Smackdown Results 11/29/11

Nov 29, 2011 - by Atlee Greene

Smackdown results  11/29/11 

Time Warner Cable Arena in Charlotte, NC


By Atlee Greene



Smackdown opens with snow falling from the ceiling and Mick Foley comes to the ring dress as Santa Claus. Mick says he is obsessed with Christmas and he is to Christmas what J.R. is to BBQ and what the Ultimate Warrior is to arm tassels. Foley announced the WHC match with Tiny Tim (Daniel Bryan) vs. Ghost of Christmas fear (Mark Henry). Also announces a Miracle on 34th Street fight and an All I want for Christmas battle royal where the winner gets a wish from Santa. He says Michael Cole has a good legal team and could not keep him off the show. However, the guest host dictates how Cole dresses and Cole comes out dress as Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. Foley announces Booker T who comes to the ring dressed as Santa. Foley doesn’t want to leave out the Jewish fans and wants Booker to do the dradle (Spin-a-Roonie ). After, Booker says he feels the holiday spirit and Cody Rhodes appears on the stage. Says he sees a lowly announcer playing in childish games and he is taking time away from people who still have the skills to compete. Booker says he has no problem with him but he will handle his business son. Cody cuts him off saying “Son? Son? You lie” and says Booker is mad he will never hold the gold over his head again.

Foley cuts him off and says Christmas will come early for him as Rhodes have a match with the 5x WCW champion, Booker T. Foley says he has a party to get back to and wants to start the night off right with a special Divas match as they march to the ring dressed as Santa’s helpers and we go to break.


We come back with the Divas in the ring and Foley says this is a special Mistletoe where the one who climbs the pole and grabs the Mistletoe will get a special surprise they can cash in between now and Christmas. Even though he didn’t say it, Josh Matthews assumes the winner will get a Divas title match.

-Mistletoe on a Pole Match: Bella Twins, Tamina, Natalya, Alicia Fox, Kaitlyn, AJ, Aksana, Natalya and Rosa Mendes.

The fighting begins and Alicia goes for the Mistletoe but fails and Nikki Bella and  Brie Bella fight each other and Brie climbs up Nikki and grabs the Mistletoe.

Winner: Brie Bella

Foley comes out after and apologizes for the confusion and says there was no title match on the line but she can give a kiss to any WWE Superstar between now and Christmas.

The “Second 2012” URL was displayed during the match.


Justin Gabriel is in the ring and Jinder Mahal comes out and says Christmas is whats wrong with America because we buy gifts with money we don’t have and for people we don’t like.


-Justin Gabriel vs. Jinder Mahal

Mahal hammers away on Gabriel from the opening bell. He hits Gabriel with a double underhook, over head suplex for a two count. Mahal whips Mahal in the corner and rams his shoulder into his chest a couple of times. Ted DiBiase comes out wearing a Santa hat and a big red bag full of gifts that he is handing out to the fans at ringside. This distracts Mahal as he walks into a spin kick from Gabriel and gets hit with the 450 Splash for the win.

Winner via pinfall:  Justin Gabriel

Backstage, Mick Foley is partying with The Usos. “Rowdy” Roddy Piper comes in and hugs Foley. Hornswoggle is running around and Dusty Rhodes walks up to him and asks for a picture of Lady Gaga. He turns around to see his son, Goldust. Rhodes walks out and Piper is chatting with Derrick Bateman until David Otunga walks in the room and says the party is a violation of WWE’s rules and to shut the party down. Foley says Otunga is a member of Smackdown for the night. Foley says he’ll face Randy Orton in the Miracle on 34th Street fight.

A Kane Resurrected video is shown

Cole and Matthews show footage from last weeks Raw where Cody threw a cup of water in his face and Cole claims Rhodes is going beatdown Booker T and he will never to commentary again.

Matt Striker interviews Booker T and asked why Cody Rhodes has a problem with him and Cody jumps him from behind, before he could answer. Rhodes smashes the I.C. title belt over Booker’s shoulder and he screams in pain as refs and officials check on him.

We come back from the break with Kofi Kingston making his way to the ring as Tyson Kidd is already in the ring. Cole says Foley announced Booker T vs. Cody Rhodes will not take place because of what took place before the break.

Michael Cole and #Smackdown are now trending on Twitter.

-Kofi Kingston vs. Tyson Kidd

Kidd gets a waist lock and Kingston reverses and Kidd transitions into a wristlock. Kingston gets out and rolls him up for a two count. Kingston goes for a monkey flip but no go as  Kidd dropkicks him in the face for a only a two count. Kidd whips Kingston into ropes and hits a back elbow for a two count. Kidd applies the dragon sleeper but Kofi fights up but is cut off by Kidd as he is sent into the ropes and misses an back elbow, and they hit each other with a double clothesline.

Kingston comes back with some punches and chops and a dropkick, and Boom Drop Kidd gets out of the ring before the Trouble in Paradise. Kingston follows him and ducks a clothesline, and Kingston dropkicks Kidd. Kingston takes time out to rip off Michael Cole’s reindeer antlers and nose. Kidd kicks him in the stomach to regain control but Kingston reverses a whip into the ring apron and he throws Kidd into the ring. Kingston puts on antlers and hits a cross-body block from the top rope for the win.

Winner via pinfall: Kofi Kingston

We go back to the party and Sheamus asked Teddy Long what is a “All I want for Christmas battle royal” Long doesn’t know but says the prize will be worth it. Aksana walks in while Sheamus leaves as stripper music plays and she apologizes to Teddy for not winning for not winning the Mistletoe match. Teddy says they have Mistletoe now, and they leave the room and they cut to Randy Orton walking to the ring as we go to break.

We are back and they show the finish of the Dolph Ziggler vs. Randy Orton match from Raw last night.


Miracle on 34th Street fight: Randy Orton vs. David Otunga

They lock up and Otunga pushes him off but is met with a shoulder tackle from Orton. Orton throws him outside the ring and slams his Otunga’s head into the ring apron and throws him into a Christmas tree placed at ring side. Otunga is thrown into another Christmas tree at ring side and Otunga regains control by slamming Orton’s back into the ring apron. Otunga tries to slam Orton’s head into the commentary table but Orton blocks it and slams Otunga head into it. Orton eats a cookie and hits Otunga with the baking sheet. Orton places a wreath on Otunga’s head and yells “Ho, Ho, Ho and throws him into a third Christmas tree. Otunga turns the tables and throws Orton into the steps.  He suplexs Orton and finds a kendo stick dressed as a candy cane under the ring and Orton spears him before he gets hit with it. Orton grabs the cane and hits Otunga with the cane a couple of times. Orton brings him to the top of the ramp and throws him into the very large Christmas tree making it four tree tonight. Orton brings Otunga back down to ringside and hits him with the hanging DDT from the apron to the floor. Wade Barrett comes out and hits Orton from behind and rams his head into the steel post and throws him in the ring and rolls Otunga into the ring for the cover but its only two. Otunga stomps Orton in the corner. Otunga tries to whips Orton into the opposite corner but Orton blocks it and hits a couple of clotheslines followed with the power slam and the RKO for the win.

Winner via pinfall Randy Orton


Backstage, Teddy Long asks Mark Henry why he is not in the Christmas spirit and Henry says he would not be in this mess if it wasn’t for him. Says he will take out Big Show at T.L.C. and will make sure Daniel Bryan’s dream will not come true tonight and yells at Long to leave his locker room.

Back from the break and the majority of the wrestlers are in the ring for the battle royal and Hunico, Sheamus and Hornswoggle come out but Hornswoggle hides under the ring.


-All I want for Christmas Battle Royal

Sheamus throws out Darren Young right away and follows it up with one of the Usos. Ezekiel Jackson eliminates Curt Hawkins and he and Sheamus stare each other down and they trade punches and forearms until Sheamus gains control and eliminates Ezekiel Jackson. Johnny Curtis jumps on Sheamus back and gets thrown out for his trouble. Kofi Kingston eliminates the the other Uso  and Tyson Kidd gets revenge and eliminates Kofi with a dropkick. Kidd follows up with eliminating Yoshi Tatsu. Ted DiBiase attempts to eliminate Kidd but Kidd eliminates him and Hornswoggle comes from underneath the ring and pulls Kidd off the rope eliminating him as he runs back under the ring and we go to break.

Seven people left and Jinder Mahal eliminates Justin Gabriel and Titus O’Neil hits Tyler Reks with the Clash of the Titus (spinebuster) and Sheamus throws him out while Titus was gloating over the spinebuster. Heath Slater and  Jinder Mahal until Sheamus regains control and fights back clotheslines Slater, Mahal and Hunico. Tyler Reks hits Sheamus from behind and Sheamus is pissed and takes him down. Reks tries to run and Sheamus chases him. Everyone else leaves the ring and they beat Sheamus down outside. They get back in the ring Mahal attempts to form some sort of alliance. They circle the ring, and Mahal pulls Hornswoggle from under the ring . The heels surround Hornswoggle and he looks scared. They take turns shoving him down to the mat. Mahal and Tyler Reks go to throw Hornswoggle over the top rope and before they can, Sheamus rushes back into the ring to make the save. Sheamus eliminates Tyler Reks, Hunico, and Jinder Mahal and hits Heath Slater with the Brogue Kick. It’s only Sheamus and  Hornswoggle left. Sheamus smiles while Hornswoggle throws some air punches. Sheamus wants him to leave and Hornswoggle tells him to leave Hornswoggle kicks him in the shins and Sheamus grabs him and he tries to throw him out. Hornswoggle holds on to the rope  and Sheamus attempts to shake him off. Sheamus goes on the apron to shake him off. Sheamus tries to talk him into letting him win and Hornswoggle offers a hug. Sheamus says why not and Hornswoggle pushes him off the apron. Sheamus is shocked.

Winner: Hornswoggle


Back at the party, the Bella Twins chat with Ricardo Rodriguez while Roddy Piper is talking with Dusty Rhodes until Mick Foley walks in  They act as if it’s the real Santa and Foley asks Hornswoggle what he wants. Sheamus says he wants the ability to speak for himself and Foley hugs him and Hornswoggle thanks him. Hornswoggle is shocked and happy that he can talk now. He calls Vickie Guerrero grandma and says says “EXCUSE ME”. Mick Foley walks in with his Cactus Jack shirt on and wonders how Hornswoggle can talk now while the chair is was sitting in as Santa is now empty.

Daniel Bryan is backstage when AJ walks up to wish him luck with a kiss on the cheek. Bryan says he dream will become a reality and says everyone taps and we go to break.


-World Heavyweight Championship: Mark Henry vs. Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan tries to climb the cage right away and Henry pulls him down. He goes for the door and Henry cuts him off. Henry stalks him until Bryan hits a couple of leg kicks and Henry shoves him down to the mat. Henry grabs him but Bryan fights back with some knees to the stomach and Henry throws him into the fencing of the cages and follows up with a splash into the cage as we go to break.

We are back and they show during the break that he was using the cage as a weapon against Bryan and sling shot him off the ropes into the cage. Henry applies a submission to the trapezius of Bryan. Bryan fights out but Henry shakes it off and tries to walk out of the door. Bryan charges at him but Henry clotheslines him and knocks him inside out. Henry goes for the door again and Bryan dives for the bad leg of Henry and he falls to the mat. Bryan climbs to escape but Henry shakes the cage and Bryan crotches himself on the top rope and is hit with a clothesline for his trouble. Henry picks him up but Bryan tries to grab the injured ankle and Henry cuts him off. Henry shakes his leg for a couple of seconds and lifts Bryan over his shoulder but Bryan slides up and over and drop kicks the bad ankle and locks on the LeBell Lock but Henry gets out of it and Bryan switches to the Ankle Lock and places him in the center of the ring but Henry uses his power to roll through.

Mark Henry attempts to scale the cage but Bryan climbs up and over him and hangs over the cage and Henry is holding on to him by his arm and pulls him back in ring. They trade punches and Bryan gets out and over again and Henry, again, pulls him back in with one arm and sets him in position and hits the W.S.S. from the second rope that lays Daniel Bryan out for the pin.

Winner and still champion: Mark Henry. 

Mark Henry gets to his feet and he raises the title belt over his head. They show a T.L.C. graphic and state it will be Mark Henry vs. The Big Show at the PPV as the show ends.

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