11/25/11 WWE Smackdown Recap

Nov 25, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

Smackdown Recap 25th November 2011

by Brad Hoy

Smackdown kicked off from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania with the World Heavyweight champion Mark Henry hobbled his way to the ring on crutches and a walking boot on his injured right foot to cut a promo. During the well cut promo Henry said that he deserves a lot more respect than what he has been getting as champ and doesn’t understand why the WWE Universe are happy that he is injured. Henry continued to call Big Show a liar and he didn’t kick him in the “private parts”, and yes that is a direct quote, he actually kicked him in the knee and Show made it look like something it wasn’t.
Henry added that he is not only the World’s strongest man but he is also the World’s toughest man, however Teddy Long and the WWE medical team say that he is unfit to compete tonight.

Shows music hits, once in the ring Show accused Henry of getting disqualified on purpose as he felt the title slipping away. Show then added that he injured Henrys leg because that is what he did to him, Henry then interrupted and stated that Show is the World’s Largest loser (great come back Mark, you showed him). In which Big Show replied with a knockout punch, this was followed by the biggest pop of the night…

Daniel Bryan cashes in his money in the bank briefcase, the referee rings the bell, Bryan gets the cover 1…2…3… and a NEW world heavyweight champion Daniel Bryan. Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? Would the WWE really let Bryan cash in and win the title, let alone so soon after a PPV? Well you’d be right, Teddy Long came out and announced that as Henry was not cleared to compete and therefore Bryan victory will not count. Nevertheless, Long said that he can keep hold of the briefcase and on top of that he will be put in the fatal four way match tonight against Cody Rhoades, Wade Barrett and Randy Orton, with the winner taking on Mark Henry at next week’s live Smackdown for the championship.

Justin Gabriel Vs Hunico
The match was a surprisingly decent one which ended in Hunico getting the win via the Swanton Bomb. Hunico has been given a big push of late and has adapted to the American style very well. However now that Sin Cara has injured himself (which was going to happen sooner or later, considering the amount of botching he was doing), Hunico has a lot more pressure to produce, as the focus has shifted from Cara to himself. I just hope he can continue to step up to the mark as he has been doing recently.

Beth Phoenix & Natalya Vs AJ & Kaitlyn
(With Alicia Fox on commentary)
As per usual the women’s matches have been pretty poor in recent times and this one was no different. Throughout the match neither Kaitlyn nor Beth were involved, and Natalya got the victory using the sharpshooter on AJ and Kaitlyn left ringside immediately. After the match, Natalya again applied the sharpshooter on AJ as Beth told AJ to cry, Alicia Fox confronted Beth and Natalya in the ring, and they then backed down and left the ring.
Backstage, Mark Henry interrupted Aksana and Teddy Long and spoke about next week’s live Smackdown (which will be hosted my Mick Foley). The GM said that the WWE doctors will be clearing him for next week and therefore will be able to take on the winner of the fatal four way match late on in the show. Also Teddy Long then added that next week’s match will be inside a steel cage; Henry then went mad and told Teddy Long that if he keeps throwing things like this at him then he’ll make sure Long “gets his”.

Next saw Zack Ryder and Sheamus cut a funny promo backstage, saying that they will beat Swagger & Ziggler, and after their victory they will go and celebrate.

Jack Swagger & Dolph Ziggler Vs Sheamus & Zack Ryder
Ziggler grabbed the mic and said that at Survivor Series he was victorious twice and a lot of people thought he was showing off but Dolph said that was him making. The match was as expected a good one with some great spots, plus Ryder got a huge pop from the Pennsylvanian crowd. Amongst a few good spots, Ziggler hit another awesome dropkick, this time Ryder was on the receiving end of it. Ryder hit the Rough Ryder for the win.

Bryan is seen backstage talking with AJ and saying how holding the title in his hands and having it taken away from him has only made him want it even more. Wade Barrett then interrupted saying that Bryan will get plenty more chances but tonight will not be one of them, Bryan then replied by saying that he is afraid of Barrett and that Barrett hasn’t won any world titles either.

Ted DiBiase Vs Health Slater
At the beginning of the match Jinder Mahal distracted Ted DiBiase as he appeared on the titantron. Heath Slater took advantage of the distraction and attacked DiBiase from behind. Ted soon regained control of the match; which was over pretty quickly with DiBiase getting the win by hitting Health Slater with the Dream Street. The crowd was dead throughout.

Cody Rhodes cut a promo on Booker T after throwing a bottle of water over him on this past Raw and said he did it because Booker T was mocking him during his match.

Fatal Four Way
Daniel Bryan Vs Randy Orton Vs Cody Rhodes Vs Wade Barrett
The match was a very good match with probably four best wrestlers on Smackdown (not including Ziggler or Sheamus), the match was nonstop and was worked very well with a great flow to it. Each participant took their turn in demonstrating their skills in the ring, which ending with Cody Rhodes tapping out to the Labell Lock. Therefore even though Bryan was denied his money in the bank cash in at the beginning of the show, he will now face Mark Henry for the World heavyweight championship next week.

After the match Rhodes attacked Bryan, trying to get some sort of revenge. However Orton made the save and hit Rhodes with an RKO and quickly exited the ring to allow Bryan to have his moment.

Will Bryan need his briefcase to finally win the title from the World’s strongest man?

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