Sep 19, 2011 - by Jason Graening

Join the Starman as he covers Raw live as it takes place from Cleveland, OH.

The Raw intro hits and the pyro goes off as we are welcomed to tonight’s Raw Supershow that will feature the fallout from Night of Champions and Hugh Jackman guest stars on tonight’s show.

CM Punk’s music starts as he slowly makes his way to the ring, still hurting from last night’s match against Triple H. Punk gets on the microphone and says he was in a war last night and what hurts the most is the fact that he has to admit that he was wrong. Punk says R-Truth and the Miz were right as there is a conspiracy in WWE as he is interrupted by Triple H’s music.

Triple H comes out wearing a suit and carrying a microphone and meets Punk in the ring. Hunter gives Punk credit and says he is also beat up today, however, he is still the COO of WWE. Hunter says he has a job to do says John Cena will defending the WWE Championship against Alberto Del Rio at Hell in a Cell. Hunter continues to say that Punk also deserves a rematch, and books a triple threat Hell in a Cell match.

Hunter continues by telling Punk that he had nothing to do with Kevin Nash’s involvement nor the attack from the Miz and R-Truth, and says he has no problems going back to war with Punk over it. Punk says they don’t like each other, however, someone is using it to their advantage and playing both of them. Punk says it involves someone else higher up the ladder as he is cut off by John Laurinaitis.

Laurinatis says Punk is just mad that he couldn’t beat Hunter as Punk says he is probably the one responsible for sending the Miz and R-Truth to the ring and is sore over the fact that he wasn’t named COO. Laurinatis says he won’t be disrespected and tells Punk that he works for him. Hunter then steps in and says that he is the COO and Laurinatis works for him.

Laurinatis then tries to fire Punk, however, Hunter steps in and says if anyone is going to get fired tonight he will be the one doing it. Hunter says he will get to the bottom of things tonight and someone will be fired by the end of the show before he leaves the ring.

A video package highlighting Mark Henry’s victory over Randy Orton to become the new World Champion is aired as Jim Ross says he will be interviewing the new champion live tonight on Raw as we head into a commercial break.

Match 1: Sheamus/Justin Gabriel/Air Boom vs. Michael McGillicutty/David Otunga/Christian/Wade Barrett
Air Boom start out strong against McGillicutty and tries to go for the cover, however, McGillicutty is able to fight back and takes Bourne down. Bourne is isolated in the corner as he is worked over with quick tags but he is able to kick out of a few pin attempts. Bourne is abe to make it to his corner and makes the hot tag to Sheamus, how powers Otunga around and picks up a pin attempt. The match then breaks down and Sheamus is able to connect with a Brogue Kick on Otunga before hitting the Celtic Cross for the pin fall as he stares down Christian.

A referee is talking to Triple H backstage and he tells the referee to bring R-Truth and the Miz to him when they arrive. Alberto Del Rio then comes in and calls Triple the worst COO in history for putting him in a barbaric rematch. Del Rio tells Hunter that he prays for the time that Vince McMahon comes back to run the company and Hunter tells him he has been in a Hell in a Cell match and Del Rio will need all the prayers he can get as we head into a commercial break.

Match 2: Alberto Del Rio vs. John Morrison
Del Rio is aggressive at the start of the match but Morrison takes him down with one well placed kick to the head. Del Rio is quick to recover and hits Morrison with a neckbreaker and puts him in his cross armbar to make Morrison submit.

The announce team hype Huge Jackman’s guest appearance as we head into a commercial break.

We see a view of both of Cleveland’s buildings in the skyline as we head back into the arena where Hugh Jackman is being introduced. Jackman comes out to the ring and runs the ropes for a moment before grabbing a microphone. Jackman says hosting the Oscars was cool, but it is nothing like being in front of the Raw crowd. He then promotes his ‘Real Steel’ movie before he is interrupted by Vicki Guerrero.

Vicki and Dolph Ziggler come out to the ring as Vicki tells Jackman that she is his biggest fan. Vicki says he is sexiest man alive before saying she is with the hottest star in the WWE. Ziggler steps in and says he defeated real life people, not robots, to retain the US Championship last night at Night of Champions. Ziggler says Jackman is in movies, and he is as real as it gets.

Ziggler begins talking about Cleveland being an underdog city and how underdog is a nice way of saying loser. Jackman suggests that he will go find an underdog in the back to take him on as the fans begin to chant for Zack Ryder. Jackman then goes out to the crowd and pulls out a sign that says ‘Ryder > Wolverine’ as he heads back up the entrance ramp.

The Miz and R-Truth arrive to the arena as they are stopped by John Laurinatis and tells them that Triple H wants to see them. The Miz then apologizes to Laurinatis for the bad position they put him in last night as head into a commercial break.

We see the WWE Rewind which shows us the two Sin Cara’s that appeared on Smackdown last Friday night as we head into the next match of the night, which features one of the Sin Cara’s.

The announce team believe that it is the original Sin Cara that came out for this match against Cody Rhodes, however, before the match starts, the second Sin Cara comes out and enters the ring. Both of them walk around the ring and stare each other down as they try to draw cheers from the crowd. The two then go at it with quick paced high flying action. The first Sin Cara kicks the other one out to the floor and the two point at each other as the second one walks up the ramp.

The Miz and R-Truth are with Triple H and are apologizing for what happened at Night of Champions and tell him that it won’t happen again. Hunter accepts their apology before fining them $250,000 each for putting their hands on an official. Triple H also says they will be competing tonight against CM Punk and John Cena.

The announce team then hype the Mark Henry interview, which will be coming up next after the commercial break.

Theodore Long is seen walking back up the ramp as Jim Ross informs us that Randy Orton has invoked his rematch clause against Mark Henry, and that match will take place at Hell in a Cell. JR then introduces the new World Champion, Mark Henry to the ring. Henry comes out with the championship over his shoulder as Ross asks how it feels to prove his naysayers wrong at Night of Champions. Henry says he hasn’t been in a Hell in a Cell match, but he put Randy Orton through hell last night and he will do it again.

As for the naysayers, he will never forgive them and Henry wants JR to apologize on behalf of all the naysayers, including Ross. Henry says JR wasn’t high on him a while back and called him injury prone and an overachiever and wanted Vince McMahon to fire him. JR apologizes and Henry grabs his tie and chokes him to the ground. Henry begins to yell in JR’s face as Jerry Lawler runs into the ring to calm him down.

Henry tosses JR to the side as he turns his attention to Lawler and Lawler takes a swing at him but Henry knocks him down with one blow and finishes him off with the World’s Strongest Slam. Henry then kicks Lawler to the floor and begins clearing off the announce table before driving Lawler through it with another World’s Strongest Slam. Henry then walks away to a chorus of boos as he grabs his championship and walks away. Trainers and referees come out to check on Lawler as we head into a commercial break.

We see Lawler being carried away by officials as we are treated to a replay of what just went down between him and Mark Henry. Michael Cole says he saw no remorse in Henry’s eyes from ringside as Josh Mathews joins in on commentary.

Match 3: Kelly Kelly & Eve vs. Natalya & Beth Phoenix
The match starts as Kelly and Eve start out strong against Beth Phoenix. Phoenix finally takes Eve down with a big boot before turning things over to Natalya, who picks up a near fall. Eve begins to fight her way back into the match and rolls up Natalya for the surprising win.

Hugh Jackman is backstage with Zack Ryder and can’t believe that he made himself the Internet Champion. Jackman thinks it is pathetic but also thinks he is the perfect underdog for a match against Dolph Ziggler as the two leave the locker room and we head into a commercial break.

A shot of the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame is aired before we are treated to a special preview of Hugh Jackman’s new movie, ‘Real Steel.’ This leads us into the next match of the night.

Match 4: Dolph Ziggler vs. Zack Ryder
Hugh Jackman accompanies Ryder to the ring and is wearing one of Ryder’s headbands. The match starts and tries to put the match away early before gettiing in some offense on Ziggler. Ziggler is able to counter Ryder’s offense and takes control of the match. Ziggler hits Ryder with a neckbreaker and a dropkick to pick up a near fall before putting Ryder in an armbar. Ziggler continues on the attack before both of them take each other out with clotheslines. While Ryder is near the ropes, Vicki Guerrero reaches in and slaps Ryder in front of the referee. The referee tosses her out as Hugh Jackman goes on the apron and punches out Ziggler and Ryder picks up the pin fall.

A video package focusing on Jack Swagger is aired. Swagger talks about cashing in the Money in the Bank contract as highlights of his career is aired. We then see Vicki Guerrero watching on a monitor in the back as Swagger walks in and says he an arrange a meeting with her and Hugh Jackman. He then asks about the managerial contract and Vicki says she would be proud to represent him. Swagger then walks off as Dolph Ziggler stares him down.

CM Punk and John Cena are in the locker room together as Cena tells Punk that they are more alike than he thinks. Cena says they both are surrounded in controversy and have been in epic battles. Tonight they are partners, however, in two weeks they will making history in the first ever triple threat Hell in a Cell match. Cena says he hopes Punk makes it there and isn’t fired, while Punk says he hopes that Cena isn’t the first WWE Champion ever fired.

A video package highlighting the demonic structure known as Hell in a Cell is aired before we head into tonight’s main event.

Match 5: The Miz & R-Truth & CM Punk & John Cena
R-Truth and Miz bust out the new version of Truth’s entrance music, now called ‘You Suck!’ with the Miz even joining in and berating his hometown audience as we head into a commercial break.

The bell rings as the Miz tries to make amends with the officials by shaking the referee’s hand. Cena then goes after Miz and takes him down with a bulldog for an early pin attempt before tagging Punk into the match. Punk continues working over Miz but Miz catches him with a knee to the midsection and tags in R-Truth. Truth comes into the match and Punk quickly takes him down with a drop toe hold and a body slam before tagging Cena back into the match. Cena comes in and Truth tags Miz back into the match as Cena tries for an Attitude Adjustment but Miz counters with a DDT and picks up a near fall as we head into a commercial break.

We return to the match to see Miz still in control of the match over Cena. Miz takes Cena down with a combination backbreaker/neckbreaker move and picks up a near fall in the process. Truth is tagged into the match as he comes in and continues to wear down Cena with a headlock but Cena is able to power out with a back drop. Cena tries to go to his corner but Truth takes him down with a clothesline and drags him back to their corner. Miz is tagged back into the match and nails Cena with a series of blows until Cena somehow comes back and slams Miz down to the mat. Cena tries to get to his corner, but Miz is able to make the tag to Truth, who comes in and drags him back to their side of the ring.

Truth and Miz isolate Cena to their corner and take turns working Cena over and wearing him down. Miz takes his eyes off Cena for a second and Cena comes back with an atomic drop, but Miz catches him with a clothesline before he can make it over to tag Punk. Miz begins to size up Cena but misses with the running knees as Cena is finally able to make the hot tag to Punk. Punk comes in and takes down both Miz and Truth in the ring. Punk hit Miz with a running bulldog and a flying clothesline before going for the GTS, but Miz is able to escape. Miz then lunges at Punk, but he is able to duck out of the way and Miz nearly connects with Truth on the apron. Punk then kicks Miz into Truth before hitting the GTS on the Miz to pick up the pin fall.

After the match, Cena holds up Punk’s arm in victory as their celebration is cut short by Triple H’s music. Hunter comes out and tells Punk that he had a good match. He then says Miz and R-Truth are fired before turning around and walking away. Punk and Miz run to the back and we see all of the wrestlers sitting and watching the monitors. The backstage interviewer wants to get a few words with Hunter as he arrives but he is nailed from behind by Miz and Truth. The wrestlers grab both of them and toss them out of the arena as Hunter storms off and Raw comes to a close.

Quick Results
– Sheamus/Justin Gabriel/Air Boom defeated Michael McGillicutty/David Otunga/Christian/Wade Barrett by pin fall.
– Alberto Del Rio defeated John Morrison by submission.
– Kelly Kelly & Eve defeated Natalya & Beth Phoenix by pin fall.
– Zack Ryder defeated Dolph Ziggler by pin fall.
– CM Punk & John Cena defeated the Miz & R-Truth by pin fall.

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