Samoa Joe and Magnus run into the ring and attack the tag team champs from behind and leave them lying in the ring.

We see a video package on the feud between Garett Bischoff and Immortal. Footage of Gunner driving Garett onto the concrete floor is aired as well as Sting telling Garett that he is no longer a referee, but he is a wrestler.

Eric Bischoff’s music then hits as he makes his way to the ring. Bischoff talks about Sting giving his son a pair of wrestling boots last week and says he doesn’t blame him for having a dream of becoming a professional wrestling. He says it is understandable after seeing his father make millions and millions of dollars and making it look easy. However, he has burned every relationship in the business and says he will have no future because of it.

Bischoff is then interrupted by Garett’s music as he makes his way down to the ring. Garett says he hasn’t burned his bridges and he isn’t going anywhere. Garett says he is proud to be in the business and learning from the great ones like Sting, James Storm, Jeff Hardy, and AJ Styles. Garett says his father isn’t going to take that away from him and says no matter what his father does, he will keep coming back. Garett then says that he has a new trainer and that Bischoff will be surprised as to who it is. Garrett then begins to leave as Bischoff grabs him, however, Garett backs him into a corner and tells him never to put his hands on him again before leaving his father in the ring.

Winter and Angelina Love are walking backstage talking about all of the drama in the Knockouts Division. Winter begins to talk about Gail Kim and how she thinks she can come in and take over. She says it is time for people to remember who Winter is and she is going to make a statement tonight against ODB. Angelina says it’s also time for people to remember who she is as they head towards the ring for the upcoming match.

A video package that runs down the recent events between Eric Young and ODB. We then see the two where ODB is trying to explain herself as that it was only one kiss last week. We then head into the next match of the night.

Match 2: Winter vs. ODB
The match starts and ODB finds herself in trouble in the early going as EY hops on the apron and sticks his arm out for a tag. Winter continues on the attack and puts ODB in a headlock as the fans begin to rally behind ODB. ODB comes back and takes Winter down with a couple of shoulder blocks before hitting a bronco buster. ODB then hits Winter with a fallaway slam as Angelina sneaks in but EY comes in and gives Angelia an airplane spin. This makes them both dizzy and they leave the ring as ODB hits the Bam on Winter to pick up the pin fall. ODB and EY then celebrate in the ring as she makes him drink from her flask.

AJ Styles’ music hits as he makes his way down to the ring. Styles grabs a microphone and calls out Kazarian so he can ask him a few questions. Kazarian comes out and Styles says he never would have though Kazarian would turn his back on him. Kazarian keeps quiet until he finally says he can’t tell him why. Christopher Daniels comes out and says he can answer the question. Daniels says Kazarian finally knows that Styles is a lost cause and has been ever since he lost to Daniels.

Daniels says Kazarian is sick of carrying his ass, which makes Kazarian grab as the two share a few words. Daniels makes Kazarian leave the ring and Styles hurls the microphone at Daniels before taking him down. Kazarian then pulls Daniels out of the ring and Kazarian tells Styles that it is not like that as he reluctantly walks off with Daniels.

Photos of the Monster’s Ball match between Abyss and Bully Ray are shown. We then see Bully Ray and Bobby Roode talking in the locker room as Ray is bragging about trending on Twitter after his match at Genesis. Roode says it’s not about Twitter and it’s about Sting making him defend his title once again. Ray tells Roode that he has his back and says after that he will get his shot. Roode says he will get his shot.

James Storm’s music hits as we see photos of his match against Kurt Angle at Genesis. Storm says if he has something to say to somebody, he will call them out and tell them face to face. Storm then calls out Kurt Angle, who comes down to the ring with a smile on his face. Storm says Angle is an opportunist and a cheater and wants Angle to get his gear on so the two can wrestle tonight. Angle says he didn’t come to compete tonight and that he has the night off. Angle says there is no way Storm is getting a rematch and Storm will have to live with the fact that he lost at Genesis.

Sting’s music then hits as he comes to the ring and gets between Angle and Storm. Sting first announces that if Bobby Roode gets himself disqualified during tonight’s match, Jeff Hardy will win the TNA Championship. As for Angle and Storm, the two need to have a rubber match and that will take place tonight. The winner of that match will earn a shot at who walks out as the champion tonight. Angle says he doesn’t have his gear but Sting says the match will start after the break regardless if he has his gear or not. Angle then runs out of the ring as we head into a commercial break.

Match 3: James Storm vs. Kurt Angle
Kurt Angle is introduced to the ring but he doesn’t come out. Earl Hebner then calls for the bell as he begins to make a 10 count. Angle is able to run out and make it in at a count of nine as Storm immediately goes on the attack. Storm begins to focus on Angle’s hands and arms before tossing him out to the floor. Storm sends Angle into the steel steps but Angle is able to turn the momentum in his favor and sends Storm into the steps. Angle then takes Storm out with a belly-to-belly suplex on the floor as we head into a commercial break.

We return to the match to see Angle going for a pin fall but Storm is able to kick out. Angle continues on the attack and focuses on Storm’s leg and ankle and nails Storm with a series of strikes. The two then collide in the middle of the ring after hitting each other with cross body blocks. The two then get to their feet where Storm hits Angle with a flurry of offense and ending with a back cracker for a two count. Storm then hits a backbreaker before putting Angle in an ankle lock. Angle is able to roll out of it and hits Storm with an Angle Slam for a two count.

Angle then begins to nail Storm with a series of punches before heading out to the floor and grabbing Storm’s beer bottle. Hebner sees it and takes it away, however, Angle spits a mouthful of it into Storm’s face. Angle goes for the cover but Storm kicks out of the pin attempt. Angle is showing signs of frustration as Storm gets up and connects with a double knee and a Last Call superkick to pick up the pin fall. With the win, Storm earns a shot at the TNA World Championship.

Jeff Hardy is walking backstage and says he is on to Bobby Roode’s games. He says tonight, though, the games will end and he will win the TNA Championship as we head into a commercial break.

A video package on Brooke Adams, better known as Brooke Tessmacher, is aired who is going to be competing in a Hooters Dream Girl contest on the Speed Network.

Sting is backstage and is approached by Madison Rayne, who asks Sting to make it official and name her the VP of the Knockouts. Sting wants to hear one good reason and Madison says she can get the job done. Sting says he saw her help Gail Kim cheat last week and says he isn’t going to put her in a small cage anymore and books her in a steel cage match against Mickie James next week.

Match 4: Jeff Hardy vs. Bobby Roode (TNA World Championship)
Jeremy Borash handles the formal introductions for tonight’s World Championship main event. Roode stalls making his way to the ring and Hardy takes him out with a dropkick through the ropes. Hardy then sends Roode into the guard railing a few times before sending him into the ring post and steel steps. Roode begins to fight back but Hardy catapults the champ into the ring post. Hardy then rolls Roode into the ring as the bell finally rings to get this match underway. Hardy stomps on Roode in the corner before going for a quick pin fall but Roode kicks out. Hardy then clotheslines Roode out to the floor as we head into a commercial break.

We return to the match where we see Hardy continuing to beat down Roode on the floor. Hardy sends Roode into the steps once again before trying to do Poetry in Motion off the steps but Roode ducks out of the way causing Hardy to crash into the guard railing. The referee checks on both wrestlers before starting a 10 count as Roode makes it back to the ring at seven. The fans will Hardy back up and he makes it back in at the last second. Roode then begins to wear down Hardy with a headlock and then a neckbreaker. Roode goes for a cover but Hardy is able to kick out.

Hardy is able to fight his way back into the match with a jawbreaker and hits a series of dropkicks and leg drops for another near fall. Hardy follows with a Whisper in the Wind for another near fall but Roode is able to kick out at the last second. Hardy then goes for a Twist of Fate but Roode counters and takes Hardy down with a spinebuster. Roode goes for a suplex but Hardy counters that and hits Roode with a Twist of Fate. Hardy then heads to the top rope but misses with a Swanton Bomb. Roode quickly goes for the cover but Hardy kicks out once more.

Roode heads to the middle rope and leaps at Hardy but Hardy catches him with a neckbreaker followed by another Twist of Fate. Hardy heads to the top once more and hits Roode with a Swanton Bomb but Bully Ray pulls out the referee and boots him in the face. Hardy then dives over the top rope and takes Ray out on the floor. Hardy then returns to the ring as Roode rolls out to the floor. Hardy is irate and wonders what just happened as the announce team wonders what will happen as a result of this. Roode is seen clutching his title as Impact Wrestling comes to a close.

Quick Results
– Matt Morgan & Crimson defeated Robbie E. & Robbie T. by pin fall.
– ODB defeated Winter by pin fall.
– James Storm defeated Kurt Angle by pin fall.
– Jeff Hardy and Bobby Roode fought to a no contest.

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