Ventura comments after his case against TSA is tossed out

Nov 4, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

“I know have been stripped of my patriotism,” Jesse Ventura told radio talk show host Alex Jones, who called into the show after giving a press conference earlier in the day. Ventura said the ruling stated that the court has no jurisdiction over a constitutional question. Ventura asked if the federal court doesn’t have jurisdiction, “who the hell does?” The WWE hall of famer said his only option moving forward is to go before the court of appeals, where three federally paid judges would hear the case, thus being denied a jury trail. “Clearly the government doesn’t want this to go before the citizens because obviously they would lose.” Ventura said he hadn’t decided if he would take the case to the court of appeals.

Ventura had filed his case against the Transportation Security Administration after being groped, claiming it violates the fourth amendment of an illegal search and seizure. “We are guilty now, until proven innocent,” said Ventura.

During the interview, Ventura asked why the airlines don’t provide security when they are private sector businesses.

When asked about a possible run for president, Ventura said he couldn’t get ballot access in all fifty states, thanks to the two party dictatorship in this country. Ventura wondered if he won the presidency if he could have his day in court. Ventura said he wouldn’t approach the Liberian party, they would have to seek him out. In the past, Ventura has said he would consider running on a ticket with Rep. Ron Paul of Texas if he would leave the Republican party.

Ventura said he will no longer call this country the United States of America, “I will refer to it as the Fascistic States of America,” Ventura said.

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