11/25/11 Impact Wrestling Recap

Nov 25, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

Impact Wrestling
By Cody A. Springer

We recap last week when James Storm tried to find out who gave him a concussion. It turned out to be Kurt Angle.

Kurt Angle then makes his way down from the ramp. He says he despises when people accuse him of attacking people from behind. He says he didn’t attack James Storm, James just didn’t see him coming. He says don’t say that again or he might take it personally. James Storm’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring to confront Kurt. He says that the conflict between him and Kurt was more than personal. He dares Kurt to attack him face to face. He said that it became personal when James Storm screwed Kurt over for the World Championship, so all he did was screw James Storm out of the World Championship in return. Kurt says he didn’t come here to fight. Kurt then calls on Christopher Daniels, Jeff Jarrett and Bully Ray to come and fight Storm. James says that Kurt gave a message to his daughter, and his daughter sent him a message back. Storm then punches Kurt in the face, and all hell breaks loose. Storm quickly gets away from the group before AJ Styles, RVD and Mr. Anderson join him in fighting Angle’s contingent.

We return with Eric Young and Rudy Charles on a weird tandem bike EY built. He tells Rudy to get in the cooler and Rudy pulls out a turkey suit. Eric starts mumbling about Robbie E as we go back live to the Impact Zone. We go to another recap of last week with the confrontation between Sting and Mexican America, and the Tag Team Championship match between Mexican America, and Crimson & Matt Morgan.

Match #1 – Tag Team Championship: Matt Morgan & Crimson vs. Mexican America
As soon as Crimson and Matt Morgan hit the ring, a brawl ensues. We end up with Morgan and Anarquia in the ring as he levels him with a discus clothesline. Crimson in, drops Anarquia in the corner and hits him with a huge running clothesline. Crimson levels Anarquia with a Fireman’s Carry Spinebuster looking thing. Morgan back in, hits a powerslam on Anarquia, and runs and hits a big boot on Hernandez who’s on the apron. Tag to Crimson, and a huge double shoulder block. Huge double chokeslam by Crimson and Morgan, then Crimson with the pin and the 3.
Winners: Matt Morgan and Crimson

Eric Young is backstage confronting Robbie E and tells him the Turkey Suit challenge is on tonight.

We return recapping the Knockout’s Gauntlet from last week. Mickie James is the new number one contender, and Karen Jarrett makes her way out with Gail Kim, Madison Rayne, and Traci Brooks. Karen orders Tara, Brooke Tessmacher, Velvet Sky, Winter and Angelina Love to make their way out to the ring. They do so, and Karen talks about how the men want more skin, even though Karen wants less. So, tonight we’re going to have the first ever Lingerie Ball. The knockouts look like they aren’t very happy, but they reluctantly leave to go get changed.

We return with Christy Hemme interviewing the knockouts. Tara says that she’s not happy because she’s here to be a wrestler, not naked. Ms. Tessmacher says that she models at home, but here she wants to kick some ass. Velvet says it’s degrading to the division, and says that it’s because Karen Jarrett has it out for Velvet. We go to Gail Kim’s locker room, where Mickie comes in and says they need to talk in private. So the camera is able to see the entire thing through a crack in the door, and Mickie basically calls Gail a hypocrite, then attacks her. Madison comes in to save Gail, but Gail shoves her out of the way, and beats down Mickie. Gail kicks the camera guy, and he falls down as we go to commercial.

Match #2 – “Thanksgiving Thong Thunder”: Winter, Angelina Love & Madison Rayne vs. Tara, Brooke Tessmacher & Velvet Sky
They start off with a test of beauty, as they each try to gain the crowd’s approval with their skimpy outfits. This goes on for about five minutes, but when the Velvet’s team go for a group pose, they get attacked from behind by the opposing side. They brawl until Winter and Tara are left in the ring. Winter hits Tara with a clothesline in the corner, and covers for two. We go to commercial.

We return from commercial with Winter and Tara still in the ring. Tara hits a standing moonsault for a two, and Tessmacher is tagged in. Tara whips Winter in the corner, and Tessmacher hits the huge booty smash, and Winter looks dazed and confused after all of dat ass. Tessmacher with armdrags, and a dropkick. Winter tags in Madison. Madison throws Tessmacher in the corner, and goes for an elbow, but Tessmacher reverses. Another reversal whip and we have Tessmacher in the other corner. Tessmacher tries for a reversal, but Madison throws her legs in the ropes and slams her down by her hair. Madison chokes Tessmacher on the ropes. Madison with a tag to Winter. Backbreaker by Winter and a cover for two. Winter with a tag to Angelina, and throws Tessmacher in the corner, then whips Angelina in to Tessmacher. Angelina stomps on Tessmacher, before Tessmacher surprises Angelina with a roll up for two. Both women charge at each other and drive each other’s faces to the mat. Tags to Velvet and Madison. Velvet clotheslines everybody. Velvet with a bulldog, and goes for the DDT, but is broken up by Winter. A giant brawl ensues with everybody. Velvet gets decked from behind by Madison while everybody else is on the outside. Madison hits the overdrive, and the goes to get her Knockouts Tag Title. Mickie James intercepts the title, and jawbreakers Madison on the rope, which allows Velvet to hit the DDT for the 3.
Winners: Tara, Brooke Tessmacher & Velvet Sky

We return with Karen irate that the outfits weren’t skimpy enough, and that next week Karen will provide the outfits. We return to the Impact Zone where Jeff Hardy makes his way out wearing the mask he wore at Turning Point. The mask comes off and it’s actually Jeff Jarrett. He ponders why everybody loves Jeff Hardy so much. He says the reason why the fans love Hardy so much is because they relate to him so much, because they’re all failures and embarrassments. Hardy rushes out and brawls with Jarrett. Out comes Immortal and they beat down Hardy until everybody else that’s in the tag match later tonight except Storm and Angle comes out. Security comes out, and Jarrett is able to drive Hardy’s skull into the steel steps twice. We go to commercial with Immortal standing tall.

Match #3 – Loser Wears a Turkey Suit: Television Champion Robbie E vs. Eric Young
There’s also an introduction for Rudy Charles and the Turkey Suit. Robbie E attacks EY before the bell, and rolls him in the ring. The match starts as Robbie E attacks the turkey suit, and throws it at Rudy Charles. Robbie E with a fist drop off the top for two. Rudy is counting with the turkey suit on his hand. EY with a huge belly to belly for two. Robbie has something Robbie T gave him. Robbie nails EY with it and covers for the three after a Rudy Charles turkey dance. Robbie E drops a roll of pennies, and Rudy Charles restarts the match. Robbie argues with Rudy and Eric nails a jumping pile driver for the win.
Winner: Eric Young

EY gets on the mic and says Robbie E is too beaten up to wear it, so they elect Robbie T. Robbie reluctantly puts it on under threat that Robbie E’s TV Title would be stripped.

Main Event – Elimination Tag Team Match: Team Storm (RVD, Jeff Hardy, AJ Styles & Mr. Anderson) vs. Team Angle (Bully Ray, Christopher Daniels, Jeff Jarrett & Robert Roode)
Jeff Hardy is unable to compete after the beating earlier. Robert Roode is on commentary, stating that he isn’t loose enough yet to compete. We start off with Christopher Daniels and AJ Styles. AJ in control early on, and Daniels tags Jarrett. AJ tags Anderson. Anderson with armdrags and an elbow drop. Tag to Bully Ray. Bully Ray with a suplex and a cover for two. Tag to Daniels, and a back kick for a two by Daniels. Anderson battles back and hits the steamroller for a two. Tag to RVD. RVD with the step over heel kick, an RVD taunt, and a cover for two. Tag to Jarrett. Jarrett whips RVD hard into the corner, and RVD falls to the mat holding his back. Tag to Bully Ray. Splash by Ray for two. Tag to Daniels. Daniels drives RVD into Ray’s boot. Tag to Jarrett. Lots more tags. Tag to Anderson who’s in like a house of fire. Neckbreaker by Anderson to Ray for two. Anderson lifted Ray up for the steamroller, but Ray battles out of it. Uranage by Ray, and Roode quickly makes his way down and tags Ray, covers Anderson for the three. Anderson eliminated. AJ in and huge forearms by AJ. Roode low blows AJ. Roode DQ’s and eliminated. Commercial. We return with Daniels and AJ. Tags to Ray, and a double suplex by Ray and Jarrett on AJ. Ray punishes AJ in the corner. AJ battles back, and goes for a DDT, but Ray shoots him off. Tag to Daniels. Daniels attempts the Angel’s Wings, but is countered into a hurricanrana by AJ. RVD tagged in. Big kick to RVD, and a kick to Jeff and shot to Ray. Rolling Thunder on Daniels. RVD up top for the five-star, but Angle pushes him off. Storm and Angle brawl on the outside as Daniels pins RVD for the three. Rob eliminated. Daniels is busted open. All three men team up on AJ. Daniels drives AJ into Ray’s boot. Tag to Ray. AJ battles back, but a huge back body drop by Ray. Ray says “Give him the moonsault” to Daniels. Daniel with a Uranage, and the BME which is countered with boots by AJ. Jarrett and Ray both in, go for a sandwich clothesline, but AJ ducks, and Ray and Jarrett go down. Hardy’s music hits, and he’s out ready for a tag. Hardy’s in like a house of fire on Daniels. Spinning mule kick and a twist of fate for the three. Daniels is eliminated. Jarrett in and a small package on Jarrett for three. Jarrett eliminated. Ray in with a huge boot, and a cover for two. Ray picks up Hardy with Jarrett, and they whip him off the ropes. AJ with a blind tag. Hardy hits a double clothesline on Ray and Jarrett, and AJ hits a huge flying forearm on Ray for the three.
Winners/Survivors: AJ Styles & Jeff Hardy

After the match, Roode comes in and attacks Hardy and AJ with the belt. Impact goes off the air with Roode standing tall over AJ.

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