1/6/12 WWE Smackdown Recap

Jan 7, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

by Brad Hoy

Friday night Smackdown kicks off from Little Rock with a match for the Intercontinental championship.
Cody Rhodes (C) Vs Booker T

(Intercontinental championship on the line)

to retain the IC Title. Ten-minute-plus match. The two went back and forth trading chops, the match was well worked with Cody getting a lot of heat. Towards the end of the match Booker went for a scissors kick but Cody managed to get out of the way and then missed the Beautiful Disaster, then Booker connects with a scissors kick but only gets a two count (the crowed thought it was all over). Booker goes for another scissors kick but Cody moved then ducked another kick, and jumps off the ropes and hits Beautiful Disaster to retain the IC title.

Winner – Cody Rhodes

After the match Booker thanked the crowed as if it was his last in ring performance.

Backstage Dustin Rhodes approached Cody and congratulated him on defeating one of the all time greats, but Cody says there is a reason they don’t speak and that is that Dustin has nothing of use to say. Cody tells his brother than he is already better than him, and he may even be better than their father. Cody then tells Dustin that if he wants to put on his gold paint and give it one more run he can, but he will turn him from a joke to a laughing stock just like he did to Booker T. Will we see Goldust Vs Cody at Wrestlemania?

Next, saw Zack Ryder talking to Teddy Long and says he can’t be his assistant anymore since he is United States Champion and now he has to deal with Kane. He says he has someone in mind for a replacement and Drew McIntyre walks in, but Zack says it’s not him and points at Santino. Santino then pointed out to Teddy that Drew was supposed to be fired last week, Santino and Drew argue until Teddy says they will have a match tonight. He says Santino gets the job if he wins, and Drew might not get fired if he wins, then they leave and Aksana comes in and flirts with Teddy
Alicia Fox is in the back asking AJ about her New Year and Daniel Bryan comes over and asks if they don’t think he can beat the Big Show tonight. He says he already beat him once to win his championship, then Alicia walks away and Bryan asks how she is friends with Alicia.

Hornswoggle Vs Heath Slater
(Over The Top Battle Royal)

The match was a very comical one, and last about two minutes. Slater put Hornswoggle on the top turnbuckle but Hornswoggle slapped him and went for a splash, but Slater caught him and tried to throw him over the top rope. Hornswoggle held on and pulls Slater’s hair eventually pulling him over the top rope to eliminate Slater.

Winner – Hornswoggle
After the match was over, Slater ran in and attacked him until Justin Gabriel runs out for the save and hits a 450 splash. Gabriel and Hornswoggle then celebrate

Hunico (w/Camacho) Vs Ted DiBiase

On their way to the ring, Hunico and Camacho cut a terrible promo, I couldn’t even tell you what it was about it was that bad (something about not getting invited to a party). The match its self was rather disappointing as I think both wrestlers are capable of a lot more. The crowd was not into the match until Hunico went for a flying head scissors and DiBiase hit a reverse face plant. Hunico went to work on Ted’s left arm and the end came when Hunico used a submission pin-type move. He trapped Ted’s arms with his legs like the Rings of Saturn, then rolled him over for the pin and crossed his feet.

Winner – Hunico

Before a commercial break we saw Wade Barrett chatting to WWE medics (I presume getting an update on Orton’s condition).

Wade Barrett came out to cut a promo, where he said Orton is finished and he may return, but he’ll never be the same. Barrett continued to say that instead of Orton wining the Royal Rumble in his home town, he will have to sit with the fans and watch him win the Rumble. Barrett then stated that there is no one else that can stop him from wining. Sheamus’s music hit and he made his way to the ring and began saying that Barrett will come across many problems in the Rumble and that he will be the biggest one. The two then squared up to each other, Jinder Mahal then made his way to the ring and began to fight with Sheamus. Barrett then joined in, however Sheamus was able to fight back until Barrett hit the winds of, and this allowed Jinder to apply the Camel Clutch to the great white.

Santino Marella Vs Drew McIntyre
This was another comical match which saw McIntyre beat on Santino throughout most of the contest. However, Santino got the victory with the Cobra. After the commercial break, Smackdown GM Teddy Long told McIntyre that’s strike two and next week could be strike three and Drew may well be out.

Winner – Santino Marella

Epico & Primo (w/Rosa Mendes) Vs Air Boom
(Non title match)

The match was a good one which saw both tag teams demonstrate why they are the best two tag teams in the WWE, even though they are probably the only tag teams in the WWE. Nevertheless, the match was well worked and in the end Rosa distracted Kofi on the floor but Bourne hits Primo and goes for up for Air Bourne, but Epico pulls his cousin out of the way and Primo slides over and makes the cover. I think it’s about time that the belts change hands and I wouldn’t be surprised to see these two teams face off at the Rumble.

Matt Striker is backstage to interview Big Show and he asked how confident he is, and Show says he doesn’t underestimate anyone but he is very confident. He said he knows Daniel Bryan is a good wrestler, Bryan came over and said he knows he is a good wrestler and someday he will be a great wrestler. Bryan said that everyone throws him talent away like he didn’t earn anything, but he fought for everything and he isn’t a genetic freak like Show. He said if he was, he wouldn’t have had to wait nine years before title reigns or have one last under a minute. Show gets pissed and put his hand on Bryan’s shoulder and asks if he is a tough guy now, then tells him he doesn’t want to hurt him but this just gets Bryan pissed and he tells Show to get his hand off of him and walks away.

I can’t believe the WWE are turning Daniel Bryan heel, I mean come on. If you have Bryan and Big Show and you have to turn one of them heel surly it’s a no brainer? I guess it is the WWE at the end of the day so they will always find a way to mess it up, just like they did with CM Punk after his amazing promo.

Tamina Vs Natalya

On their ways to the ring clips were shown of both divas fathers (Snooka and Jim Anvil Neidhart). Which was a nice touch as it showed their decent from two greats. The match was a typical short and boring one which ended when Natalya went for the Sharpshooter but Tamina kicked her away out. Tamina then hit a cross body and a Samoan Drop then pulled Natalya in the corner and went up top and hit a Superfly Splash for the win. I just don’t understand why Natalya, who is one of the two good female wrestlers in the WWE at the moment, is jobbing every week. It’s not as if this needs to happen because it’s a major event within the storyline, it just seems like the WWE are doing it because they can. I’m not saying the best shouldn’t put others over from now and again, I’m only saying that the best should not be jobbing every week.

Winner – Tamina

Daniel Bryan (C) Vs Big Show

(World Heavyweight Championship on the line)

Mark Henry came out first as he was the guest announcer. Then Bryan came out to boo’s after a pop for Big Show. After some offensives attacks by both athletes, Bryan cleverly countered a chokeslam attempt with a guillotine choke, then Show tries to power out of it but Bryan counters into the LeBell Lock. Show fights out of it and throws Bryan backwards, then winds up for the Knockout Punch but Bryan rolls outside. Mark Henry yells at him from commentary and Bryan yells back, Henry then throws him to the ground; Bryan looks at the ref and the ref calls for the disqualification. Bryan gets up and takes his title and celebrates around ringside. Overall, the match was pretty average.

Brads Question of the week:

To improve the WWE Tag Team division, who would you partner up if you could choose any current WWE superstars?
I’ll announce who I think has the best three suggestions on my Twitter account @HeelatHeart (wrestlingnewsuk) next week.

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