11/21/11 WWE RAW RECAP

Nov 21, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

live from Hershey, PA:

by Hans Keller

“Yes, sir! We promised you a great main event today…”

Welcome folks and great to see you again! Let’s have a great night.

The show opens with the usual opening graphic as we are greeted LIVE from Hershey, PA. Out comes the NEW WWE Champion CM Punk, and man am I glad I was wrong about this prediction. A man who truly deserves every accolade he’s received about to impart his gift upon all of us, his voice. Punk starts things off by giving everyone a story. He recalls 1st grade and being asked what he wanted to be when he grew up, saying he wanted to be a professional wrestler. He started all the way from the bottom all the way to where he is now. He was honored to be able to win the title at MSG. The most satisfying is that he did it on his terms. He’s never tried to be anyone but himself. He proclaims the game of hot potato with the championship is done because it is on “The Best in the World” and it will stay there. He knows people in high places don’t like it, but its fact: Punk is the face of the WWE.

Punk takes a seat, and says he will make the WWE Championship interesting and be an agent of change, and the first thing he’s gonna find out: where is the WWE ice cream bars?! And he wants to change the term “Interim General Manager” to “FORMER General Manager” and then gets cut off BY the Interim General Manager John Laurainitis. Ace says he doesn’t want an adversarial relationship and says both of them want whats best and congratulates Punk. He congratulates Punk and says hes is going to take the high road and doesn’t understand Punk’s issue. Punk says he couldn’t hear him and says why: when it comes to Mr. McMahon: he’s a soulless bastard but he’ll tell you that to his face, but Ace is like typical middle management and out of touch and two-faced. He says unless Ace can be innovative and a voice of change, he will look down on him. Ace corrects him and says he’s upper-management and says Punk has him wrong and says he DOES have a wild side. He’s going to prove it by giving Del Rio his rematch next week. Punk mocks Ace asking why he can’t have the match now? Ace says he has other plans, saying he will face Dolph Ziggler in a champion vs. champion match tonight. Punk calls it stupid and uses that as justification that Ace doesn’t care. He says the crowd wants Ziggler vs. Zack Ryder! Ace says Ryder has Del Rio tonight; says Ryder can’t beat Ziggler, and neither can he. Punk then proclaims he will win, and next week he’ll beat Del Rio, and someday somebody is going to beat sense into him.

We are treated to exclusive WWE footage of The Rock thanking the fans, and The Rock proclaims himself a Ryder fan! Out comes Long Island Iced Z. His match with Alberto Del Rio: NEXT!

We come back and Alberto Del Rio gets his usual entrance…till Zack Ryder socks Ricardo in the face and gives everyone a Woo Woo Woo! This match is underway!

Zack Ryder vs. Alberto Del Rio
Del Rio kicks at Ryder and nails him while he’s down. Clearly frustrated, he works on Ryder’s arm. Cover good only for one, then Del Rio goes back to the arm with an armbar. Ryder tries to get back up but Del Rio beats him back down. Ryder back up again and whips Del Rio and gets a head of steam. A pair of clotheslines followed up by a flapjack. Irish whip countered but Del Rio meets Ryder’s knees and gets a kick. Rough Ryder dodged and Del Rio shoves his shoulder into the ring post, then hits an enziguiri. Cross Arm breaker applied and Long Island Iced Z has no choice but to tap.
WINNER: Alberto Del Rio

John Cena will respond to The Rock Rock Bottoming him after their match at Survivor Series tonight. Sheamus in action NEXT!

The Great White Sheamus makes his way out to the ring, and he’ll be facing Jack Swagger.

Sheamus vs. Jack Swagger w/ Vickie Guerrero
Lock up, Swagger gets a quick advantage taking Sheamus down and pounding on him, but then Sheamus puts him in a corner and eventually kicks him out. Vickie yells at Sheamus as Swagger gets back in. Swagger gets back on the advantage, but not for long as he misses a leg drop. Body slam and a kick for two. He gets Swagger in another corner and makes him meet his knee. Swagger gets back up and elbows and takes Sheamus down. Vader bomb for two, followed by an armbar. Sheamus gets up but met with knees to his gut and a boot to the chest. A surfboard-like maneuver applied to the Great White as Sheamus tries to make it back to his feet, which he does briefly till he’s brought back down. He makes another attempt to get up and headbutts his way out, and gives Swagger three double sledges and pounds him in the corner. Body slam cover good for two. Sheamus goes to the top rope, he misses Swaggers ram, but misses the Brogue Kick and Swagger sinks the ankle lock, but Sheamus kicks out of it. BROGUE KICK!
WINNER: Sheamus

CM Punk vs. Dolph Ziggler later tonight!

Next: We hear from Kevin Nash, who has something to get off his chest.

WWE Slam of the Week: Kevin Nash’s attack on Triple H last month

With that, Kevin Nash makes his way out to the stage, and said he watched Survivor Series from the back. He said MSG is sweet to them as he won the WWE Championship there, and the Kliq was formed there. He thought he had a friend in Triple H, but he had a boss. Last night should have been him and Triple H taking Rock and Cena, but because Triple H is gone, that couldn’t happen because of him. He tells Triple H that Survivor Series may be gone, but one thing is clear: the real survivor of “that group” is himself.

John Cena reacts to The Rock later tonight!

Michael Cole plugs last night’s Survivor Series PPV. And now Cody Rhodes (SANS Mask thank GOD!) is in the ring. He talks about Randy Orton. He talks about how his mask has been removed, equating it to a muzzle. He calls himself unrepentant, laughs like a maniac, and gets interrupted by Santino Marella, who will face him in singles action!

Cody Rhodes vs. Santino Marella
Santino ducks a lockup and gets a waist lock but Rhodes gets ropes. Santino takes a shot but is fought off. Russian Leg Sweep failed by Rhodes, but Santino misses the Cobra, hit by the Cross Rhodes.
WINNER: Cody Rhodes

(might I just add that I like that Intercontinental title a lot better)

Cody Rhodes calls out Booker T and splashes water in his face….tell me he didn’t just do that. Josh Mathews is joined by Dolph Ziggler and Vickie. Josh asks about being in two matches, Ziggler corrects him saying he won two matches, since Team Barrett won. He said no one else did that and said he is the new face of the WWE.

Promo about the Be a STAR campaign.

Cole ribs Booker T for his “biased” commentary (he knows ALL about that). Dolph makes his way out for his match against CM Punk. CM Punk follows with the crowd behind him.

Dolph Ziggler vs. CM (Championship Material, LOVED that sign) Punk
The two circle the ring, lock up, waistlock by Dolph. A technical display by both men as Punk gets a headlock takeover. Dolph fights his way back up, only to be taken back down. Dolph counters but Punk recounters into a guillotine, but is taken into a corner, referee calls for a break, and Dolph gets a headlock takedown of his own. Punk fights out of it and gets a headlock, thrown off and a shoulder tackle. Ziggler and Punk run around until Ziggler decides he wants to take a break. Kicks to Ziggler, cover for one. Neck breaker by Ziggler, cover for one.
Kicks to the midsection by Ziggler now, and then an elbow to the back of the head and a forearm smash to the chest. Irish whip but Punk kicks him, causing Ziggler to take him down and punch him, elbow drop good for two. Neck chancery followed by punches and a kitchen sink by Ziggler good only for two. Ziggler rubs Punks face against his pads. A punch to Punk takes him off his feet, followed by a kick, and a backslide pin for two, followed by a clothesline by Ziggler for two. Ziggler puts in a crossface, which Punk fights out of with punches and a back suplex as both men are down.
Punk is up, Ziggler is in the corner, Vickie gets on the Apron as Ziggler tries to take advantage and Punk has none of it, but completely misses the high knee and tumbles out of the ring. Punk is down as Ziggler shows off.

We’re back and Ziggler has a neck lock on Punk as Punk tries to work with the crowd. he gets to his feet, an elbow, punches, kicks, more punches and a back kick followed by a lariat. Technical display by punk with an impressive neckbreaker for two! Both in the corner, Punk charges, goes for the Go-To-Sleep, Ziggler gets the sleeper though! Punk sinks to the mat and seems to fall asleep. Punk fights back up, the crowd firmly behind him. Punk readjusts as Ziggler sunset flips and tries to steal one! Roll up and Punk tries to return the favor! Roundhouse misses, Zigzag misses, Punk hits the high knee/bulldog for two. Body slam by Punk and to the top he goes. Ziggler moves out of the way and Punk jumps down and gets hit in the temple with a dropkick by Ziggler for two. Ziggler lifts Punk up on a turnbuckle and punches at Punk. Punk fights back and fights Ziggler off. Back up on top and a Macho Man Elbow for two! Punk signifies that the end is near, Ziggler counters the GTS with a unique suplex for two (you HAD to watch to see it, it was a work of beauty). Ziggler kicks Punk while he’s down. Ziggler went for a shining wizard, misses. GTS!

Punk celebrates and sits in the ring as Cole plugs Punk’s rematch with Del Rio for the WWE Championship on the line. John Cena responds to The Rock tonight.

Promo for Stone Cold Steve Austin’s new DVD, on sale NEXT TUESDAY!

..that was a Kane match wasn’t it?

Cole plugs WWE ’12 available TOMORROW! Big Show makes his way out, after being robbed last night by Mark Henry. Cole talks about how Show broke Henry’s leg. Show said he proved he was stronger that he was stronger and better than Henry. He told Henry to face it: that he took the easy way out. Henry may have left World Heavyweight Champion, but he got carted out. He might be as tough as he says he is, and good for him. But know one thing, when he’s back, Show has something waiting for him, and bring the WHC with him.

Divas promo backstage. Another reminder about John Cena’s reaction to The Rock tonight.

Wade Barrett makes his way out for singles action…versus Kofi Kingston

Wade Barret vs. Kofi Kingston
Barret starts with kicks to Kofi and a punch followed by a quick cover. He puts Kofi in the corner and punches at him, and a suplex. Cover for one followed by another kick. He shoves Kofi back into the corner, irish whip, counters a charge and Kofi on the offensive. modified sunset flip for two. Clothesline by Wade Barrett. Orton’s music and the Viper comes out, Kofi back into the match and Barrett gets out of the ring.

Back from commercial break and Wade Barrett is choking Kofi out from the looks of it. Kofi tries to get momentum but gets a massive side slam for two. Kofi on the ropes, Wade chokes him until the referee forces the break, then does it again. And a running kick to Kofi sends him to the mat. Cover, earns him only a two. Hard irish whip sends Kofi to the mat. He goes to kick Kofi while he’s down then eyes Randy Orton at ringside. Kofi kicks him but Barrett returns the favor twice and starts punching him again. Cover, gets two. Surfboard by Barrett stretching Kofi’s arms out. Kofi tries to fight to his base but gets slammed and covered for two, then back to the surfboard. Kofi tries to get the crowd behind him as he kicks Barrett away, Barrett smashes his forearm on Kofi’s back and tries a back suplex countered, Kofi sends Barrett to the outside and a suicide dive!
Kofi puts Barrett in and covers for two. Now Kofi goes to ride high. But Barrett attacks and looks for a top-rope Wasteland but Kofi fights back and a headbutt sends Barrett to the ground. Cross body good only for two. Time for the Boom Drop and it hits with precision! Kofi looking for Trouble in Paradise, but goes for a splash, misses, hits Barrett on the come back, he tries to go over but Barrett thwarts him, then hits the Wasteland.
WINNER: Wade Barrett

After the match, Barrett throws the result in Orton’s face. Orton then turns to him and Wade backs off like a scared pup. Orton gazes at him, then walks back, but not before looking back at him again. John Cena reacts to The Rock…NEXT!

(by the way…where was the special guest tonight…weren’t we supposed to have one?)

Cena’s music hits and he makes his way out to a more spiteful reaction than usual. He looks around and comments on how deafening the arena is. He says its been an interesting 24 hours. History was made at MSG and he can see the excitement and energy. He said now the world knows who Zack Ryder is, CM Punk is the WWE Champion, and the question “Can The Rock and Cena coexist?” was answered with a yes as the two defeated Awesome Truth. He commented on Rock’s ovation, calling it amazing. He said his greeting was business as usual, and he loves it. He loves the honesty as it makes moments unique. He comments on how he’s congratulating Rock as Rock invites him back to the ring. After a few choice words, he found himself Rock Bottomed. Last night, Boots were put to asses and Rock never lost it and Wrestlemania will be what it needs to be.

He’s cut off by Awesome Truth. Miz does his really, and calls him and the Rock the two biggest egos. He says The Rock showed him up last night. Miz said he failed to mention that 17,000 were chanting “don’t tag Cena”, which caused the Hershey crowd to pick it up. Miz said to Cena that no one wanted to see him. Truth asks Cena what color the sky is in his world. He said forget about what Mania needs to be, and enlightens him on what it will be: The Rock kicking Cena’s ass. Cena tells him to shut up and to worry about him. Two things last night: The Rock never lost it, and nobody cares about Awesome Truth at ALL! After they try to convince everyone they’re a threat, Cena runs down both of them, attempting to instigate a fight between both of them before leaving.

Miz and Truth look at each other and talk with no mics. Miz shoves, but Truth punches Miz to the ground and backs him into a corner! Miz tries to calm Truth down and tries to deflect blame to Cena, which he seems to have done successfully as both take their jackets off, then Miz gives Truth a Skull-Crushing Finale on the stage with an expressionless look on his face as the show ends. Good night everyone! Till we meet again!

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