10/24/11 WWE Raw Supershow Recap

Oct 24, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

* Live from University Of Texas (Frank C. Erwin Jr. Special Events Center) in Austin, Texas – The fall out from WWE Vengeance

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* Opening video
* Pyro

– Michael Cole and Jerry “the King” Lawler open the show from ringside, talking about last night’s Vengeance. They show a still photograph of the busted ring from Vengeance, and pix of the last man standing match – John Cena vs. Alberto Del Rio. We see a clip of Kevin Nash Jacknife powerbowbing Triple H from the PPV.

– Here comes Triple H to the ring. Fans chant a “Triple H, Triple H” chant. Triple H said that his is a tough business. “You can make friends, or you can make money,” said Hunter. Hunter said he has made money, and had his share of friends. Hunter mentions HBK, Sean Waltman, and Kevin Nash. Triple H isn’t sure what happened with Nash, he guesses things change. Hunter thought Nash was there for him. Hunter said Nash came out last night to try to break his neck. Hunter said Nash broke his heart. Triple H calls out Nash. Hunter doesn’t want to talk about it, man to man, The Game wants to kick Nash’s ass. Hunter tells Nash to be a man, but out comes John Laurinaitis. Triple H tells Laurinaitis to shut his month. Triple H said he is still COO, and he reports to him. Hunter tells Laurinaitis to find Nash and bring him back and offer him a contract. I thought they said he already signed a contract? Triple H said he is willing to find Nash at his home, and tells Laurinaitis to sign him to a contract he can’t refuse. From behind, Nash lays out Triple H with a sledgehammer shot to the back. Laurinaitis tells Nash to get out of here, he isn’t suppose to be here. Security comes out, Nash leaves. Laurinaitis and referees attend to Triple H, and help him up. Backstage, Nash walks down the hallway past Teddy Long and WWE superstars. We see a replay of the attack. Backstage, Triple H doesn’t want any assistance, but drops to the floor. They call for paramedics.

Back from break, Cole and Lawler talk about the serious situation and Triple H having be taken to a medical center. Cole talked about rumors all day that Nash was in Austin. We again see the sledgehammer attack by Nash on Hunter. Backstage, Nash tells the trainers off the ambulance. Still strapped down, Nash again attacks Hunter with the sledgehammer and lays him out. They get Hunter on the gurney, and put him in the ambulance again.

Back from another break, we see the ambulance leave with Triple H headed to a nearby medical facility. We see the attack footage again.

Almost thirty minutes into the program, and its finally time for some in ring action.

(1) Randy Orton and Sheamus vs. Intercontinental champion Cody Rhodes and Christian. This match continued through a commercial break. A weary Sheamus made the hot tag to Orton. As Rhodes worked over Orton, fans started a “Randy, Randy” chant. Orton now makes the hot tag to the recovered Sheamus. Irish curse only get a two count on Rhodes. Disaster kick by Rhodes on Sheamus. RKO on Christian. Celtic Cross by Sheamus and Rhodes, and the babyface team wins at 11:25.

Back to ringside, Cole and Lawler talk about last night’s last man standing match – Cena vs. Del Rio and see The Miz and R-Truth is still photos attacking Cena, allowing Del Rio to retain the WWE champions.

Backstage, Laurinaitis is talking to Stephanie telling her Hunter is ok. David Otunga is in Laurinaitis’ office. Cena comes in and tells Otunga to leave. Cena tells Laurinaitis to quit, but wants The Miz and R-Truth. Laurinaitis agrees, and tells Cena he will pick his tag team partner for the night. Cena agrees, as long as its someone not carrying a skateboard.

We see a promo for the Muppet’s hosting RAW next week.

(2) Santino Marella vs. United States champion Dolph Ziggler (with Vickie Guerrero and Jack Swagger). Zig Zag by Ziggler ends the match at 1:46. After the match, Swagger applied the ankle lock on Marella. Mason Ryan came out to make the save and kicked Swagger out of the ring. Ryan attends to Marella as Swagger, Swagger and Guerrero leave the ring side area.

Backstage, Zack Ryder tells the Bella Twins he thinks he’ll be Cena’s partner tonight.

Del Rio’s victory speech is next.

After a break, Richardo Rodriquez introductions Del Rio in a $140,000 luxury car. Del Rio said for once and for all, he proved he was the better man than John Cena, and is moving on to a new challenger. Del Rio said that no one in WWE is better than he is, so get used to him as WWE champion. Here comes CM Punk. Punk said he has beaten Del Rio, in fact, he did it four weeks on Raw. Punk said he has never received his one on one title rematch. Del Rio tells Punk he isn’t worthy of a title shot, in fact, he lost his match last night. Del Rio calls Punk a loser, and that he is at the back of the line. Punk if he doesn’t get a title shot, he’ll just put him to sleep. Laurinaitis comes out to interrupt. Laurinaitis said they both have good points, but says Del Rio will defend the title against Punk at the Survivor Series. Punk asks Laurinaitis whats his angle? Laurinaitis tells Punk to tell him he respects him. Punk tells Laurinaitis that he must earn his respect. Finally, Punk tells Laurinaitis he respects him. Laurinaitis doesn’t accept it, and tells Punk he’ll now think about his title shot for a week. Punk tells Laurinaitis to think about this, and attacks Del Rio. Del Rio bails, leaving Ricardo to receive the GTS.

Its official, Cena and Zack Ryder vs. Awesome Truth tonight.

Natalya and Beth Phoenix come down the the ring. Phoenix joins the announce table for commentary.

(3) Natalya vs. Alicia Fox. On commentary, Phoenix talks about cleaning up the divas division. Fox upsets Natalya in 2:10 as Eve and Kelly Kelly watch backstage.

(4) John Morrison vs. Wade Barrett. The match starts, and continues through a commercial break. Through the night, Cole and JR have engaged in a war on Twitter. Cole said he is going to embarrass Ross tonight. Knee to the jaw by Morrison, but Barrett broke the ref’s count by putting his foot on the ropes. Barrett pins Morrison via waste land at 9:07.

Cole and Lawler recap the Triple H-Nash situation from earlier tonight.

Cole said Triple H may have suffered a broken neck and a concussion. Cole gets up on the mic and talks about JR talking about him on Twitter and on WWE’s web site. Cole shows ridiculous fake pictures of JR including his head on an overweight Oklahoma Sooner cheerleader’s outfit. Cole challenges JR to a Michael Cole challenge next week in Atlanta. If Cole loses, JR can have Cole’s seat on Raw.

Backstage, Zack Ryder talks about being in the main event tonight when he is jumped by Miz and R-Truth. Afterwards, The Miz and Truth make their way down the ring with mics in their hands. Truth said Triple H got what he deserved. Miz said last night they stood up to the controversy. Truth said nothing is going to save Cena.

They announce per Laurinaitis, the main event is now a handicap match.

(5) John Cena vs. R-Truth and The Miz. Cena wins via disqualification at 4:51. After the match, Miz and Truth double team Cena. Laurinaitis stops Miz and Truth from using a chair on Cena. Laurinaitis tells Miz and Truth to leave, and they are escorted out by referees. Laurinaitis said at Survivor Series it will be Miz and Truth against Cena and a partner of his choosing. Cena said his partner is someone that is going to bring it. Cena picks The Rock as his tag team partner.

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