Recap of 12/9/11 WWE Smackdown

Dec 9, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

by Brad Hoy

SmackDown kicked off in Jacksonville with Booker T lying on the floor to the side of the ramp. A replay was then shown of what happened just moments earlier: As Booker T made his way to the ring Cody Rhodes attacked him from behind. Rhodes proceeded to interrupt Lilian Garcia’s first speech back as announcer of Smackdown, and stated that no one cares she is back and that he’s the new commentator to replace Booker for tonight.

As Wade Barrett made his way to the ring it was announced that there will be a “Beat The Clock” challenge, with the winner between Randy Orton and Wade Barrett being able to choose what type of match they would have at TLC.

Wade Barrett Vs Ezekiel Jackson
Wade Barrett carried Ezekiel Jackson throughout most of the match, Barrett went for Wasteland but Big Zeek wriggled out of it, only to be caught by a huge bossman/sidewalk slam. Barrett got the victory with a time of 7:53 minuets.

After the match Barrett grabbed the mic and said that he has done what no one else has been able to do before and that’s get into the head of the viper and Randy’s usual psychological advantage is no more.

It was announced that Randy Orton will face Dolph Ziggler in his “Beat The Clock” match later on in the night.

David Otunga was backstage with Teddy Long saying how he is a Raw superstar and therefore his loss last week should not count. Long then informed that any superstar must abide by whatever the ruling authority says, the GM then informed Otunga that he will face Sheamus later that night.

Josh Matthews interviewed Daniel Bryan in the ring about losing the title match against Mark Henry last week. Bryan said he felt very disappointed about his lost last week; Cole then interrupted and stated that he is nothing but a loser. The two then argued back and forth until Bryan exited the ring and went to confront Cole face to face only to get beat down by Cody Rhodes (who was still on commentary at the time but left ringside shortly after).

The most frustrating thing about that segment was Michael Cole and his extremely irritating character; has the WWE still not realized that yes OK Cole is getting heat but it’s the kind of heat that makes viewers change channel not continue watching to see how the story unravels. Also Cole was burring Bryan from the very first moment he stepped foot on the ramp which may be a bit more acceptable if it wasn’t one of the best WRESTLERS in the company. Unfortunately, I can’t see Bryan becoming Champ anytime soon unless our force fed view of him changes.

Zack Ryder Vs Heath Slater
A huge pop for Zack Ryder as he made his way to the ring. The match was a pretty quickly one, with Slater doing a good job of putting Ryder over even more than he already was. Zack got the win via the Rough Ryder.

Teb DiBiase Vs Jinder Mahal
This match was rather poor and boring one with not much too it, DiBiase got the victory over Mahal with a roll up. I’m personally a fan of DiBiase and think he has potential but I’ll be the first to say he should turn back to being a heel as he can’t seem to pull of being a nice guy.

Big Show cut a promo in the ring, stating that he hasn’t been Champ for 9 years since he beat Brock Lesnar and at TLC he will become World Heavyweight champion once again. Mark Henry then interrupted, saying that he isn’t looking for a fight and that both of them are the two best big men ever to step foot in the ring. After that absurd comment Henry then offered Show his hand, saying to let bygones be bygones and let the best man win at TLC. Show eventually accepts the handshake; Henry then told Show that he just thinks he is a monster, whereas Henry knows that he is one. Both superstars begin to fight in the ring which ends with the Big Show hitting the champ with a chair.

Sheamus Vs David Otunga
Sheamus defeated David Otunga with a Brogue kick in what can only be described as a squash match.

Cody Rhodes Vs Daniel Bryan
Overall the match was well worked, with some good spots. Both wrestlers demonstrated why they are at the top of their game and why they deserve to receive bigger pushes in the company. Bryan went for the Superfly body splash which came to no avail, as Rhodes made it to his feet Booker T’s music hit and he ran to the ring and attacked the Intercontinental champion. Therefore the match ended in a disqualification.

Teddy Long is backstage, and as per usual had a segment with Aksana. Cody Rhodes then barged in and demanded a match with Booker T. Long then announced that Cody will face Booker T at the TLC PPV and the Intercontinental title will be on the line.

Matt Striker is backstage with Randy Orton and in reply to Barrett’s earlier comments; Orton believes that Wade has actually done Ziggler a favour as he would usually take his time enduring pain to his opponent. As far as Barrett being inside his head, Randy reassured us that he has him exactly where he wants him.

Randy Orton Vs Dolph Ziggler
The main event was a very good match, much like Bryan Vs Rhodes, both athletes showed why they are some of the best in the company. With only 40 seconds left on the clock Barrett managed to attack Orton on the outside whilst Vickie distracted the referee. It all seemed to be over as Randy stumbled back into the ring with only 10 seconds remaining, but if there is one thing the Viper can do and that’s strike, and strike he did. Orton landed an RKO and got the pin with only 2 seconds left on the clock.

After the match Barrett attacked Orton once again, Barrett then congratulate Orton and told him that even though he gets to choose the stipulation for TLC, he is going to make his own suggestion. Wade then drags Randy to the outside and attempts to put him through a table, there is a little scuffle and Barrett escapes up the ramp. Orton then turns to Ziggler and power bombs him through the table. This strongly suggested that Orton agreed with Barrett and the match he has chosen is a table’s match.

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