12/30/11 WWE Smackdown Recap

Dec 30, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

by Brad Hoy

Booker T opened the show talking about 2011, saying how it was a very memorable year e.g. entering the Royal Rumble match, becoming a commentator and beating Cody Rhodes. As Booker was thanking the fan’s, Cody then interrupted him. Rhodes started off by insulting the Indianapolis crowd before stating what he achieved in 2011 and proceeded to call Booker washed up, to which Booker replied by saying that if he had any respect for the business then Rhodes should congratulate him on his victory last week. Rhodes told Booker that he is a joke and to do himself a favor and go home, surprisingly Cody was confronted by his bother Goldust (in a suit with no makeup). Goldie, told Rhodes to respect Booker as Booker help him when he was fighting his own demons but Cody refused to even respect his brother and said Goldie was an even bigger joke. The two then agreed to face each other one more time next week for the IC title, as Booker went to sit down at the announce table Rhodes attacked his brother with a kick to the head before returning to the back. Jinder Mahal Vs Ted DiBiase

The match was pretty poor and didn’t have a lot to it; Jinder Mahal got the win via submission with the Camel Clutch. Backstage, Aksana flirted with Teddy, but was interrupted by Smackdown’s newest superstar, Drew McIntyre (I didn’t even realize he’d left. Teddy said that Drew is being paid too much considering he hasn’t done a lot recently, therefore, if Drew lost to Ezekiel Jackson later on he may have to think about letting him go. Drew reassured Teddy that he still has the passion and the ability that he use to have, and he will sow it tonight. Alicia Fox & Kaitlyn Vs Natalya & Tamina

As per usual the women’s matches have been pretty poor in recent times and this one was no different. Alicia Fox & Kaitlyn beat Natalya & Tamina, Alicia performed a scissor kick finisher on Natalya. Afterwards, Tamina turned face on Natalya with a super kick and Snuka splash. I just don’t understand why Natalya, who is one of the two good female wrestlers in the WWE at the moment, is jobbing to someone like Alicia Fox. It’s not as if this needs to happen because it’s a major event within the storyline, it just seems like the WWE are doing it because they can. I’m not saying the best shouldn’t put others over from now and again, I’m only saying that the best should not be jobbing every week.

Daniel Bryan was with AJ backstage when Big Show came and said he didn’t need help at Raw, even though Bryan thought he did. Teddy Long then interrupted and informed the two that instead of the tag match which was planed between Henry & Otunga and Show & Bryan that a rematch between Show and Otunga will take place with Mark Henry in Otunga’s corner.

Hunico Vs Justin Gabriel

The match was an entertaining one, the only thing was that it lasted less than 5 minutes which ended in Hunico getting the win via the Swanton Bomb. Hunico has adapted to the American style very well. However now that Sin Cara has injured himself (which was going to happen sooner or later, considering the amount of botching he was doing), Hunico has had lot more pressure to produce, as the focus has shifted from Cara to himself. I just don’t think he has been given enough of a push. However, Hunico was accompanied by Comacho and after the match was over they performed a joint finisher which suggests they will become a tag team in

the near future. Big Show Vs David Otunga w/ Mark Henry

This match (if you can call it a match) can only be described as a beat down as Otunga may have only got hit Show with one DDT and about 5 or 6 punches throughout the whole match. After the Big Show through Otunga out of the ring, Henry began to walk up the steel steps and entre the ring, only to be stopped by Daniel Bryan. Bryan attacked Henry with the World title and allowing Show to get the win via the WMD. In my opinion this is all leading to a Big show heel turn against Bryan; e.g. Bryan “saving” Show again aswell as his short title run. I believe this will culminate in only one outcome, which will most probable take place at the Rumble or maybe sooner.

Ezekiel Jackson Vs Drew McIntyre

The match was a very dull one where Ezekiel Jackson got the win by holding the tights. If I was you Teddy I’d fire both of them but let’s face it there would be a lot of things me and most wrestling fans would do better than Teddy and the WWE writers at the moment.

Backstage Drew McIntyre approached Teddy Long trying to convince him it was the referee’s fault, Teddy replied by saying he hates bad losers and Drew then stormed off.

Sheamus made his way to the ring and cut a promo, he stated that he didn’t want to talk about the past, he wanted to look forward to the future and how he will win the Royal Rumble. Sheamus was then interrupted by Hornswoggle who said that he will win the Rumble (there was also a strange conversation between the two, which I was rather strange). Heath Slater then made his way to the ring talking about how he doesn’t like Hornswoggle and how Sheamus isn’t the number one red head on Smackdown anymore. This promo was very weird and only continued to progress in the same direction, as Sheamus sang a line from the song by Journey; don’t stop believing and also quoted R Kelly “I believe I can fly” as he through Slater over the top rope. This lead to their match…

Sheamus Vs Heath Slater

The match was not the expected squash match as Slater managed to have a relatively long offensive attack but in the end we all knew how this match was going to end, and that’s with the great white being victorious. Sheamus got the pin after hitting Slater with the Brogue kick. Backstage, Bryan was telling Teddy how he feels that he is Show’s good luck charm. Show joined the conversation, where Bryan and he had argument about the fact that Show hasn’t thanked the champ for all of his help as of late. Eventually, Teddy explained why he had called them both to his office, he explained it was due to Raw having a big main event title match next week (Punk Vs Ziggler) and he feels that Smackdown needs a title match aswell. So it was announced that the two will face off next week for the title, Show commented saying that Bryan has had a good run, to which Bryan replied by saying no matter what happens next week, at least his title run lasted longer than 45 seconds. Wade Barrett vs. Randy Orton (fall’s count anywhere match)

After about seven minutes of good solid wrestling in the ring, Orton threw Barrett over the guardrail and they had another great and very entertaining backstage brawl, which ended up with Barrett having thrown Orton down a staircase. Barrett then seemed to realise that what he had done may have serious injured Orton and ran out of the building. Smackdown went off air with Randy at the bottom of the staircase in an awkward position and therefore the match was a no contest.

Brad’s question of the week:

If you could change any three things about the WWE in its current state, what would they be?

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