11/18/11 WWE Smackdown Recap

Nov 19, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

by Brad Hoy

WWE Smackdown kicked off from Bridgeport, Connecticut with Mark Henry attacking Daniel Bryan in the backstage area. Henry continued the beat down on Bryan all the way to the ring. Bryan then laid battered in the middle of the ring as Henry cut a promo about how he is going to beating the Big Show at Survivor Series this Sunday.

Vickie Guerrero came out to announce that Dolph Ziggler will be defending his United States title against John Morrison at Survivor Series as well as competing in the 5 on 5 match. So Dolph is pulling double shifts again…well I’m not going to complain about Ziggler wrestling twice and am very much looking forward to seeing what he can produce at Survivor Series.

Dolph Ziggler Vs Sin Cara
The first match of the night saw the US Champ Ziggler carry and defeat the Mexican Sin Cara via a clean roll up. After the match Swagger and Ziggler both attacked Sin Cara, to which Mason Ryan came out to make the save.

Overall the math was a good one. I know Sin Cara has received a lot of stick since his WWE debut for under performing and botching a lot of matches but I don’t think anyone can have a bad match with Ziggler at the moment.

Mason Ryan Vs Jack Swagger
Mason Ryan defeated Jack Swagger in a relatively fast match with not a lot to it. Mason Ryan as received a hell of a push from the WWE ever since his run in the Nexus, however I still can’t make up my mind about him as I don’t feel he has demonstrated his full in ring capability and therefore someone worth while watching or is just another juiced up bodybuilder (I’m not confirming that Mason Ryan is on steroids, I’m just saying he is an overly average muscular man).

Next was a backstage segment where Zack Ryder was asking Justin Gabriel to sign his petition so he could get another US title match. The Big Show had just made his way to the arena; he then interrupted Ryder and was very eager to sign his petition. Ryder then informed Show of Mark Henry’s actions earlier on in the night, the giant then asked for Henry’s whereabouts but neither new.

Christian came to the ring wearing a neck brace, leg brace and on crutches. He echoed the point Vickie made on Raw and said he blames Teddy Long for allowing him to get hurt. Christian then said he hopes he could have “one more match” regardless of what match it was; however he can’t have that match due to his injury. Christian then drew great heat from the crowed and told them good riddance and left.

Backstage the Big Show was with Daniel Bryan who was lying on the doctors table. Big Show said that he will find Mark Henry and get revenge for the beating he gave Bryan earlier in the night.

Ted DiBiase Vs Derrick Bateman
This was surprisingly a good match with both wrestlers showing what they can do, nevertheless the match wasn’t a very long one and DiBiase got the win via the Dream Street.

The Big Show was backstage looking for Henry, and came across Tyson Kidd who said he hadn’t seen the World’s strongest man, Jinder Mahal replied in Punjabi to Shows query with regards to Henrys whereabouts , but Show reacted by Knocking him out. The Big Show then cut a promo in the ring saying that Henry will be carried out at Survivor Series as he will do to him what he done to Daniel Bryan.

Hunico then came out to the ring and cut a promo in Spanish.

Kofi Kingston Vs Hunico

This was a good match that went back and forth with some great spots and close pin full’s. I believe that this was the match that Hunico needed, as he stepped out of the shadow of Sin Cara and showed that he deserves to be in the WWE and can have great matches in the future. It’s also good to see the Mexican move away from his homeland style (the same style as Sin Cara) and be able to adopt a more American style with such ease. Kofi Kingston eventually got the victory over Hunico.

A promo clip aired of Ezekial Jackson.

Beth Phoenix and Natalya Vs AJ and Kaitlyn

Natalya forced AJ to tap from the sharpshooter. It was pretty much a squash match that was over quickly which also got no crowd response.
Randy Orton and Sheamus Vs Cody Rhodes and Wade Barrett

The match got off to a good start with some good spots. The team of Barrett and Rhodes got the victory shortly after via a DQ as Christian came out on his crutches and hit Sheamus with one. Once the match was over both Barrett and Rhodes began to beat on Sheamus, until the Celtic warrior managed to fight back and hit Rhodes with a Brogue kick, Orton then slid in the ring and hit Barrett with an RKO, the pair then posed for the crowd as Smackdown went off the air.

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