1/2/12 WWE Raw Recap (mystery man revealed)

Jan 2, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

by Dave Kilgore

January 2 edition of RAW:

Vignette airs for returning star on 1/2 episode before show actually opens. Intro by Michael Cole and then they cut to recap of last week’s RAW, showing Kane’s in-ring promo by Kane, directed at Cena and ending with Cena at top of ramp, looking dejected due to fans chanting “Cena Sucks” as Kane egged them on.

Show opens with Cena coming to ring, wishing everyone a Happy New Year, and it’s not long till “You Suck” chants start. One of his resolutions is wear less underwear. Another is that his dad is banned from TV. He says his principles of Hustle, Loyalty and Respect won’t change. Plays to the fans saying there’s no better feeling than performing for them. He gets interrupted by Kane, who says Cena will embrace the hate tonight. Cena left bewildered in ring.

Cut to promo of match for WWE Title tonight between Ziggler and Punk.

Returning star short tease airs.

End of segment.

Back from commercial, Daniel Bryan out to face Cody Rhodes. They show a promo for Rhodes vs. Booker T for Smackdown this Friday for the Intercontinental title. Match starts, Bryan in control with kicks to Rhodes in the corner. Cody quickly gains upperhand, working on left shoulder of Bryan. Bryan fights back with a clothesline and kicks to Cody, throwing Cody outside. Bryan leaps off apron onto Cody, then throws him back in ring. Bryan to top rope, missing move, then “Beautiful Disaster” by Cody. Small package by Bryan for the pin. Cody frustrated in ring, while Bryan celebrates around ringside.

Recap of last week’s Miz/R-Truth segment where Truth beat down Miz. They cut to office segment with Miz and John Lauranitis. Lauranitis points out history with Miz and R-Truth, then informs Miz he has a match against Sheamus later on. Miz walks out angry, with Truth coming into picture, quacking like a duck.

Cut to commercial.

Back from commercial, promo airs for Royal Rumble 25th anniversary coming January 29th. Footage is shown 1988 Rumble.

Wade Barrett out for promo. Cut to footage of Orton beating down Barrett in elevator, then showing where Barrett tossed Orton down stairs, causing injury to Orton’s spine. Barrett claims Orton is in the past and he’s focusing on Royal Rumble. Santino Marella out. Their match begins. Kicks to Santino, Barrett toying with Santino, then punching him in corner. Santino goes for Cobra, counter by Barrett, who throws Santino into corner post, followed by Winds of Change by Barrett, and the 1-2-3. Winner Barrett.

Backstage with Bella Twins and Miz, who says they haven’t seen Truth but have seen Little Jimmy LOL. Miz walks away, Truth back in picture, saying “SHHHHHHH”.


Back from commercial:

Sheamus out first, then Miz. Miz jumps Sheamus before bell rings. Sheamus with one arm in ropes fights off Miz. Sheamus to the offense, pounding Miz across chest. Miz outside, running through crowd. R-Truth on mic. Says he was watching match and ran into Little Jimmy. Jimmy says he don’t like Miz. Jimmy says Miz need to get got, Truth toward ring, then Brogue Kick by Sheamus. Miz on outside, Truth grabs water bottle and hits Miz with it. Truth back into crowd who says this week’s Miz beatdown brought to you by Little Jimmy.

Promo Punk vs Ziggler


Back from commercial, recap of how Ziggler became #1 contender last week, by beating Punk in the gauntlet match.

Backstage interview with Ziggler. Then backstage with Zach Ryder and Eve. Jack Swagger walks up and says he will take his title and girlfriend. Laurenitis walks up, saying Swagger will team with Kane and Mark Henry to face Big Show, Cena and Ryder.


Back from commercial, bell Twins out…then Kelly Kelly and Eve. Bellas in control of Kelly, then dropping jaw breaker by Kelly, Eve tagged in. Dropkick and clothesline to Nikki, then Brie knocked off apron. Kick by Eve to Nikki, then moonsault. Brie breaks up count, then Twin Magic by Bellas, with Brie getting pin on Eve.

Backstage in GM office with Punk, Lauranitis, and Otunga. Gm says Punk’s real problem is with Ziggler, not him and that at the Royal Rumble, he will be the special guest ref for Punk’s match with Dolph. Punk says that if he screws him out of title, Punk will be in jail for animal cruelty because he’s going to beat Lauranitis like a bitch.


Back from commercial:

Returning star vignette airs….time is now!

Lights out…………….it’s……………..Chris Jericho!!!!!! Crowd going crazy for Y2J. Though the longer he takes to talk, the less the crowd cheers….though he is working the crowd good. After pandering to the crowd, Jericho leaves without saying anything. WTH?


Back from commercial, main event time.

Big Show out…Ryder out…..Cena out…..Henry out…..Swagger out….Otunga out after Kane’s music plays. Kane not participating so now it’s a handicap match.

Swagger vs Cena to start. Back and forth…..Cena tags in Show, Swagger tags in Henry….back and forth….Show takes Henry down with shoulder block. Both outside, Henry has chair, Show punches it then Show hits Henry with chair. Both have been counted out.
Ryder and Swagger in. Broski Boot by Ryder, Rough Rider countered into ankle lock. Ryder tags in Cena. Shoulder blocks, 5 knuckle shuffle, Attitude Adjustment on Swagger for the pin…..Cena/Ryder/Show win.

After match, Kane in ring with Ryder as Cena’s on ramp. Kane assaults Cena outside ring, putting gloved hand over Cena’s face. Cena’s out. Kane takes Cena’s leg in hand, then looks in ring at Ryder and his injured ankle from the ankle lock. Kane into ring, going after Ryder. Then Kane pulls Ryder down through hole in ring, only to be saved by Cena at last minute. Kane’s pyro shoots through hole in ring, as both men look on.

End of show.

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